Friday, October 31, 2003

Acupuncture experience..

He was a 95 yr old man named Mr.Makino. Never been sick except for catching some cold throughout his life. He eats half a slice of bread, Milk, and grapes in the morning, sometimes skip lunch. and then eat raw oyster at night and hardly ever eats meat. He only sees one person in the morning and one in the afternoon, That's it. He was the first person to actually bring eastern technique of healing patients at the hospital in Tokyo. but he only charges 3000 yen a session.
He very much enjoys talking to the customers after the one hour session.
He can tell by looking at your face, like basically what's wrong with you, and also by touching the pulse on your wrists. There are apparently 6 spots that he usually touches. He said it has taken him long time until he mastered that technique but after he mastered it, the rest got so much easier for him. It was unreal that this man was a 95 yr old. He is just so genki. Very cute. I must say that I was nervous when he had one needle on top of my head, which was the first place he put the needle in. I asked him what that spot was later, he said it was to calm my nerves. I did not think about so many things during the session. I usually have so many things on my head even when I am getting these treatments done. so that was great. and after I had tea with him, and had a long chat with him, I walked out of his place like it was a brand new day. a brand new life. Sun was shining over my face and it felt so warm.

Got a call from kana sensei shortly after that, and she introduced me to two ladies who needed my help with their English. One of them is a interior designer, and I am hoping that's the one who redecorated her house, because it looks reeeeeally nice now. (not that it was bad before) I wonder if she can do ours. hehe. Another one is a hair-make person. I wonder if she could re-do my hair. teehee.

Made a trip to the towerbooks again, and stocked up on some more magazines. Just my obsession. Wondering what to do about Nodesha
interview on saturday.. who supposedly had a long chat with Jam and Lewis about lovelife, and that it became the result of the lyrics they wrote for her...

Is it scary for women to settle down too? How do you know if he is the one? Some people like to stay in touch with their ex's. J-Lo even let one of her ex-husband or ex-lover or something manage her restaurant. but if he treated you bad, or if things did not work out and you have reasons why you broke up, why still connect? Is there any reason why we should? What if he/she starts saying after all we are definately meant to be. and start freaking out like a stalker? Can you take all that? As somebody put it, we(women in my case) and they(men in my case) are from different planets. Why do women tend to bend over backwards for men? ( and I know there is a different case as well) Are we really here on earth to become mothers? Why are we scared of rejection? I mean aren't you?!
Right, that's good. I will just talk about lovelife with Nodesha. and gosh, I can't wait for the new DVD of Sex and the city to come out. I LOVE Sex and the city. Shamelessly, I was a huge fan of Beverly Hills 90210.
so oops they did it again. Spelling production stole my heart.

Speaking of Nodesha...

One thing I am very concerned about now, is that huge fire outbreak in Southern California. She is from San Bernardino. and I was an "ambassador" of this sister city program between Tachikawa-city and this San Bernardino City, Had to take mutiple tests to be the "chosen one". ehem. 4 of us( 2 boys, 2 gals) got to go and spend a whole month there in San Bernardino, and in exchange 4 american high school kids, namely Laurie, Pat, John, and one more I just can't remember her name( ack, she is a african american girl who later on went to Harvard to become a doctor.)
That was so much fun. It was my first time ever to not be under my parent's supervision. and we got to go to places that you would normally never get a chance to go to, and of course they let you do all the touristy things in LA,too. People there even back then, thought that I was a "valley girl". I met so many nice people there, my host family, Wassil-Grimm's. Claudette and Andy are no longer together, and their adopted son, (well. Claudette just got to choose the handsome looking sperm so she did give birth to Jersey.) Jersey lives with Claudette now apparently. They are no longer in San Bernardino as they thought that the crime rate was getting worse there, but that place is like almost 2hrs north of LA!
Anyway I have such a fond memory of San Bernardino. That's like my highlight of my youth. (oh besides the band).

1. I fell so fucking badly in love with a guy named John Gilner. Who knows what he is doing now.
2. I actually got to feel like I lived in US for a little while.
3. I got to wear skeezy clothes and heavy make-up without my parents freaking out throughout that whole month. Not to mention the huge hair. (Heather Locklear!)
4. I played "You give love a bad name" by Bon Jovi when asked to perform something nice on piano when we, the ambassador visted the local elementary school,their teacher froze, but I rocked the school and kids loved me and shared some of their lunch with me.
5. Skinny dipping.
6. I lost weight eating hamburger.
7. Went to see baseball games twice, and at one game,the baseball player on the local team gave me a phone number saying that I was hot. lol Whatta playa...(watch out, i was only 16)
8. The camera followed me everywhere at the Disneyland disco because I was such a hot thing lol and I was on the huge monitor dancing my ass off...
9. First horse back riding.
10. John, the guy that I had a crush on, he told me that I was way more beautiful than "that blond girl" ( it was Laurie who is 6 feet tall, a total model item). It still gives me confidence booster to be "oriental" and think that's perfectly okay.
11. People thought that I take martial arts and did their Bruce Lee imitation so I did it back like a fool and made many friends.
12. Camp at the Big Bear. ( where the fire broke, I suppose) and those
13. thinking I was in heaven when I was at Hard Rock Cafe in US and when the doorman gave me his number.
14. On the day of my arrival, I saw Huey Lewis and the news at the LAX
and actually saying something that I never meant. " I love you guys!"
15. Scaring people at Skating rink saying that I am a Motley Crue fan.

