Saturday, November 29, 2003

It pretty much rained the whole day. We went to blister and met up with Franck. Kev bought this "Pink Floyd The Wall figurines, Series 1 box set or whatever, and Franck gave him like cho discount. I bought the bobbinghead keychain kind of a thing of a carebear. went to So-ho's in Omotesando. YUMMY. and great view. (for a rainy day) I loved their cosmopolitan. of all that I had so far in Tokyo. Much better than the NY Sky bar in Shinjuku, I must say. We had a long chat, as we haven't gotten together in so long. He was telling us about carrying Happy Tree Friends products as there is a possibility that MTV Japan might run it and all that. so he told us to check it out when we got home. Cute but evil. but maybe this will be tabun accepted by young Japanese kids.

Tomorrow we are going to go visit Chihiro and her baby all the way to Chigasaki. so Yumi and we are supposed to catch the same train. Hopefully. Next week I've got so much to do and my dad's 67th year old b-day is coming up on Dec 10th so next sunday is prolly going to be his b-day party, I want to do something reeeeeally nice. like reeeeeeeaally.

Friday, November 28, 2003

Last night, as soon as I was done blogging, I did something for the VERY FIRST TIME in my life. To clean up somebody's puke. Yes, he started puking like insane, all that red wine so everything that came out was red so I was like holy shit that's blood. I need to call the emergency and literally shaking, He wouldn't stop, but still drunk and stupid. My god, he woke up a few more times only to run to the bathroom to puke his guts out. I could not get any sleep worrying about him,and I can't believe that I actually cleaned up his mess using my hands, legs, burning up incents to get rid of the bad bad smell. I guess that must mean that I love him.

Tamara called this morning to sort out a few things, so I woke up early, I had to anyway. I thought she would be busy preparing stuff for Thanksgiving but she told me that in Canada, you celebrate Thanksgiving on October. and after the phone call, I went to meet my mom and had a lunch at Kihachi. Can't help it. I just love that place for casual dining once in a while. She looked okay but I constantly worry about her. She says she needs to get MRA next week and I hope she is okay, and even if there is something wrong, I hope she can feel better with some medicines or some practices if needed. Went to the house after lunch, and I helped her setting up the computer, she hasn't opened the laptop and hasn't done anything to it, but I set it up, and taught her how to write in English. Not much difference, and actually much easier than writing in Nihongo, but to her,there is a huge difference, so I made a word file saying Yoko's Journal. and she was enjoying it. but she would get really exhausted and her face gets all red excited or whatever, I pray to god that she is okay. When we came home, my dad was already at home after a little trip to visit the president of NTT in Sendai, we had dinner together, and he gave me this announcement so to speak. I am just overwhelmed about his kindness and don't know how to thank him, but all I know is that I need to get my mind together and figure out exactly what I am going to be capable of doing to match his standard or at least to make him and my mom happy too in all of this. This will take a bit of planning but I will definately get to it right away. But the bottom line is I am just a bad bad girl who keeps worrying my parents with my lack of stability in everything, I am sorry. Dad, Mom.

Kev was home shortly before I got home, all feeling okay. Gosh the things that make me go through!!!

Vogue Nippon January issue just came out, I am so happy :) "Tokyo Explosion" by "my student" fashion editor, Yuki and the photographer, Martin Parr of Magnum Photos, is on this issue. It's awesome, I love his cynical humor too much, even though it wasn't easy to work stuck between Yuki's beautiful art/fashion sense and Martin's eccentric way of doing things LOL. Two complete opposites. but we all got along and had fun during the shoot, and that's what matters. To me anyways :)
This is the Yoga place in Ogikubo, IYC, which according to Hitomi, is like a little retreat for not only body and soul but to feel at home, when you are alone in the foreign country, so it is apprently like a little gaijin community, classes are taught in mostly English and a bit of Japanese, too. yay we are soooo there. Hitomi grew up in Guam and her parents are still in Guam, her sister is in NY and she is in Tokyo, so she never gets to get together with the whole family either, so she says she somehow feels at ease there. Cool, cool.
Yeeeees Thanksgiving. We went to Thanksgiving Party at Lucy Kent's house. Lots of party people showed up including people from Inter FM like K.C and Carole Hisasue and her husband William who has a filming company. .. a bunch of others who were just fun-loving, friendly peeps. I was kinda dreading this morning about going as sometimes this "Party Phobia" hits me. Kev asks me like "How come someone like you who always interviews Geinojin can get party phobia" and laugh at me, but in all seriousness, I get party phobia occasinally. To which, for tonight's case, Mana cards helped me stay sane and to just have fun.

Turkey and chicken and deviled eggs and pumpkin pies and everything Lucy made was marvellous. My god, she is a great cook, like on top of the fact that she is always working and manage to actually do parties like that, that's just amazing. She had a nice comfortable house and her teenaged kids showed up a few times downstairs to get their food. They both seemed like smart, very nice kids. so We just laughed our asses off til the time came to catch our last train, musician translator who I respect,Hitomi Watase, and the other guy who is working on Laurie Lodkin stuff, and we shared the train home. Hitomi told me about the yoga class that she attends and we MUST go. because Kevin is crying like a biatch listening to
Johnny Cash's song called "The Man Comes Around" which is a cover of "I Hung My Head", which the music and lyric is actually written by Sting. It's from American Recordings and his album won several awards this year. but Kevin says "This is the saddest shit I ever heard in my life!" and keeps crying like a biatch. Maybe he had a little too much to drink. Tears are good to cleanse your stocked up feelings once in a while, but what I want to know is what part of this song relates to him so much that he cries like a biatch. Right, Johnny Cash is dead, and he is singing about how he wish he was dead, and the song goes that he shot someone and wants forgiveness and but he can't get it. and he hungs his head. What about this song that makes you so ...connected to that level? What's wrong??? Especially after we had a blast at Lucy's party and he called Lucy to say thanks when we got home and called his mom because she left a message saying that his family is getting together at Matt's house, and all..

Music is so powerful. What would be my saddest song then? There are way too many, because I like to sap over listening to the songs, alone. but besides, why are we so sad? Why do we withhold our sadness so much? and now my man is sleeping with massive snore.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Margaret Cho says..

Okay, Michael. What the fuck is going on? I don't know, and I am afraid for you. I am a fan from back in the day. There were these girls who would hang out with me, and I spent weekends at their home in San Bruno, far from the battlefields of my parent's bunker in San Francisco. They were mean girls, the kind who put salt on snails. Their names were Eunice and Genie, and I worshipped them, because they seemed to have a kind of power and mystique that sisters have, in their togetherness, which threw my loneliness into relief. They would make fun of me, but I was too unaware or overwhelmed with awe of them to understand what was going on. Later, sometime in summer camp, they decided that I wasn't their friend anymore and filled my sleeping bag with dog shit. Eunice grew up to be fat, like in a scary and inexplicable way, not that fat is bad, but for her it spelled disaster, and she treated it as such. She became a shut in and an extremely nice neighbor. Genie had broken out with the worst adult acne in medical history. These are not concrete facts, but hearsay from my brother, who maintains a friendship with them both. But I digress.

