Monday, July 19, 2004

moving to typepad.  

Since I basically post the same thing on my other blog, I figure why continue this one? Blogger.com has been super good to me from the beginning, made so simple and easy for me to figure things out, and I totally fell in love with the concept of blogging through blogger.com. *kiss kiss* But since I pay for the other blog service provider, and it has become sort of hard for me to keep both of them running, plus I have a nihongo blog now on exblog too, so I decided to just keep typepad's blog and end this one here.

This has longer record of my blah blah blah than typepad.com's archive, so I will just leave this one here floating around in the cyberworld. Thanks for reading my notes on blogger.com. but from today, please check "http://kesavinchi.typepad.com" Thanks!!


Went to the grocery shopping for Atkins Diet which.. Kevin is like so gung-ho about ... I was groggy and tired and just to think that .. for 2 weeks I won't be able to eat no fruits, no regular tea or coffee, no bread or pasta or rice.. started to piss me off. I was walking home a bit pissed off and saw this housewife with the baby in the baby trolly. She looked like an ordinary housewife, floral themed skirt and a bit goody goody, and she was wearing this black t-shirt that didn't go well with her skirt and it caught my attention because on the back of her t-shirt it said " I'll never forget fucking shit".

I used to collect all these bizzare Engrish when I was in College. I don't know what happened to the notebook that I scribbled down all of those words or phrases back in those days. There were more of those in 80's. but 80's is back so is that why we are seeing more Engrish" again? Dah.

atkins diet 

Kev wants to start Atkins Diet with me. We were supposed to start today but with so much carb in our fridge, we decided to get rid of them today, and start tomorrow. I would always need instant energy boost so I used to heavily rely on carb, like pasta for lunch, energy drink, smoothie... I love carbo... can't use no caffeine either... I'd rather just eat less and exercise.. but oh well... we'll see.
In US, everything is low carb, like when I saw Low Carb show in Hawaii, I was like damn this really is popular out here. Atkins seems compatiable with american eating habit and lifestyle but for Japanese, it's kinda hard...

It has been so hot and you need so much energy now. Do we really need to do this right now?! 15 consecutive manatsu-bi(days that are too hot that the temperature is at least more than 30 centigrade degree) so far, and tomorrow is supposed to go over 35 centigarde degree.. and 28 degree to start off in the morning already.... *sigh*

I do want to get in shape. but atkins? hmmm. We'll see how patient(or impatient) we really are....

another free meal tonight 

We had some things to do at my parents' so we went to visit them, and shortly after we got there, my bro and his wife, kids came and we did a mini b-day thing for Go-chan. The yongest one of my bro's kids. He just turned 5 today.


For Yuji(10 yr old), I gave him some cash because I didn't have any gift to give to him except for a card, and Go remembered it and he came up to me and goes, " Hey Sacchan, do you remember what you did for Yuji? Where is mine?" *good grief* They were having yakitori and steak and stuff for dinner but we had coupons that Dad gave us for free to eat at the hotel restaurant so we went to dine out .. (Honestly Yakitori looked good ....) Here are some of the stuff we had. It was a course deal at this nice Japanese restaurant.


Here... as you can tell, we were stuffed....it was nice, but we still prefer my mom's home cooking :)


As it's too hot, I will let the photos do the blogging tonight ... hehe lazy.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Did we just eat for free....???? 

This unbelievable thing happened to us tonight, but I will get to that later..so hold on to your pants... Today we went to see WWE Smackdown at Nippon Budokan. We had really good seats for a free ticket, it was probably the media section but it was a really good spot to view everything of what was going on. So many scalpers outside though! and the place was packed full of people. I was astonished to see how all of those WWE fans cared to remember all those English lines from WWE. Fans really do make that show together. We got to see like Rey Mysterio,(my favorite) Torrie Wilson, JBL, John Cena(my favorite :)) Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Paul London, Funaki, Dudley Boys, Billy Gunn, and a bunch of more, oh yeah and how can we forget, the deadman, Undertaker!!! Woo hoo!!! Undertaker won!! RAW match which was yesterday would have been fun to watch too, but I couldn't have gone anyway with the on-air duty, but I am glad that we got to see these guys in action!! There are some seriously hot men and women in WWE! I want to look like one of those hot chick! LOL (More picture on my photobook)