I mean...the list goes on and on.. that was like the best time I had ..still to this day. I do not keep in touch with hardly any of those people in San Bernardino any more. Now we have emails. but back then we only relied on phones. and they all must have moved to all kinds of places. But there are kinds that you kind of knew that they would stay. and I really hope that their houses and their lives are not in danger by this crazy fire. I visited San Bernardino a couple of times after that, maximum that I stayed there was like over 2 months. but I really really had the best time there.
I hope they are okay. I have friends I know in San Diego too, I also stayed at the USD campus with Pam, Pat's older sister.
Man, whatever happened to these people now??????

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Had a meeting from 1:30pm. Had to figure out a bunch of things for zz, SweetS, mcA.T. and interviewed Atsushi and Matsu from : Exile
They will be releasing a single every week starting the first week of November, and all of them on their cover jacket, it features their action figures. They had their faces made( each face cost 200,000 yen they said) and put that face onto the G.I Joe bodies. Matsu actually brought the figures to actual places, France, Canada( Niagara Fall) and NY. (Statue of liberty). Pretty cool stuff, Interview was fun, so it was all good.

Off to Roppongi Hills as usual. Had a professor person talk about the danger that Iraq is in right now. Terrorist attacks are getting worse, so we talked about why and what needs to be done.
We were supposed to do the story about service dog but I guess it got changed at the last minute. Now I am trying to set up an interview with Dr.Zahi Hawas regarding the pharaoh mummy's return to Egypt from US, after being away from Egypt for over 130 years. As it is during ramadan, I am having a diffucult time setting up an interview, his public relation person wanted to know everything by Greenwich mean time, and now he gives up and he wants me to call his secretary because he can't figure out this time difference between Japan and Egypt and Ramadan hours and his schedule .. I mean it's pretty simple.. but you gotta go by their standard..

On the way home, stopped by at family mart and got tickets to Dalai Lama seminar this sunday. How convenient. I don't even have to go to Ticket Pia any more and just can get tickets from conbini.
Got too many things I want/need to do, not enough time :(

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Rainy day in Tokyo. Typical work day.
Today I talked about the lawsuit over two students who passed the entrance exams to Waseda Univ, who wanted their money back for the "Waseda entrance fee" which is 200,000 yen.
Lawsuit, the two students got about 500,000 yen back. for their first semester money and facility money. but not the entrance fee.
This is a really weird system that Japanese private universities (or high schools too) always had.
They legalized that the customer can claim for the money that they paid in advance which they want to cancel later on, after so many claims were made between English conversation school or esthetic salons. This was in 2000, April. So up til then, people had no rights to get any money back for what they already paid. We kind of lived with the bs.

College people are trying to say, " You guys passed the test and wanted to enter our school. and at last minute you are pulling out, that's not fair, so that's the price you have to pay. "
Students (and their parents) are saying " that's too expencive for sort of a insurance money to make sure that you are enrolled in the university somewhere. and why do we have to pay for some school that we are not even going to?"
I agree wholeheartedly with the students side. so this is a big issue, and Waseda university got away without paying back that entrance fee money.

I remember that there is like a deadline that you have to pay this money by, and when I passed the test to enter my private junior high school. we had to bring cash( stack of cash) otherwise I would have not being able to go to the school that I already passed. Now that's fucked up. We didn't think about it back then. We were desperate. We didn't think twice about paying this fee, like " hey what is this money going to be used for?" " why do we have to do this?".

Went to village vanguard shop and bought two books. and new Vogue. Tomorrow is a long day. Long day of mental labor.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I had a pretty easy day today. Woke up late, and made kimchi nabe, and took off to work. Today's guest, was Ritsuko Noshiro. She is 68 yr old who made babyroom for the hotels for the first time in Japan and manages many other babyrooms elsewhere as well. She was always sick ever since she was little, asthamatic, had blood vessel problem which she had many surgery done.. and then breast cancer and also ovary taken out.. she has gone through every possible surgery out there from head to toe that people ever go through in their whole entire life and yet she is still alive. When she was first diagnosed with cancer in 40's or so, dr told her she only has 3 yr to live, and she said she was so happy that she gets to live for that long, so she started traveling. She went to more than 130 countries. and met many kids around the world which is her passion. She cannot have baby due to the surgery she did, so she said she decided to become a mommy of the world. and now she is going to Iraq to meet the children there, and to give hugs and love as much as she can. She even races car. She does not have fear. She feels pains constantly. but never let fear get in her way. She did not want to see people feeling sad or sorry for her, so she did not tell her mother that she had surgery for the breast cancer until she passed away, so she went to heaven not knowing that she was sick. She has so much power and energy and positive vibes that is just amazing. Ritsuko-san rules!
She told me to make sure to come visit her at Hotel New Otani where she is usually at, the babyroom. She said that she senses power from me, and that she would like to talk to me some more. She also touched my hands and said, " your hands are so cold. what's wrong? " so I said " oh its usually like this" and she said, " make sure to eat nutritious food, okay?"
and smiled. She is such a sweeeeeeet lady.

Now I have to book an interview with someone in Egypt. regarding the news about the mommy that most scholars agree is Rameses, (king), how this will be returned to Egypt from Michael C.Carlos Museum in Atlanta where it is exhibited now. after like 130 yrs since it was stolen.
Shit,more work. I thought I get to take it easy this week, that really sucks.