How we loved Michael Jackson. We played that record more than it was reasonable, just taking the needle and putting it right back to the beginning. "Off the Wall" was a favorite and of course "Thriller." He sang with the tenderness that a young girl needs to get by in the world. He sang the way that makes the little girls no longer afraid of men, or bad experiences with boys playing doctor in the woods by the old train tracks, the uncles who touched us when we were not yet women, and were not to be touched as if we were. Michael Jackson eased the relations between the sexes, and the inappropriate actions of adults against children at the very sound of his voice. If the allegations against Michael Jackson are true, irony is the true lord and master of all that is. His androgyny built in me a kind of trust, later reinforced by the relationships I would have with a few very important gay men, who parented me and made me who I am today. Michael Jackson was the comforting manchild, who would hold your hand, who you could laugh and sing along with. I remember the song, "Human Nature." It seared me from the inside out, and the softness of his falsetto whisper, that was beauty, unbearably sad, and "four walls won't hold me tonight."

"If they say why? Why? Tell them that it's human
nature. Why? Why? Do they do that way?".

Oh my God, remember the video for "Thriller?" It was seventeen minutes long, directed by John Landis, fresh after the accidental helicopter beheading of Vic Morrow and two Cambodian children during the filming of "Twilight Zone," weird factoid being is they say that the footage was used in the actual film because it was such a good take, but that is a rumor and I don't believe it as much as I believe there is a ghost boy in "Three Men and a Baby" - and it had the disclaimer in the beginning that made sure that it was not in any way condoning the occult. He was a Jehovah's Witness, so I guess that was an important thing to put in there. It was an amazing video, but I didn't really associate the undead as part of the occult. To me the occult is Alistair Crowley and the Thelema and Dick Cheney, but I guess zombies are associated with it somehow. I wear my Thriller jacket everywhere, and people freak out on me, as if to say "What are you thinking?!" The only people who do not get upset are Black people, who recognize, touch the coat, laugh, call each other over to ask me about it, where I got it, if it is old, what my favorite song is, what their favorite song is. I know the Thriller dance. It is a really good dance, with a lot of pointing and the head bobbing back and forth. The video is hilarious because the zombies dance along with Michael and keep up just as well as they can, but their limbs are disintegrating and falling off. Back in the day, Michael gave me strength to go on. That kids hated me, that my family really didn't want me to be in the world, that they would let molesters touch me in their presence and say nothing rather than 'lose face,' that I sometimes went to school with black eyes that I didn't explain, that I almost never slept from age eight to about sixteen, that I was told over and over by my father that I was ugly and therefore would have to develop a good personality to overcome my handicap. Michael Jackson was there to sing to me, and "we gonna ride the boogie. I want to rock with you all night dance you into the sunlight. and you know that love survives."

He helped me survive because I was gonna rock with him someday. I got older, and so did he. He changed. The hyperbolic chamber, the Elephant man skeleton, the plastic surgery, the nose that was not there anymore, the race erased by the vitiligo, the disease that made him whiter and whiter and made him look more like Lesley Ann Downe every day. Michael - what happened? You were there for me. I don't know if I can repay my debt to you, to what your music gave me. I hope Liz Taylor is there for you. I hope that monkey is still around, or is he dead? I can't remember. I don't know what you did to those children. I ask nothing, I accuse nothing. I only say that you helped this child to grow up into a woman, to be fully alive, to not only survive, but to thrive. Thank you for that. I dare anyone now to go listen to "She's Out of My Life" and not cry like a bitch.

Oh I forgot, and then we talked about too many foreign words have been integrated into Japanese lauguage so the board of "Let's stop the widespread of too many katakan words that doesn't make any sense" people are doing its thing to change the words back into Japanese. I agree though, not to sound french, but there are way too many foreign words being used nowdays (especially in the last 5 years I say). which does not even make sense to me, and I sometime think like why does he even bother to use this word? so what do the senior people do when they want to learn computer? They have to learn English first, because what they do to you first is give you a summary of text which explains what "Double click" means, what "mouse" means, what "screen" means, which they can just skip that part and just use Japanese to teach them. "Log in" suru. "sign on" suru, "click" suru... these words are too foreign for my parents' age who are the ones who got all the time in the world and want to learn how to use the computers. Now radio and TV are going to be all digital soon too and senior people would never understand how to even turn on that damn thing or how to tune in. What we already go by katakana. can remain the same but I don't think we need to add more, it will only confuse more people. This dork was saying "It sounds better to say "Let's gambaro for incentive" instead of let's ganabro for our compensation money and such" because he said if he used Japanese, then that makes them sound greedy, ...it's like what's the difference and what the hell is incentive anyway?! Do we ever use it like that???

Japanese including myself, so long to be like western people. yet we misunderstand a LOT of things.
Looong day. Started off with a recording for CBF and interviewed Breath, two complete opposite guys. and we moved on to the weekly meeting. We discussed about what to do about the interview with Namie Amuro, first we watched 2 hr long video of her concert in 2001, and then watched her recent videoclips, her new album is entitled "Style" and it's very R&B. I must say that her English has improved a great deal though, she has a singing coash who is bilingul, named Michico who usually sings and records her demo, and now working with T-kura, Teddy Riley and all that, I mean she is 26 yr old already and it's about time she completely changes her direction to something different, and not your regular J-pop. we are getting a lot of emails from our listeners with various questions, but are narrowing them down, have them review by the management side, and we are going to give away some goods on that rating week when she is going to be featured as our guest and we are also going to give away a "Homestereo system" to 2 people. Wow. I am supposed to meet her on next tuesday. 3 days after she starts her tour.

Next week we have to figure out about the interview with Aiko Ikuta and about the interview on thursday with Junior Senior ,
also some stuff about Aiko Kayo who is apparently popular among Japanese anime otaku's and also about Day after tomorrow, Kumi's little sister.

On top of that, more interviews... right K1, Wrestling has become so popular recently and everyone is looking forward to the Nagoya Dome's match between Akebono and Bob Sapp. K1 is managed by a company called FEG and I am supposed to interview the president of FEG who is actually new because the last one got arrested, a guy named Sadaharu Tanigawa, a fairly young guy. in his early 40's he was just a fan of wrestling and was a chief editor of fan magazine of wrestling, but somehow he fell into the place as a shacho. Life is funny like that.

Another guy that I have to interview is a director Takako Nakajima who made a movie called TAIZO ..which is apparently about the war photographer named Taizo Ichinose who went by the nickname Taizo everywhere he went by his friendly character, who died in Thailand while shooting the photo of a war at a young age, (like in his late 20's if I am correct, he died when he was 26 or 27). So like next friday I definately have to catch a preview of this movie.