So after the show, we took off to Shinjuku to check out Tower books. I needed some magazines for ideas. and since we had enough points to get 3000 yen worth of something at Tower, we bought this Nirvana DVD called Nirvana A rock portrait document, including never before seen show footage, interviews and stuff. Pretty cool. It's apparently No1 selling Music DVD at Tower Records Tokyo right now. We walked around all over the place so we were tired and had a sudden hunger for "yakitori". 2 places we tried to go were closed down, so since we had Yakitori on our mind real bad, we went to this izakaya, one of those cheap place that college kids get all drunk for 999 yen all you can drink deal, as all the other decent places were finished with their last order and all. I used to go to one of these exact same Izakaya branch in our school district when I was in College with my friends. So I kinda felt natsukashi. What's wrong with college kids hangout huh? I am not going to mention the name of this Izakaya. just for the sake of it. but anyway. we started ordering drinks left and right, and a bunch of yakitori, 100 yen per stick but actually they were ... all good! All the dishes were really ... good too. Even the desserts were actually good. Kev was like " This place totally rocks!" and took pictures of me doing "The Rock" with my hand, (I can't do that eyebrow thing) and I took a pic of him all happy and yopparai eating a cheap dessert.

So Yeah, we had a good time and now it was time to leave and pay the bill. We went up to the counter, but they are like desperately looking for our order sheet, actually we didn't see it either when we left the table so we were thinking "how weird.. ". The manager keeps asking us "you sure you haven't paid already?" and I was like no I don't think so. and he and his staffs look all over the place, can't find it, and he was like "Well, when you paid already, we keep the stack of the order sheets here and your should be in one of these, you have paid haven't you?" and I am thinking (this dude is thinking that we are drunk that we don't remember that we paid) and I said "no I have not paid". and he INSISTED trying to make us believe that we paid. I couldn't stop laughing. and so I was like "Are you sure you are letting us go? I have not paid. " and he was like "Oh no no of course we are sorry." I was like "YOU ARE SORRY??? WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

Kevin and I walked off. Official "dine and dash" for the first time in my life. but it was not intentional, you know? They insisted that we walk off. LOL How bizzare. This has never happened to me in my life. I am sure they were too preoccupied with taking care of many customers being that this was saturday night, but still.... I feel bad... but I admit it... I feel like... the luckiest gal today!!! but hey we will be happy to pay them if they end up finding the sheet that states what we ate. Without it, there is no way of going back and remembering what we had.. because we had so much...!!! Gochiso-sama deshita... Isn't Tokyo the greatest city??? LOL

Saturday, July 17, 2004


CIMG1124 I totally forgot to blog on thursday, I was tired and needed sleep after being awake for 48 hrs. On thursday I went to see Natsuki's piped organ recital at Ikebukuro's Tokyo geijyutsu gekijo. She's due in September and for her to pull this recital with the big o' belly, that was something. She did a really beautiful performance. The piped organ at Geijyutsu gekijo was nice. It just sounded so warm. I stayed up all night to see this on thursday lunchtime and then went to do a pre-recording for the one off show that is going to air on July 31st, J-wave weekend special "Into the liquid". It's a show featuring the interview with G.Love and playing surf music like Jack Johnson and all that. It's a pretty cool show and you have a chance to win a pair ticket to Hawaii or something. Yay, check it out. I finally got some sleep today before I went to work, so yeah I am starting to remember what I did on thursday LOL Geez getting old!!! I need more genki!!!

WWE Smackdown in Japan 

So we are going to WWE Smackdown at Tokyo Budokan tomorrow night. It's the first time for both Kev and I to see WWE show so that's something right? Thanks to Lumiere for free ticks!!!

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