I called up the acupuncture man Kana sensei introduced to me, he is in his 90's. and he can tell what's wrong with you just by letting you hold the bell, and let it ring. He can tell by the sound of it apparently. I called him up and he said he will be available for me on thursday from 1pm. Makino-sensei, I look forward to that.. he said he is looking forward to seeing me,too. What a sweet old man.

I wish I had more time to myself to figure out what I want to do, or what direction I want to go into, though. I am just busy just getting caught up with things that I must do, and that's not all that fun. I want to be able to do something that has a meaning. then again, We live to ikiru, as Noshiro-san said today. so I want to ikiru seiippai everyday.

I am going to call Ticket pia tomorrow to see if tickets to Dalai Lama thing on sunday is still available. I would like to see that man.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Jintai no fushigiten. Mysteries of the human body. Kana sensei, Yumiko, Kevin and I went to see this exhibition at Kokusai Forum, Man that was interesting. Kana sensei was like asking kevin where the prostate could be, show her where by pointing at those bodies. I was surprised to see how small the kidney was, also how big 3 months old baby in the womb is, and then 4 months its huge. Brain is so light. maybe about 1200grams for women. It was so crowded and it was hard to see everything, but I bought a book. That surely was omoshiroi.

And we all went to Midori-zushi, had to wait in line for a while as it is a realy popular sushi restaurant, and we had sake, and shirako and all kinds of starters, and awesome sushi, they had beef and matsutake sushi that just rocked!!! We had so much fun.

Kana sensei had to go see a friend of hers in the hospital so she left around a bit after 4pm, we went to ameyoko to buy our friend Chihiro's boy baby clothes so we could bring it and go visit her on 9th. Kev found this omocha shop and ended up buying lots of omochas again, in ameyoko. and we went to Shibuya tower records for Archer Prewitt, well-known for his work " The Sof ' Boy" . His book translated in nihongo is finally released through presspop publisher so he is visiting, Kev bought the mini-vinyl figure of The Sof ' Boy and The Kaufman Brothers, and had both of them signed by him with sof ' boy character on it which looks reaaally cool :) He is originally from Kentucky. but man he is talented. Maybe Tokyo people are a bit too spoiled with so many things flooded.

Came home after that as we were getting tired, watched the hollow man on TV. ordered a few books on amazon. Herb stuff and 2 books that Kev wants or whatever. and we found out that we can watch Kill Bill with nihongo/eigo subtitle at Roppongi Hills Virgin Cinema. That's awesome. I was just wondering it would be cool if there was a subtitle in eigo for gaijin's like Kevin. As much as we do not like this " I am too good for you" Roppongi Hills image, we must go see this!

And .. oh yeah. to answer the question that just popped up the other night as to why I started blogging, is because I love my Kevin. and want to show the whole world that I care about him more than anything else. Whew, Mackdaddy~~

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Hillary Duff is one hell of a busy girl. All the avex people were like freaking out when I got there. As she spends too much time on her make-up, I didn't exactly have 30 minutes of interview time. I only had like maybe 10 minutes. So I was like .. just stormed into the interview room on 8th floor of Avex Bldg, and started chatting with her, only to have avex staff hassling me that I needed to wrap up. Her mom, sister, tutor and so many other people are with her on her first time to Japan, she came from the promo in Australia so she did not have much jetlag, but man.. she probably does not feel like 16 yr old and never will know what the typical 16 yr old is like. Born texan ..moved to Cali. She changed her clothes for the photo shoot, put more make-up on, lots of gloss on her lips.
At least I had a right choice for the photographer, Nakazawa-san used to work for Park-san. So he's got that Park-san groove going on. He cracked her up, in 5 minutes photo shoot. Her staff and manager came out laughing out loud saying he is crazy. and she said " this is the best fun I had today." Well, at least we made her happy.

She stormed off to FM Tokyo after that, and she has more to do today, and then tomorrow. back to somewhere else where she has to work. Her album and single are on billboard number one, but I am not sure if such a life will be all that much fun, well maybe.

And Kevin emailed me saying that he can get off early so we went to see Kill Bill (pt1) . Wow it was awesome! Lucy Liu and Uma Thurman's nihongo just cracked up the whole audience. I wish they had subtitles while Sonny Chiba or Yakuza's and all the other casts were speaking in Nihongo so Kevin could have understood better, a lot of it was in nihongo. and it was a fun movie to watch! Everytime I see Lucy Liu on big screen, it makes me want to act in Hollywood. It's finally time for asians!
Stayed up til 9am working on the translation of the scripts for the interview re:service dogs for the disabled with Canine Companions for Individuals, Northeast regional section's public relations coordinator,
Julie Diamond.
In US, there are a lot of NPOs providing service dogs for people but CCI is definately different from their superb breeding program and truly, really considering for the disabled, to put out the absolute perfect dogs.
In Japan, there are too few service dogs for the disabled who are in need of them. barely covers 10% max. Not to mention there are not enough instructors, and there is no decent dog education program available here.
That's where masukomi comes in, I really think that Umezawa-san should try a little harder if he is like so gung-ho about dogs, that at least what he can do, is do a major TV coverage about the instructor in order for public to gain interest. I can only do so much, to report about this on radio. How we view the dogs is different to begin with going back into the history though. Dogs were pretty much slaves for humans in Japan in the old time, where in Europe or in US, dogs were human's friends and their companions. Please, do not have your dogs stranded or beat them up. or just buy them just because they are cute... that's so common in Japan and people just keep throwing them when they get tired, that's why we crazy Japanese create dog robots or crazy bowlingal. Who needs one if you are trying to really understand the dogs? If you have your baby. would you buy a babylingal? I don't think I would buy one..

oops time to go to Hillary Duff interview. Hopefully catch Kill Bill after the interview..
Stayed up til half past 6am working on my JJ article ..Holly Valance interview. Hit click.. sent off. Went to bed, with fear of waking up with another dizzy spells.
I woke up in the late afternoon without the alarm.
I hate the alarms, I need something that doesn't sound so disturbing in the morning.. but what would that be..