Oh and Joichiro Ito is supposed to be our guest in a few weeks as well. I look forward to meeting him, the man who brought blogs to Japan for the first time and ever published a book on blog for the first time in Japan. His blog is very interesting and I check it out quite a bit. He wrote something about this service calledCustomized classics which changes the books' main character's name into YOUR NAME and make your own. Isn't that fun. That would definately make an interesting holiday gift, at least that's my kind of stuff.

Tomorrow is my day off!!! Yay, finally. so I am going to go see the preview of Michel Vaillant, which is a movie of Le man based on a french comic. This is supposed to be good, but being that it is french and all, ( the official website is all in french too :( ). I wonder if Kevin will enjoy it. Besides we aren't a big racing fans at all. hmm. and then we have a Thanksgiving party at Lucy Kent's house. Turkey!!

I need to pay a visit over to my mom's soon, talk about lots of stuff. I know she and my dad bought a laptop which she hasn't even opened yet so I need to help them with that too. We are getting the light fiber one too on Dec 1st, NTT people keep calling me about like IP phone and necessary things that I need to provide and I am kinda clueless. Oh well, I will just think about it once they are all installed and when I am ready to use NTT B-flets.

Kev made taco rice today :) which was yummy. I made Minestrone last night. we are eating a bit healthier at least that we are not eating too many already prepared food for the last couple of days. and we had Umeshu. Plum sake... is the next best thing to all of those western sweet coctails :)Now I am going to play around with Mana card, which is supposed to be the sacred Hawaii card, which is kind of like tarot, I suppose. Need to find myself something that I am able to do when and if I do move there. I am too excited about Bali though. Way cool.

This is from Nikki, my sister in law.

Subject: A Thanksgiving Poem

Twas the night of Thanksgiving,
But I couldn't sleep.
I tried counting backwards,
I tried counting sheep.
The leftovers beckoned
The dark meat and white,
But I fought the temptation
With all of my might.
Tossing and turning
With anticipation
The thought of a snack
Became infatuation.
So, I raced to the kitchen
Flung open the door
And gazed at the fridge
Full of goodies galore.
I gobbled up turkey
And buttered potatoes,
Pickles and carrots,
Beans and tomatoes.
I felt myself swelling
So plump and so round.
'Til all of a sudden
I rose off the ground.
I crashed through the ceiling
Floating into the sky
With a mouthful of pudding
And a handful of pie.
But, I managed to yell
As I soared past the trees...
Happy eating to all---
Pass the cranberries please!
May your stuffing be tasty.
May your turkey be plump.
May your potatoes 'n gravy
Have nary a lump,
May your yams be delicious,
May your pies take the prize.
May your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Junior Senior and Namie Amuro is next week's interview.. Got too much to do and too much to think about ...boooooo

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

_This was what was originally reported.

Hayao Miyazaki collaborates on concept of "Teriha" a man-made island in Hakata Bay.
Koutarou Yamazaki, mayor of Fukuoka, announced that a 400 hectare (1.5 square miles / 988 acres) man-made island called Teriha is being constructed in Hakata Bay near the city. Eighteen of the 400 hectares will be a residential area that is being based on a sketch by Hayao Miyazaki. There will be approximately 1500 houses in the residential area.

As would be expected of any project involving Hayao Miyazaki, a large theme of the island will be the environment. The houses will receive their electricity from solar panels and wind mills. A forested area called "Tinziyu's forest" will contain many insects and small animals for children to interact with. In an effort to minimize the number of cars operating on the island, there will be public transportation provided by buses that operate at 15 kilometers / hour (9.5 mph).

Teriha's official website can be found at Teriha.jp and includes a brief, flash animated conceptual tour of the island

_Now this whole project is gone. Miyazaki says " I can't be responsible for all this" and the mayor says " I do not want to have anything to do with any images or characters of Miyazaki work whatsoever anymore" with more angst. I remember my dad was going through tremendous headache when he was working on Miyazaki museum in Mitaka-city. which led to Mayor having a stroke, one of the sub-mayor also had a stroke, My dad survived but I can't imagine how much of a hardball my dad played against them for what they insisted and found a middle ground. hooray to my daddy.
What about an american? *whew* Americans don't need visa either to go to Indonesia if you have remaining certain days on your passport.
Had a journalist named Satoshi Tomisaka who has been doing a lot of research regarding school sexual harrassment. When it is shortened as School "Sekuhara", this sounds like a light topic, so this term the media has created is pretty lame in my opinion. One in 3 days, mostly the male teachers doing nasty dirty stuff to girl students(somtimes to pretty boys too) apparently occur according to some surver. Teacher filming them on video, touching their breasts, forcing them to sit on their lap. Some of the stuff that is happening is unreal. Teachers have way too much authority in Japan, and students can only obey them, and unless this structure remains the same, this keeps happening. There aren't counselors for kids in school and often kids are too afraid to say it. That's just awful stuff.

I remember when in Junior high, our new male teacher kept staring at our triangle area and overly touched us a lot when we had those sports outfit with extreme short tight pants, it was not comfortable so what we did was this. Everytime he showed up for his class, we put a porn picture of a big boobs lady on front of his desk, or put a pad using the red ink pen all over it making it look real, and see his reaction and laugh at him. He eventually stopped teaching us. Only if I had a courage to do some shit like this when I was having a problem with this canadian co-worker when I was younger, Darn.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Phone transcript: Peterson tells mistress of missing wife

On Jan. 6, 2003, Scott Peterson phoned his mistress, Amber Frey, to inform her of his wife's disappearance. What he did not know was that Frey was cooperating with authorities and Modesto police were recording their conversation. Below is a transcript of their call. Note: The transcript was reproduced by hand and may contain a few minor differences from the original.
Today was a holiday and I didn't realize it til a while ago, being that today is sunday tomorrow is a holiday but I am working as usual.
Yumi left around 1pm while I was still asleep and says she was having this bad headache and sick feeling and chills and this is her 3rd time this time feeling like this so that she intends to go to the hospital, and yes I agree that she should ..poor yumi :(

Went to the travel agent to semi-confirm our travel plan, and we sure hope we will get The Legian
Went to Wu-lai ..that was real hisashiburi, and came home and watched the DVD of Sex and the City5th season. We watched all the episiodes tonight (there weren't many for 5th season anyway, ) and I am happy :)

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Yumi's recommended cottage in the little island in Indonesia

Yumi's recommended travel link

Yumi is "Mandarin" girl. Saya mau purgi ku Indonesia :)
Ukulele's Tamura sensei . One day very soon we are going to set up a little retreat in Hawaii, and become healers :) Kana-sensei, Yumi, Ando-san, Kev and I got together and had nabe, Yummy :) We did some research about aroma-genera. aroma personality. It really seems like it's about time that i need to change my direction in life, so I should seriolusly start considering into more "compassinate" career, instead of constantly dealing with bullshit and stupid games that people play in order to surivive in the industry that's so full of mindgames.