Went to see Kana sensei. She is my spiritual advisor, who guided me for the past so many years. Gosh she is awesome, it was worth it to go see her and skip doing the translation for the interview I did on wednesday night. She made me feel much better, helped me tremendously. and we decided to go to this human body/organs exhibition at Kokusai forum on sunday together. Me, Kev and Sensei. That would be really interesting :)
I need some time to really think about my wants and needs.
Hopefully in November... I have things I want to do in "barabara" form, and I need to reorganize my thoughts.

She tried out some kind of herbal thing that she is experimenting with for her research. I am a bergamot girl, who others usually do not see that I have problems. who hides all that problems and gets joy out of making other people happy. Bergamot girl brings instant comfort and sunflower like happy atmosphere for other people, but many people do not see the pain she suffers inside. She suffers greatly and very sensitive, but most of the people cannot see that pain. and when one truly finds out what she really struggles with, they even feel better about themselves because to their eyes, it's hard to imagine that this bergamot girl suffers this much when she always acts like there is no problem with her life. That's so me. and even if I say so, my family and friends probably do not believe the word I say. Even my panic disorder is lightly overlooked by people around me. like it's no big deal. They don't see how horrible this is. It's not like the feeling when you get nervous making the speech in the huge audience. (as I don't even have trouble doing that. ) It's the fears and traumas and all so much anger and anxiety suppressed that explodes in this awful bodily symtoms which words cannot explain unless you experience it.
Anyway, apparently I am a bergamot girl, and her experiment was fun to do.

"hito no mendo bakkari miterunja naiyo~...."

Friday, October 24, 2003

Today was meant to be a nightmare.

I was up til late with work as usual, and the alarm went off at 11am this morning. Well, actually way before that, phones kept ringing, emails on my keitai making the you got mail noise, and Kev making noise watching the baseball game.
I tried to get up, and as soon as I tried to put my head up, everything started to spin around. so I tried to lay down and chill, hoping that this won't last too long, and then I gave it a try a couple of times and still so fucking dizzy that I just could not get out of bed, but I HAD to go to that work lunch. So I finally forced myself to get out of bed after like 30 minutes of trying, so I was late, but oh well. I made it at least.
It was this work offer, but at this point, I don't even know if I have time.
It might be fun but it all depends ..

Kev took care of his tax thing or something while I was at my business lunch, so after both of our stuff was done, he and I decided to meet up at blister in Harajuku. Franck wasn't there because he went to NY for a toy fair or something.

and then this crazy rain started to pour all of a sudden. People were running like there was a huge earthquake. We bought cheap umbrellas, and went to bape store(bape milo store) where Kev bought a box of bape kubrick... and went to another Bape store in Omotesando, and to playboy store. Headed toward Shinjuku in a cab, bought magazines at Tower books, and went to Sakuraya-hobby-kan. ( sounds too typical of a route that we take on our days off..) and ended up at Izakaya.

Kev started talking to a stranger, a guy who apparently is in a band. It's not common to just start having a conversation with people from other table in Japan, so I was like noooo... but with a lot of nomihodai sake in Kevin's body.. argh.
The nightmare started.
Anyway... to cut things short, for dudes, I warn you, that it's not such a good idea when you think you are with someone who is important to you, to suddenly bring all of your focus to a complete stranger and to have a blast when you know your partner is not having fun. Because, after all, it's just a stranger who you met at the bar.

and sure enough. The website address that apparently was for his band, Murasame, (and his name was makoto..who knows if that's even the right name of his. and Junko was his gf's name which can't be a bs as well. ) turned out to be the "let's meet young and exciting women of your dreams" website.
That says a lot about how much Tokyo has changed.
You just don't trust the strangers.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

I was having this really gooood dream, and Kev woke me up..
I was so mad.. but he wanted to go to the press conference for Cutie Honey, and I figured that I will get to listen to Kumi's song so forced myself to wake up.. and we went to Kokusai forum.

We got there around a little after 12noon, a bunch of press people loaded with still camera, video and such. They showed the world's premiere of 90 seconds trailer which .. according to Kevin, that it was okay, and shortly after that, 10 people came up on stage. Eriko Sato to start off with, and the director Anno, (who you may be familiar with Evangelion) and special guest, Go Nagai, Jun Murakami, Micchi~, and 5 other actresses/actors who played bad guys in Panther Claw. One cast, and Kumi Koda made a video apperance. Interview with the casts, director, Go Nagai, and photo session, It went on for about an hour. I mc this kind of event, too so I personally thought that this was a bit unorganized and press-un-friendly, microphone had terrible noize when passing the mic to the journalists with questions, oh well, but the movie doesn't sound like it is done anyway. It is supposed to be out early next summer. I know that it was Kevin's first press conference of its sort, and he should write about his experience, but he says he just cannot come up with any "striking" thoughts. Whatever.

Came home real quick to take 30 minutes nap, and took off to work again.. Now it was the interview with choregrapher, who is ex-D.O.S member, Kaba. chan. His one- kyara just cheers you up. He was so funny.
I stayed at the station after the show too as I had to do one more phone interview with CCI's Julie regarding the service dogs for the disabled. Pain in a butt to translate that whole thing.. I took a cab with my producer, and the techical dept guy ..took much longer route so I came home late. So tired... but when I came home, there was more work.. I had a fax from JJ, meaning I have to finish Holly Valance article very very soon. Argh! I wish I could just skip lunch tomorrow... but I haven't seem Miura-san in a long time. so..

I am just exhausted so I can't really be creative with this blog tonight( its like almost 4am arghhhhh) . At least... something to be happy about today is when I came home, Kevin cleaned the house a bit. (though there were a bunch of things that made me all pissed off today but won't go in details. )

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Long day, but quite a day. Starting work at 11:30am is considered very early for me, Today it was the meeting first so as usual I was like 15 minutes late. I wish Japanese people weren't so anal about time, as I just can't keep punctual :(
Meeting about Ayu, Hitomi Shimatani, Exile, Kayoko, Hilary Duff.. not enough time.. and went to matrix studio in Shibuya for the interview with Hiroko Nakamura.
I told myself not to introduce myself as someone who went to music school all my life, as she would have been different towards me then. Especially a graduate of a school where she went for a recital once, and left in the middle of the recital. so I tried to be formal, appreciative of her, and just overall, nandemo yarimasu, you are saiko ginzai hostess style as I call it. She talked a LOT. She actually turned out to be quite funny and down to earth, although she is still a princess pianist who just grew up in the most blessed enviroment. but I am so relieved that it is over..

and then I ran to another interview, hopped in a cab to Roppongi Hills .. for the interview with Aya Takashima. She turned out to be this cute, one of those typical TV announcer type lady. I thought she was fine, and I wouldn't argue with any guys who thinks she is a godsend. She is really takumashi and shikakrishiteru for a 24 yr old. I wish I could start over my life around there so I would have been a little more "exposed" by now. oh well...

and I got to leave early from work, Yeeeeesss!!! Found out that at Roppongi Hills, this shop in Hillside, carries Caudalie products that I totally fell in love in Paris. So I just had to buy some just to nurture myself.. and
stopped by at the bookstore, which is my daily errand, and I got to come home early. Got several calls though about Thursday lunch, and Hillary Duff Interview on saturday, at Avex, and how I have to turn in the scripts for JJ fashion magazine in a few days.. for the Holly Valance interview. There was one another interview confirmed with someone under Jam and Lewis productions but forgot her name, she is with BMG Victor here in Japan but I totally just forgot... that is on Nov 1st..

Kevin is like so looking forward to tomorrow's premire of Cutie Honey. We missed Kill Bill premiere so maybe we should go to this one.. especially there is going to be a cast greetings on stage and such tomorrow. Kokusai Forum is only like 30 minutes away from here by subway. so it is not all that bad. but I just have so much to do tomorrow. Kaba the choreographer interview from 4pm and then the show.. and then from 12 midnight I have a phone interview with CCI in NY about service dogs. I am not as tired for some reason though as last week, probably because I got to go to Niwa-no-yu at Toshimaen. That place was just so awesome. We need to go back on like thursday to sweat off our stress!

Not much of a "striking thought" today, just rambling about what happened today. I told Nonaka-san, who introduced me to blogger.com. that I became a "blogger". Told him how blogger keeps me positive because I don't write too negative of a stuff on blogger site as I do in my own journal and he was just laughing. I have been keeping my journal ever since I was like 12 or 13.. or long before that .. I just do not remember. I keep those books and reading back those pages sometimes, I have written about such negative stuff. I have used my journal as a tool to let myself go, release myseld and let my pencil take over my emotions but was I really that unhappy? I think this blog thing is keeping me happier. and actually making me appreciate the things that I do everyday.
Who knows, maybe the contents may change when my pattern gets in...

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

still having a blue day with my printer, I try to make peace with him.
but argh, he is not working up to my expectation..
a beginning of a hella busy week.
Interviewed Shinji Miyadai. , tried booking the interview with someone in the service dog training field, man there are so many NPOs related dogs.. there is only one in Japan, that's pathetic, and that's why I am doing the interview though...
anyway.. but got a hold of a lady named Julie, at CCI. *big relief*
I mean.. just the fact that I am busy enough this week with the rating and all, I have to do the extra phone interview? and like. geez
tomorrow is like a hella long day with crazy amount of work.. argh. I just wanted to get this done quick. so I stayed at the station til late. which is not fun...

enough venting...

Naho contacted me so the lunch is on thursday with Sasao-san and all. Kumiand I are talking about going out to eat and talk stories. Not sure when yet. Decided not to go to the high school reunion.
I can't simply get up early enough to make it to Kunitachi by 11:00am.
Somehow I have a feeling that they will bombard me with questions and I do not think I have energy to deal with that right now...