Yumi is staying over tonight, so I will let her write something up in English for my blog as a guest :)

Saturday, November 22, 2003

This blogger ad thing is too much lol. I keep saying how tired I am, and now it gives me the link on their ad about how to beat the tiredness. I get emails about tranqulizers on the "Contact me" email address. Like I am so pathetic!
My mom has been bit sick. She said she has been going to the neuro sergery because she had this really bad dizzy spell while she was doing the laundry that she couldn't get up. That was the day after we met in Tachikawa to buy that laptop. She thinks and worrys too much. Dr said that there are vessels in her brain that are way too thin, which appear white on MRI picture. She said she is getting further tests done soon, but I hope she will be okay. I guess she must be exhausted now that my dad has retired spending way too much time together now and especially because he had been sick for so long and she worry herself to death. She is all confused about the laptop too, which she shouldn't have to.. just praying that she will get her genki back soon... :(
Went to the meeting at Kodansha publishing in Gokokuji, and the taxi got lost to get to the ki master's house. I was told that he is going to do me a wonder, but honestly I couldn't tell that much, as I got tension headache soon after I was done with the 5 -10 minute treatment. He told me how he is going to travel to US for Ki seminar or work or something, for 2 weeks from next week, and that he goes all over the place all the time. and that he cures celebrity, I don't know. I kind of felt ripped off as I look for more of a soul to soul kind of thing in healing.

Anyway.. I went to the studio and I was kind of confused as to what to do. as friday is a completely different format. Unjash, the comedian guys came early too so I used all the "ki" that I had, Comedians tend to be completely different when they are not on stage performing or when they are not being a "comedian". Because they devote all their time trying to figure out what to say, how to make people laugh and usually they are really serious and quiet, exhausted, sometime even depressed. Unjash was sort of like that typical type. They suddently become funny when they start talking. High's and low's.

I think I handled this new format friday pinchhitting okay though, but I was so exhausted by the time the show was over, had bad tension headache. I still do. Patrick got engaged on wednesday so it was all about his engagement thing, he is "ichio" comedian too so he was saying how his agency gave him a lecture about his marriage. like his agency was telling him who the hell does he think is getting married during the time which this could be the peak of his career. It's tough to stay in business. in any field. People come and go, and especially in comedy field, it seems to be tough. I bought a bunch of magazines on the way home. Just my daily routine. My week is kind of over except that I still have to write JJ article about Hilary Duff, I am just too tired.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Same sex marriage. Things are never fair. It's almost 4am and I need to get some sleep before I get too deep into my thoughts about this and lose sleep over this.

a 20-ish man died today trying to cross the railroad crossing that is closed for most of the time of the day. He went underneath it, and somehow he got hit by the train. Sad.
I told the movie director about the story of my dad finding Shinichi's mother, he says he always has a feeling when filming documentary that he is invading somebody's privacy, he chose the girl based on the fact that she really wanted to find her parents, He,too felt attached and wondered whether what he did was right or wrong, but in the end, the fact is that he helped find someone whom she wanted him to find. so that makes everything okay. Or that he has to keep thinking that way unless he can't keep making documentary films. Mr.Ikeya was a very good man.

all day work once again. Gosh I am so worn out. My face is breaking out. but tomorrow I will have a great "ki" master story. That's if he turns out to be real.

_Taxi drivers
I had long conversations with two taxi drivers. one on the way to get to work,he was 70 and have been driving kojin taxi since before I was born. Now he wants to take it easy and not drive on rainy days. but his wife makes him go because she is worried about medical bills. He gave her a million yen hoping she will enjoy it to go traveling with him, to which she said no we are saving this for when we get sick. His daughter cares about him a lot, he says, and that he can't trust his son too much because sons aren't capable of caring. but his daughter was like "but if you get sick, give me some of your retirement money, daddy?" so he was like "I have worked all my life only to find out this? This is sad "and giggling. Another one was just talking about labor laws and increased population and suicide. It was on the way home. He kept on talking and I got tired so I wasn't paying much attention and just saying yeah yeah. Everyone needs someone to vent to. I wouldn't mind. It's just that I can't be responsible for their lives.

_the person who played ugly games.
I just found out the biggest lie. This man called it politics, I call it stupidity, I am anti-stupidity, thus I will never trust this man again. Not that I ever did before, and how do I know who is telling the truth anyway? This industry is just too evil. but anyway I should not let anger take over me and always learn to have Dalai Lama spirit, Yes I am very liberal. I am glad I got to see Dalai Lama. I am reading his book right now.

_what's on my mind.
Gotta finish Hilary Duff article for JJ fashion magazine this week. Argh too much to do. I should use the short time off to go somewhere and treat ourselves to something gooooood. Bali sounds good to me now. As Milano or Europe in general is bit too far away and not enough time to see anything.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Microsoft fires someone because of "blog"
What's the world coming to?!
I just finished watching the sample video of a documentary film below which has won manyawards including this. Courage to live. Reasons to live. Power to the people. Power of the people. Human being's strength. Absolutely blown away.
I am excited to meet the director tomorrow for the show and actually get to interview him about how he traced her parents.

Shortly after I married Kevin, My dad started searching for a mother of Shinichi Swedberg, who is "hapa". between a Japanese mother and american father(with german heritage) in the military. He is a friend of Kevin's dad who passed away less than a month after our wedding because of cancer. and I adored his dad and still do to this day.

My dad met Shinichi at our wedding in Hawaii, on the last day at the airport, Shinichi gave him and my mom a ride to the airport, we had lunch together, my parents started to ask him questions about his family, and he started talking about how he is in search of his birth mother, even though he loves the parents who raised him, he still wanted to see his mother who gave birth to him. He originally asked me if I could somehow do a show on radio and help find his mother. but I knew right then and there that my dad for sure could probably help him find his mother.

My dad is one hell of a sympathic guy. He speaks so few words but he is always trying to help solve some kind of problems. He is a really really stubborn guy, too so once he sets his mind on something, once he decides he will do something, he never gives up. I must have gotten than from him.

Anyway, he started from scratch. only relying on this one piece of paper Shinichi faxed him of his mother's birth certificate. The only thing we knew to start off with, was that she was born somewhere in Tama district, and that Shinichi was born in Tachikawa-city.

My dad called around every hospitals in that area and found the name of the hospital and traced back the doctor who was there when he gave birth, but there was no record of where she went off to live after that. So he made Tachikawa city office people go into tons of boxes of address registered forms to trace back the paper with Shinichi's name and his mother's name. Took a while until they found this one piece of paper. As you usually are not allowed to do such thing, unless the authority tells you to do so. They tell you all the old records are gone, but they actually keep them, sealed in a box.

They found it, that was a miracle. and my dad goes to find her house in Hino-city. Her house was empty. He was walking around that area by himself in his suit, that's like a detective job, but anyway, this one skeptical housewife lady asked him what he was doing walking around that house. So my dad pulled out his business card and explained that he was in search of his friend's mother. This lady told him that she didn't live here any more because she had a stroke, but that she is prolly somewhere in the hospital.

Now he finds the hospital. She passed away. It was like 2 years late, and He would have been able to see his mother alive, but that it was too late. but Shinichi came to Japan to meet the relatives, he was able to see his mother's sister who was also old, sick in the hospital hoping that she will tell him about his mother.

I remember going there with him, translating the stuff his mother's sister said, a family member whom he saw for the first time in his life. I remember that he was excited but sad at the same time. Actually he was sad for a long time. He is a war victim even though the details that we found out later on, leads us to believe that his dad had a different reason to leave Japan back to America bringing Shinichi and his sister. Back then when there was no data about his mother, he was led to believe that his mother had a certain illness that american goverment just didn't allow to enter to US to live. and I remember that I was left with same kind of feeling like this movie left me, which I just saw.

I believe that this documentary movie director, was not sure for a while when he saw them suffer with all of those traumatic events, with a doubt if they did a right thing. My dad was the same way. If he did something which made things for the better, or not. but I would like to believe that it was all good. I am not sure if things are better or worse now for Shinichi or this woman in this film, but all I know is that these are one heck of a devoted, courageous people that I admire and respect.

Enough about the movie and my own story of a movie. I had an interview with Do As Infinity which went okay. Long meeting, figured out about Breath interview questions.. and then went to the station and did a show. I was so exhausted that my head was spinning while I was on air. I need to rest.

Enan no musume What an amazing documentary film. I am honored to meet the director tomorrow.

Daughter from Yan`an / Enan no musume
Kaoru Ikeya / Japan / 2001 / 120 min.

In 1966, Mao Tse-Tung launched the Cultural Revolution in China. Over 16 million teenage students became his loyal vanguard of Revolution, the Red Guards. He sends them to the countryside to be reeducated by farmer peasants for 10 years. During this time, their lives were under total surveillance and control. Sexual relations were outlawed. Love was considered a decadent characteristic of feudalism and the bourgeoisie. He Haixa is the child of an illicit union. Her parents abandon her at birth to protect themselves from punishment. Twenty-seven years later, with the help of Huang Yuling, another youth who had been A°gsent down,A°h she sets out to find her biological parents. Her search brings many of the Red Guard generation to confront the pain of their past. This very personal journey becomes an intimate history of the Cultural Revolution and its tragic legacy.

Producer: Satoshi Kitagawa, Toshio Nakanishi & Kwon YangJa
Screenplay: K. Ikeya
Camera: M. Fukui
Editing: M. Yoshioka
Sound: M. Suzuki
Music: San-Bao
Berlinale, 2002, Flanders International Film Festival, 2002, Hawaii International Film Festival, 2002
Best Documentary Film - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Best Documentary Film - The Pennsylvania Film Festival, The Silver Hugo-Special Jury Prize - 38th Chicago International Film Festival
Ikeya Kaoru ( Japan)
After studying philosophy and fine art at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Ikeya started his career as a director of TV documentaries. He has consistently focused on China, especially after 1989, when the Tien`anmen Square incident occurred.
China Town in NY: Upsurge of illegal immigrants (1991), Head of the west for Golden Dreams (1993), Yan`an: Yellow soil and the new reality (1994)
Production Company:
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
2-2-1, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8001, Japan
tel.: 0081 3 5455-5873
fax: 0081 3 3481 1453
email: yoshizawa.a-fs@nhk.or.jp

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

My Identity. Some people feel comfortable using chanpon, I am usually just either one. I do not like coming to the office saying Hey What's up? to a group of people who are Japanese, and I do not feel like mixing something using nihongo when I speak to americans (oops i just did) . There is definately a moment when I do not know what to say certain words or things in both ways. If I ever have a kid, I will raise her/him chanpon, but I am not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. Guess I will just keep checking back this thing. fun site.
In search of certain devices.

There is no place like Akihabara anywhere else in the world in my opinion. Definately an "electric town". We first went to rajio kaikan, where they had a bunch of shops selling hidden microphones/camera and all of those devices. There were obvious yakuza's walking around trying to negotiate something. I heard this one guy who did not have his pinky finger, go like "oh yeah that's the shit to tape girls peeing". They are probably running brothels or kyabakura of some sort, and buying big chunks of those devices( such as camera making sure that the customer is not fxxking the chicks they hire at the shop, and all that) . Tsukasa-denki, they were like "we don't mind doing the interview but there's this territory problem". All the shop people kept sending us over to a different shop because they didn't want to be interviewed. After almost 3 hrs walking we were like exhausted. No one cooperating. Keiyo shop seemed like a good shop to interview but the owner was like we were interviewed by TV people and the way they handled it, we did not like it at all as they twisted the truth. (yes typical media stuff). so they didn't want to do for us any more .. I was like standing there all zonked out like a zombie as I had nothing to eat and just kept walking and walking. Finally the original shop's old woman, she said she could do it. Tsukasa-denki's other staff which we wanted to ask questions originally, was dealing and negotiating with yakuza guys and couldn't get out of it. Man the things they have!! Starting from like 6000 yen, they had a device to put under the table or wherever to steal your conversation. They had a pen, umbrella, computer mouse, electronic plug, calculator, all kinds of things that had the device built in it so your clients or person you want to steal the conversation from, will not notice it. There is a separate gadget that you have to buy so you can hear better. 6000 yen is usable only with FM radio and only reaches 10meters and the sound is crappy. If you pay up to like 3-40000 yen, you can get much better quality ones.

You often wonder if you have been heard by other people. or if your private conversation has not been stolen by strangers. Chances are ..yes, maybe. There is no way to really detect it so .. be careful of all I got to say. We live in the world where we really do not have such a thing called privacy. There are some who listen to like cell phone conversation with a thing that almost look like transceiver, but isn't it really sad when they don't even "tune in" to you and stay on your conversation because you are so hella boring? Apparently 89.0 is the frequency to use to listen to the private conversation if you are using the device using the FM Radio as a listening tool. but only within 10 meters where you have your tip set up so chances are that even if you do tune in to 89.0 right now, you won't hear a thing.

On the show. we did a story on Jessica Lynch, Finally over. I don't want to think about it any more.