Last night I kept thinking that I gotta have a goal. So I kept thinking what I want, and like damn, okay I will save up and buy a house in Hawaii, I want one in Cali but I am not sure Kevin is up for that, and spend my time back and forth, gotta think about career in Hawaii too though, gotta think of something creative before I have enough money to actually buy a house. I want to like invite my family and chill.. My bro was already able to do that sorta oyakoukou shit for my parents while he lived in Napa and invited them over and all, but like me? Half of the people that I interview, like musicians or whatever, they probably have no clue about, the only joy they get out of me is when they actually get to listen to me on air for my news show when I interview more "serious" people. because that's more of their thing. Okay... so I will start saving.. for my dream house with no omochas all over the place...

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Grand theft auto III. very evil. I can't get no attention from Kevin. I can't get him to do anything. and I just want to clean this damn house!!! I cannot stand the clutter.... kyaaaaaa!!!
The printer we bought yesterday got delivered today and it turned out to be this complicated crap. It works and all, but I do not like instruction. period. and there are too much to read. Just because I am a "blogger" now doesn't mean that I can improve. Blogger tm makes it easy for me. I absolutely hate instructions. I don't like reading the map and get all tired. I read enough instructions as a youngster and was always told what to do reading the piano scores, which was always never good enough for my teacher. Man, I just hate new, and way too advanced stuff. Simple stuff is the best stuff.
Profound simplicity=common sense__ a profound simplicity of common sense, the straightest, most logical way.
True refinement seeks simplicity. _ The height of cultivation runs to simplicity. Halfway cultivation runs to ornamentation.
Simplicity is diffucult._ It is indeed diffucult to convey simplicity.
Simplicity os an inwardstate._ Simplicity is an inward state of being in which there is no contradiction. no comparison, it is the quality of perception in approaching any problem. It is not simply when the mind approaches any problem wth a fixed idea of belief, or with a particular pattern of thought.

Just to prove my point.. borrowing some striking thoughts from Bruce Lee...

I mean I have been pissed off today all day. Noise outside this morning when the alcohol was still in my body, house all messy, printer doesn't function, and updating the computer has been such a pain in an ass, hate how much I spend my money, Kevin filming the angry, frustrated " me" on camera, having to go back to work tomorrow... it's true that in Japan we have the disorder named after the popular anime, Sazae-san. Some doctors call it "Sazae-san syndrome" describing the people( or patients like me) who get mentally whacked on sunday before work and how this Sazae-san comes to be the name of the disorder is because it comes on TV at 7pm on sundays. The peak time they get all too melancoly and shit. *sigh*
Let's see.. what did we do today.
Lemme start from what we just finished.

Hanging out drinking with the mighty player Shin Kurokawa This is his "baby"
We just got back from Shinjuku.
We started off at Sky Bar( NY Bar is the other name I guess) at Park Hyatt. I had cosmopolitan. Shin had martini, not with Gin but with vodka. Kev had.. some kind of strange beer. Man, Shin is a funny guy. The sky bar closes at 1am so we took off to Kabukicho and went to a bar, had long island ice tea and such, talked about "afro" and con circuits. Why is he still in North Carolina is something that nobody has a clue. but I have a feeling that one day soon, he will move to Westcoast.

We spent a day shopping at Nakano broadway where TBS-TV was filming something, but I saw this former model-lady doing interviews to the Nakano people. I usually go to the bookstore while Kevin is doing his toy shopping round around Nakano Broadway, but it was closed for reconstruction, so I went places with him, and even bought some weird omake's which was a small figure designed by Murakami, yeah, the artists known for his ever popular bag.
We saw Yoshi, from Robot-Robot store, he wanted some Star Wars wholesale stuff from the states, and Kevin and he were talking about deals, I think. Oh yeah and we had late lunch at Otoya.

Now, off to Shinjuku. Went to this ticket shop and bought two tickets to Kill Bill and one ticket for Freddy vs Jason. I don't like horror movies. so I just had him buy one for himself. I do not need to get panic attack watching the horror film. (which I ended up going to see...)
Went to Tower records, tower book section and bought some magazines, and my co-worker, Tsuyoshi Takase's book called Tokyo Confidential. We also went to Sakuraya, and bought a new printer since ours is broken. One with scanner and all that in one. Pretty sweet for 16000 yen. and I was tired, but somehow Kevin seemed to be all weirded out, that's when my " is that my fault? Is there anything I can do? " kinda worries constantly run through my head, so I told him well, let's go catch Freddy vs Jason. I made sure he bought a ticket. and so we grabbed a quick snack at KFC and went to the movie theatre.

Horror films are not good for my heart, and I am not being this wuss. but it really really induces my anxiety, and panic level to something that's really yabai. I popped in xanax and luvox before the movie started. Tried not to watch all the gross scenes. Kevin says it was good how the movie kind of explained the story before all this, and I guess he is right because it made it easy for me, who had no clue about Jason or Freddy, understand what the hell I was watching. but not my interest at all. I don't know why people want to pay to get scared. When there are so many terrifying things in this world.

We went to Wu-lai, too. The best place for foot massage. Queensway is pretty good too actually but when you crave for that painful joy, that itakimo feeling, wu-lai is the best bet.

and shit, oh yeah we went to Don Kihote, too and bought stuff. That's too much spending. and once we got home and thought that our day was over, we had a message from Shin on our machine, and called him up to his room at Century Hyatt, and hooked up.

It's like past 5am in Tokyo. not much thoughts today. just things we did.. typical day in the life of Tokyo-ites. Argh, We gotta clean this house. but I'll try to get some zzz while it is still dark outside...