Tomorrow is Do As Infinity interview plus the long meeting about Breath and Boa and the soundtrack to Finding Nimo. Argh looong day. I need a haircut and the spa treatment at aveda . mmm.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I did not realize that M.C had an abortion?
Raw sushi, yeah take it super raw
Overwhelmed with stuff to do this week.. for next tuesday show, I have to do a report about what kind of bizzare thing you can get in Akihabara the electric town such as hidden microphone or some kind of tools to secretly record/hear people's conversation. So me and my staff have to go to akihabara tomorrow to actually buy it and interview the shop people, and to actually try it on someone to see how it really works. This whole thing was in news as the loan company Takefuji ..people found out that they were actually stealing a conversation of a journalist who was speaking bad about the company.

Once I got to work today, I was handed lots of stuff. two invitation for the movie, Michel Vaillant(world premire at Tokyo Kokusai Movie Festival) and this documentary film that is about to open soon about china, but I have to watch the movie to know the details of what it is about as I am interviewing the director this thursday.. I was also handed a comedy DVD, a tape, and ... just lots o' stuff. all for work. Just gotta push myself out there and keep on going, I guess...

Monday, November 17, 2003

Read these people's confession.. Raunchy! Grrr.
Tickler for the depressed . I want it. Lemme test this shiz out. Would I be able to smile and giggle like this girl in the picture?
Stayed up til like 7am compiling the information about Jessica Lynch news from like Time magazine and some other online news. and we left for Design Festa. I got dizzy as hell when I got to Big Site as I hardly got no sleep, we walked around but hardly shopped this time. I just did not have energy at all because I felt like I could like pass out any minute walking around. I finally started to feel better around 3pm and actually got our portraits done, got colortherapy done with a guy who runs a colortherapy place in Nagoya. Man that was so accurate. Mine and Kev's too. I am really into that stuff, therapy stuff for long as I remember. so I wanted to try out like all of them available there, like art therapy, ( we did dream therapy using the drawing based on your dream like at last year's Design Festa). or aroma oil hand massage and stuff like that. Everyone there has so much energy, and so creative. I would really like to participate ..next Design Festa is May 8 and 9 in 2004, hmm doushiyou...

Kev and I went to this german restarant where they actually serve german food like they do in Germany, for dinner. It was good. I picked up two matches from the restaurant but I can't find it anywhere, right our place is a mess :(

Another week is about to begin.. argh yikes. *shrugs*

Saturday, November 15, 2003

jumped out of bed with calls from my dad. He called my cell twice and then home saying "ooooiii!" so I was like, holy shit, is my mom in the hospital or is this some kind of emergency as he hardly ever calls like that. So I called him back right away. relieved to know that they just wanted to buy a new computer and being that they are puter illiterate, they didn't know what to buy, so that they wanted me to come out there, Whew.

Being that I have to be on the show everyday next week, I will be interviewing the comedian called Unjash. and another movie director guy(mostly documentary) Kaoru Ikeya . hmm I guess I will have to rent owarai DVD.

One of my bestfriend, Yuki got pregnant. She has wanted to get pregnant for quite some time, so best of luck. Tomorrow I will be going to design festa, I thought about going to check it out today but it is raining like hella and besides now I have to go rescue my mom and dad to buy a laptop. so I gotta dash.

Friday, November 14, 2003

David Foster music made me cry today. It's just too 80's. All my bright youth's memory comes back to me. How would I go back to that? What exactly happened to me that my life took on a complete different path than everyone else in my school?

Today I have been putting a hyperlink to stuff that caught my eye when i was just searching for stuff from recently updated blogs on blogger site, I bet all the beginners like myself do the same. Go check out someone else's blogs to see what theirs look like, what they got to say, and such. but I did not want to write about personal stuff ..I think it will be better if I should just give up on getting an interview booked with someone related or knows of Jessica Lynch. Even the local paper doesn't reply back to me, I bet all of them are prolly blocking or not arranging any foreign media at this point as they are busy just booking their domestic ones. *sigh*
Quiz about yourself Always fun. to label yourself hehe.
somebody's blog about awful plastic surgery Thought this was quite amusing. Somebody's blog all devoted to awful plastic surgery. I have been in the industry for over a decade now, and plastic surgery is .. to my knowledge, yes, very common. I think that I would like to get rid of my mole,too if I have an opportunity. They are fully exposed to public all the time. If that makes them feel better, why not? That's their option.
People around the world discuss Matrix Revolutions hmm need to go see it for the sake of it. and have dinner with movie writer Chang Kato and her bf and actually discuss about it :)
I find this fxxking incrediable that Blogger took this seriously. People who created Blogger are awesome in a way that they made this so friendly for users, even to the point of seriously answering this "what to do if your mom finds out about your blog concern. Blogger got answer It's funny because one of the thing pointed on the list here, to go mutl-lingal and to share your true self from your mom in foreign language is exactly what I did. All my journals are in English even though I am 100% nihonjin. From the time when I was 13.
Japan delays sending troops to Iraq ...like Japanese people haven't seen enough suffer during Hiroshima and Nagasaki?? It says that Iraq is a dangerous country but that we all need to go and open our eyes. Wasn't it protected that Japan will no longer participate in war after WWII? History is so easily changed, that's why I never liked history in school. Just my humble opinion but hey, what do I know about the world.
What do you do if your mom finds out about your blog?. Oh man. My mom would probably freak out too if she reads what I am writing here, then again she can't speak that much English anyway so it will be a good English practice for her and actually she might find some kind of use with my blog :)

The dinner was yummy. Kana sensei took all of us out to eat, Anyway I am going to research about herbs and oils and their personality traits (its connection with human personality,not the oil's. ) for her. Myrrh and Benzoin are the ones that she is missing, but they both seem to be the desperate, evil-haunted ones that maybe the author of the original book, Fragrant Mind did not even know what to say about them. Who knows. Kev picked his on his own, he was a peppermint guy. Pretty accurate, what I picked of him was petit grain. and I thought that was kinda him, but Peppermint personality trait sounds more like him. Peppermint guy and Bergamot girl. How opposite.

Have to fill in for thursday and friday too so I will be on air mon-fri next week. ack. Then it will be really good to see Kana sensei for a get-together next saturday when I will be completely worn out and lethargic.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Blogging is great, because I try to think of positive things to say at the end of the day. Keeping the journal isn't all that diffucult for me, as I have kept a diary from the age of 13 non-stop. I stopped here and there but somehow managed to keep it going. If I go to my parent's house, there are still notebooks of my journal from junior high school. My handwriting was much different back then, but now if you want to keep a journal, you keep it on your computer, so your "handwriting" really doesn't matter, that's not fun.

Ka-na sensei called me on my cell phone saying she wants to get together for dinner tomorrow with me, Kevin and Yumiko. So I was like sure! Jumped on it, realized that I had an invitation to go see The Last Samurai, but what a hell. I can go see it after its released. If I want to.