Saturday, October 18, 2003

It makes me feel so awful when I have to rearrange my schedule after it's all confirmed, but that's what I had to do today. TV announcer for Fuji TV, named Aya Takashima, aka Ayapan, apparently released a CD single. Guys are going nuts over her, so that will boost up the rating...hopefully...
She does morning shows on Fuji TV so she says she cannot be on our show at 9pm as that's the time she is always sleeping.
So I had to call and rearrange my schedule for my other show, begged my producer to rearrange the meeting time. Argh.. but it worked out.

I tried forgetting about all that hassle, so I spent good few hours cooking, I wish I had one more Sachi just for cooking and doing housewifely duties.
but one Sachi is enough to handle.. I don't know how I would handle dealing with mutiple me, dealing with things that run through her heads...
Drives me nuts.

but speaking of cooking, it reminded me of something.
I won a short story contest when I was like in 2nd or 3rd grade.
What did I write about? I wrote about making cookies with my mom. It was like the most boring, filler type story I wrote for school homework, but I still remember my teacher read aloud my story in front of the class and explained in greater details about this simplicity and emotions that I described while I was cooking with my mom. Duh. So she said she is turning my story into a competition. I did not win the grand-prize but the story of a kid who won, sucked, that's all I remember. The best thing I got out of that competition was this caramel that my teacher bought for me after the award ceremony was over. It was like 60 yen a box back then. but I did not know that teachers were allowed to actually buy something for the students. I was only 8-9 yr old at that time, but I was thinking
"Is this legal?" . but that was the best tasting caramel ever.

On a bright side, One thing I look forward to this fall, "Design Festa" !!
We got hooked when we went for the first time almost a year ago. I would like to put up my own booth one day and sell my stuff that I design...

It's about time Kevin needs to put some of his striking thoughts posted on here, but I think it will be a loooong wait. Oh well, I give up for tonight...

Friday, October 17, 2003

I know for a fact, that it's good to follow your intuitions.
And sometimes it is good to trust other's as well. I learned that in Paris when I trusted my mom's and didn't get ourselves lost. but anyway...

Today I really wanted to treat ourselves to a spa treatment, so we did. and when I say spa treatment, I mean onsen theme park treatment.
There are 3 recently-opened ones around Tokyo. Oedo onsen monogatari in Odaiba, and Laqua right next to Korakuen, and then Toshimaen, Niwa-no-yu.
We have already been to the first two already but not to the very last one. We were going to go to LaQua, which we already been to, but for some reason, we were still sorta wondering around, what to do.

I went into the bathroom, and I keep a book of relaxation(it's a translated book in J, but the original is an english book. ) there and my ritual is to open the page with my intuition whenever I am in there, the funny thing is there is always an answer to what I should do on that very page at that very moment.
The page I opened was something that talked about not get sucked into your everyday lifestyle, never settle or estimate what you have to do is something you absolutely must do because you are so used to doing so. It also talked about how.. on your day off, you can take the same route to do your favorite things, but that won't help you experiment any new things.
When I came out of the bathroom, oddly enough, Kevin says,
" Let's go somewhere different. "

Ahh it was awesome!
This one is definately my top favorite and so as Kevin's I think! With the fact that "because" we followed our intuitions, This place was right next to Toys'R Us, and Kevin got a hold of Nightmare before christmas Kubrick ..apparently it was a double joy for him since he collects NBC stuff and also Kubricks,not to mention he collects a whole lot more omocha's....
Anyway the niwa-no-yu was big, and had this really pretty garden, aroma steam sauna, chill-room, Dead Sea pool( like in Israel) Outside hottub, huge pool and several different onsen, and ahhh so relaxing.. I really needed that..

My cell phone was in the locker receiving calls from my co-workers about my schedule. All ignored, while I am getting massaged, and enjoying hot bath with my man who looks so cute with his face all rosy. hehe.
The messages on my machine, all of them sounded like they were in rush, " Hey, is there anyway that you can come in earlier than 7pm next tuesday? That's the only time I can get her time. " " Nope, There is no way I can change my schedule for the interview with Hiroko Nakamura "the" pianist which has been booked several weeks ago. " " Arrrgh!" click.
"Could you come in early from 4pm for the interview on wednesday?" " yeah but I am not staying after the interview before my air-time.. I am getting out of that building to breathe some air after I am done! " Interviews interviews interviews...

I occasinally come across some gossip magazines, or even newspapers reporting rumors and gossip but one thing for sure is that that's not ever going to be my style. When I was younger, I actually thought that it was amusing for a while, (perhaps because I was just bored when I was in like junior high) but it is not amusing when you turn that around and you be the person in the story, unless it is something you agree to do so. or hey, it is not amusing if it's even your loved ones. your family. your lovers, your friends. To this day, I have not written any gosship column. Who's sleeping with who. So?

When I was 18, and first got an assignment to interview Johnny Gill from the chief editor of JJ fashion magazine/now-COO of Kobunsha publishing, He told me that this should be a good opportunity for me to expand my world, and told me to be the best interviewer because he thinks I can be one. I still trust his words to this day. Although everyday is a learning experience :)

We came home and watched two movies. It was somehow strange because today Kevin actually let me rent what I felt like watching at Tsutaya. Usually he does not like what I pick. hmm.
Anyhow, those two flicks were, The banger sisters, and The new guy. They were "ma-ma-" movies for a rental, I guess. Oh and I am just rambling but my favorite purchase of the day, Phiten neckband. Gets!!!! (I swear,You'll be instantly popular among Japanese if you say this word now whenever you feel like it. I don't think it lasts too long any more though. I already made my italian friend Ricardo made famous in Milano among nihonjin gals.)