On the show we talked about the mummies and artifacts from Egypt. That's kind of old news to me to report as in my head that's all done, and now all I can think of is to get a hold of someone related, or who has interviewed Jessica Lynch. As for those artifacts, whether that should belong to its original country, in my humble opinion, I see it as like it's kind of like how we Japanese think of how the ashes of a human being should be kept. People die, and in Japan, we bury the ashes in one little jar, underneath the tomb, unless the person you are dealing with is like imperial person or shogun or something. and we think the ashes do still belong to them, so that it should be not be kept apart or thrown into the ocean unless it was their wish before they passed away, also we apparently believe that they should remain to the place where they were blessed with life, their birthplace, birthcountry. I would think mummies of a king would probably wish to stay in Egypt. but hey, what do I know. I used to think, like back in junior high school or in high school that I wanted my ashes to be just thrown into the sea between Japan and LA ..like somewhere around Hawaii, so I could float around in my two favorite countries forever. but now I am not sure any more. I think I like where I am too much now.

Been listening to Do As Infinity's new album over and over for the interview with them next week, I like them. Actually I like them a LOT. I sing their songs at karaoke quite a bit which drives Kevin crazy. but there is this one song on the album that the harmony is just not right. It bugs me because I can just imagine how the recording went, and the director just could not figure out the right melody to match the music underneath it, because recording takes a long time, and that people cannot get the tuning right. but it never happens with major label artists in US or UK. I have listened to a messed-up melody or harmony with independent bands in the past, but the fact is that it still happens with the major band quite a bit in Japan. I like J-pop but when I listen to a stuff like this, it makes me cringe, but basically except for that particular song, the rest are good. I like Van-chan's voice, Besides we share the same birthday :)

Got a lot to do... no hyperlink today. boo boo.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Which Greek God are you?
I have hard time getting out of bed these days, I dread waking up only to worry and wonder about ...whatever. I have a dream about things that's troubling me, and in my waking hours, I am the same. and my brain gets overheated and tired, gosh I sound so pathetic. Oh well.

Anyway, we had a guest who was working as a uguisu-jou during this election. 12 days all locked up in the hotel with 3 other ladies. Man, gotta be a tough job working from 8am til 8pm they only get 15000 yen til your throat breeds from screaming your guts out calling out for people. But for some reason, they LOVE the job. I had a friend who was a uguisujo, well not really a friend because I chose not to be her friend any more for various reasons but enough of that. I found this site where they audition uguisujo or "high class" uguisujo lol. They must be very talented with their speech to get people's attention.

I am still in search of Jessica Lynch. Reading this site, America is way too hyped up about all this. No wonder I can't get any response back from anyone at all. I am trying to get a hold of the staff writer at Herald Dispatch in West Virginia where she is from. Apparently this writer has met her father, so it is better than just a journalist who is just chasing the story. This is going to be a toughie finding someone...

On thursday, there is a premiere screening of The Last Samurai.Quite honestly, I do not expect this movie to be all that great, but hey, what do I know.

Weather has been reeeeally crappy these days. Is this why I feel like the whole universe is against me?

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

My friend Jenny from Wisconsin sent me this..

This is the poem:
Around the corner I have a friend,
In this great city that has no end,
Yet the days go by and weeks rush on,
And before I know it, a year is gone.
And I never see my old friends face,
For life is a swift and terrible race,
He knows I like him just as well,
As in the days when I rang his bell.
And he rang mine but we were younger then,
And now we are busy, tired men.
Tired of playing a foolish game,
Tired of trying to make a name.
"Tomorrow" I say! "I will call on Jim
Just to show that I'm thinking of him."
But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,
And distance between us grows and grows.
Around the corner, yet miles away,
"Here's a telegram sir," "Jim died today."
And that's what we get and deserve in the end.
Around the corner, a vanished friend.
Remember to always say what you mean.
If you love someone, tell them.
Don't be afraid to express yourself. Reach
out and tell someone what they mean
to you. Because when you decide that it is
the right time it might be too late.
Seize the day. Never have regrets.
And most importantly,
stay close to your friends and family,
for they have helped make you the person
that you are today.

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Running across the fields, swinging a vorpal blade, cometh Sachiko Uchida! And she gives a cruel roar:

"I'm seriously going to punch you beyond the end of time!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys


Tymes 4 interview was fine. They are really like..oridanry brit girls, who were all excited about going to see Ja Rule's concert in Japan and went backstage and they all apparently went to dinner, clubbing, and he also took all the girls out to see Matrix Revolutions at Aqua City in Odaiba. Man, he's a damn player!

Had a long meeting as usual but I was feeling like a zombie all throughout the meeting. Way too tired. We had Democratic party's Hatoyama on phone as a guest today, who spoke about the battle that took yesterday.
Now I am told to find and interview Jessica Lynch or somebody who knows her or related to her. Related story. or or CNN reporting news about how she was "raped" according to the book. . Man, it's like triple whammy by this week booking interviews, translating the interviews and all that on top of being on the show. Exhausted..

Too tired to post anything. I have to listen to Do As Infinity's new album that is on a casette tape and figure out an interview for next week, plus I need to figure out the ideas for Fantastic Plastic Machine...

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Former employee of Intel club. This is an old news but some people who don't have a nerve to actually see someone in their faces to say something, spend way too much online to do something as this.I suppose some people never realize that they will never get anything back in return by doing stuff like that, and actually more than likely that one day, the same exact thing will be done to them by havig this attitude. It's a karma thing. whether you believe it or not. In Japan, you have 2channel website to bash pretty much anything (I am sure there are other ones that are just as bad or worse). but seems like all the forums in US are so out of control. I hate false informations floating around and all of that, and I have this thing that when I see something that doesn't do justice, that I must react right away. but actually when you feel that much anger, you just have to do thisanger management, I respect Dalai Lama for that, for never give up to give compassion to the others or enemies. ...sorry just rambling on from top of my head..

This isn't a really great blog. I don't have much information to give, or mine does not look all that bright. This is not about giving you my striking thoughts or anything (the name just popped out because I just turned around to look at the bookshelf when I was launching on this blog, and saw Bruce Lee Book and got a name from that book. ) so I am actually thinking about changing it to something more generic, so people do not have to expect as much out of this. then again who does? This is a very ego-istic, self-centered just blah blah blah of whatever that comes out of me. and I wish I could do something more creative with this blog. but I am so tired of being all chu-to hanpa. Gotta make something out of life...

Anyhow... enough pessimisim. it's suddenly cold today and raining. Yep, Election day. I went to vote with my dad, Kev, and brought my bro's two kids with us. They are really hyper kids. (there is one more, all boys). and one of them was trying to take a peek at who people were voting, so I had to run and get him away from that person. All next week the news show will be about aftermath of Election. The election was held at the elementary school that my bro and I went to. Man it seemed so small. The gym looked really small too.. gosh I am getting old...

Kev is too busy watching this "next Michael Jordan" Lebron James. He is 18 yr old and said to be very promising or something, but hey, what do I know. so here is the real article about him on espn.