Oh, and following my intuitions, and sudden popped-up thoughts, I finally remembered my friend's name. Who died of brain tumor several years ago, on her birthday which is St.Valentines Day.
Miyuki Kataoka. Yeah. Miyuki.
I knew it started with something with M.

She was in the same band with me when we were in school together, she moved to Fukuoka after graduating from college, where she isolated herself from the world and the music was her only friend, oh and her mom...
I still need to say thank you for Totasu Matsumoto from Ulfuruzu, which she was a fan of. She went to see their show on a wheel-chair( because she already got some serious surgery done to her brain by that time) , and Totasu saw her from the stage, saw how she knew every words of the songs, (sounds like my kind of a friend) brought her backstage(sounds like my kind of a friend), telling her that he really was happy to see her support of his band.
Ever since that show, letters went back and forth, only that he could write once in blue moon, but encouraging each other, and soon letters became "letter and his hospital visits" , and eventually just one-sided his visit to her funeral.

She never told us that she was that sick. She always had this way of encouraging and supporting other people. She did that very same when we were in school together. So I still have to say thank you to him when I see him on tuesday. He is always at the studio on Tuesdays..
Now can this story be a news, or a gossip? My superpower intuition is not working for figuring this one out.. oh it is past 5am and getting light out so I need to get some zzzz...

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Damn it, I missed the premiere of "Kill Bill" because of my pounding headache. That means I will have to be responsible for tickets to actually go see the movie at the movie theatre.. It opens on 25th, Can't wait!

While I was in bed fighting the pain, I received another movie invitation from Warner, It is for the live action movie version of "Cutie Honey". ( and yes they spelled it right this time, not Cutey Honey but "Cutie") Eriko Sato and all of those casts will be there, along with director, Hideaki Anno. It is on 22nd, at Kokusai Forum. That should be fun, I bet my huggable Kevin can't wait to see Eriko Sato in person.

Today is October 15th, that means this has been a year since 5 abductees to North Korea, returned to Japan. So I had Mr.Toru Hasuike, the brother of Mr.Hasuike, the abductee, as a guest on the show. It was my 2nd time seeing him, so he seemed to be relaxed and trusted what we were doing.
He still gets threats, and uses his paid holidays to get help to have all the rest of the abductees returned to Japan, along with already returned abductees' children who are still in North Korea. He said his wife would worry about him, not just about the physical well-being for being all over the place for this volunteer work, but sometimes thoughts go through her head thinking if he is not cheating on her. and that really gets him down.

Those already returned 5 people, have to call the police or their security guards( they have been monitored 24 hrs) when they want to go for a drive. or to onsen. They worry if their children do return to Japan, if they are going to be okay financially or whether they can get along with people in Japanese society.

When they need goverment's help to do these negotiations with another country, they are not doing much at all. but Mr.Hasuike, or the organization of help-save the abductees to North Korea, can not directly negotiate on the same level as they do not have such power.
Problems. Problems. Problems.

Once the interview was over, he got a call from his brother who was anxious whether he didn't go overboard speaking for him. He looked exhausted but thanked me and the station for our contribution.
and I realized that my sharp pain in my head was almost gone.
Sometimes your problems are much smaller than what they may seem.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Wai wai, my first blogger experience!

I found out about this "blog" from this cosmpolitan mystic gentleman named Nonaka-san, who is an expert of IT business not to mention so many countless other things, whom I do a radio show with, and he was trying to convince all of us co-workers that this "blog" is the next HUGE thing. We were clueless at first, like... ah? blog? website back and forth and huh?! He brought tons of books to show us how it works, and none of us seemed to understand it, so.. I figured that the only way to figure that out is to try it myself, he said this blogger site is really great place to get started as a blogger, so I came home, tested this thing out. wow it works :)

It's almost 4am in Tokyo, time that I usually go to sleep. argh...my pounding headache.. is killing me.

Tomorrow, me and my huggable Kevin will go seeKill Bill premiere showing only for "masukomi" and take a sneak preview of the "Kill Bill pt 1", ( apparently there are two, hmmm.) Although the movie is opening in Japan in like a following week anyway. but we like the fact that I do not have to pay 1800 yen to watch a movie. That's too much for a movie, we can almost buy one DVD for that much..

Those Kill Bill guys are in town, and will make a promotinal apperance for the press on sunday, scheduled to be at Teikoku Hotel. I am not sure fi we are going to go to that one, but will decide after we watch the movie tomorrow. Speaking of movies, we just saw Zatoichi with subtitles,at Virgin Cinema in Roppongi Hills. There were some TV crews who were looking for some gaijin to interview, they only seemed to be on the lookout for hakujin's and noone of those people recognized my hapa Kevin. I recently met Masayuki Mori, the president and producer of Office Kitano, and heard a lot of inside stories from him so I really enjoyed it.
I guess you just have to see it with open heart, that you are not watching a samurai movie and this new zatoichi is all entertainment. I think he did a pretty decent job, although I am sure Kevin will have more to say about this movie..

It has been a while to see any Tarantino movie, so we look forward to the movie. will also have more to say tomorrow, I am sure..
Just my first blogger day.

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