I am like sooo not interested in sports, it's really pathetic but it's true. When people are talking about baseball games or F1 and all that, I just can't carry on the conversation. For a while I thought chicks who knows sports probably get along with guys better, I once thought about trying, but It just didn't work.. I can't get excited over the sports game. I used to be an athelete up til 6th grader, even though nobody believe me when I say it. I used to kick up and was able to flip and jump and I ran in local race, and I made my team win because I ran like a wild horse and beat two runners. It was amazing. I even had my toenail messed up but my brother helped me wrap it up with some bandage, I put the runner's shoes on. That's probably still the best thing or the next best thing he ever did for me. The best thing was when he gave me a box of monster shaped erasers that he so treasured for my 5th birthday. Because he treasured them so much, I used to bother him about those erasers how much I wanted them. and he was like " I ain't giving these to you ever!". But I did not want them at all. I was just joking with him, but he took it seriously and thought that I really wanted them. so on my birthday, he was like so proud saying he's got something that he knows for sure will surprice me. It was wrappped up with white paper he uses at school. and I opened them and it was those erasers he treasured so much. I started crying. and my parents thought that I was so happy and that was why I was crying.

Mandarake ..evil place.. Kev bought two figures of Battle Royale.. and I pigged out and got drunk at
T.G.I Fridays
Watched Storytelling
been reading Fragrant Mind Yeah I am a bergamot girl. Well, just rambling because I need to let Kev use the puter now that the NBA game is over, argh... Men... :(

Saturday, November 08, 2003

4:30am and hungry. TGI fridays, Govinda's vegetable kitchen, Las Chicas, Roy's, Crayon house, Kiyo's kitchen, Outback... grr anything sounds right about now. ...
Had a rather strange day.

went to bed at like 6 in the morning and I was having this weird dream, that I was interviewing Glay, but I was with many different show's staff all mixed together, and no matter how many times I tried, I can't get them to talk seriously. (they aren't like that in real life) and I keep stuttering with my question. Many people said various things to me about what I have been concerned about about myself, what I didn't like about myself, what I was worried about myself. and I woke up at 9am when the door bell rang.

Watch out for the fake tax-office people!! I have been having this really gross feeling all day. This guy came knocking on our door, and kev, being that he had slept more, answered the door and he was like, this guy wants 4000 yen right now for tax or something and i don't understand what he is saying" so I got out of bed, and then he was like, " so this place is used as an office so I need you to pay 4000 yen for tax. " He had this Big Camera shopping bag with like newspaper and trashpapers in it, and he didn't have any documents with him. He was rather aggressive trying to ask me questions about what I do and such, so at one point, I got really suspicious and said, " hey do you have a.. ID or something?" and he took out this cheapie looking shit which was not even a business card or anything and I just got this feeling that this wording or what it said on that card about him being this tax office investigator, and the font, and his picture and everything did not look right. and I was like, "ok, i see..." and he was like "okay well then our office will be sending you documents accordingly to what you told me!" and ran off. That was WEIRD.

so I called my mom. (seems like this is my crying for help method still to this day) She at first thought that this might be for real. and then like around 4-ish, my mom called. saying that this "probably" the same guy called her asking for my name. saying that he was from tax office. so my mom said she is at work and he apparently said, then I will call at where she should be at then". My phone kept ringing but I didn't answer (i was on the phone with mom by then) but that could have been him. We both got all suspicious and so I called the "real "Tax office and city office and such. After 2 hrs of investigation, there was no such person whom they sent to me this morning, there is no fee that I owe them, what this man had for ID wasn't real from what they described me, there is absolutely no way that the tax people go to your house or office without any notice, and to get cash out of you. but apparently these con artists are increasing so much nowadays, and they have had hundreds of case like this already in these few years. Recession, but this got me all pissed off, I could choke his neck and kick the hell out of him if I ever see his damn face ever again.
There are much worse cases and the public relations person filled me on details of the patterns in the past, and he was very helpful. I even asked him if there is anyway to catch them or to arrest them. and he said unfortunately there is no authority at the tax office to put charges against these people and only that we could call the police if our money got stolen by these people(most likely by that time it is too late to catch him). argh!
He told me that one newspaper wrote the article about it a while ago, and that they have a little warning section on their local paper or website.
fake tax investigator ah very irritating. at least I asked him for ID..
I asked him why they would do this besides stealing money, and he said that it really depends, but some people do it for information purpose, to find out about your family structure or your occupation or work pattern and provide that information to some agency that make the list and get compensated for it or something. I cannot let fear take over me.. this isn't so fair..

Well, Sunday is the election . We are going over to my rents' and my bro's family is supposed to come so we are all gong to get together for kouba-kani early dinner.

Finally finished translating the interview with Dr.Hawas. I don't know too much about archaeology so it was hard to match the nihongo and whatever the name he said right...I am so sore all over now..

I gotta prepare for Tymes4 's interview which is scheduled on Monday. This ofifcial website is in german, and yet Japanese label's biography says they are brits. hmm well ...never mind the small details when it comes to these things lol. It's all entertainment...

Speaking of entertainment, this is kinda fun.
What movie do you belong in?
I got like Lion King as a best bet to get my role in, but hey that's not even a "role" it's doing the voice acting *weep*. I got some other ones but all sappy movies or family-oriented movies except for Fight Club. I think I can play somebody who goes to one of those group counseling thing. Definately not in the actual fight club to get beat up...

I read on this week's Newsweek that Star Wars will now be made into animation. I wonder if this was the anime industry's top secret that had to be kept..? Honestly I am getting sick of that whole american otaku phenomenon. American otaku's were fun for a while because they weren't like Japanese "otaku's" but they are starting to get the similar mind-set like what they are here. I wish they stay "happy energetic fun friendly" otakus like they used to be. but seems like the scene is changing. oh well.

Friday, November 07, 2003

I had lunch at Les Cristallines in Minami-Aoyama with Natsuki, whom I went to high school and college with. She spent years in France(also in Belgium) studying pipe organ after she graduated from the college that we both went to. She was telling me that she has this dilemma about not being able to kiss ass to the people with power only to get ahead with her career, which she explained that kissing ass is translated to "licking ass" in french. Yikes! She is a really good pipe organ artist, and I think she could hook up with Japan Arts easy. as she is friends with Matsui-san from there, but she is weird like that, She flips out about her picture being used to get people to come see her perfom on the flier, and instead she wants her hand's picture to be on the flier .. that kinda thing. She showed me pictures of her wedding which we were invited to and were going to go until my schedule got all messed up, it looked like they were having fun. even though she says it was more pain than what it seems, and she would have been happy just to be married on paper. and that wedding was too much for her to handle lol. My Hawaii wedding was crazy busy but knowing that people who attended had fun was worth all my headache :) I like entertaining people as much as humanly possible. That's just me.

and we just kept talking forever non-stop like usual. good 5 hrs straight, and then we spent good 30 minutes at Omotesando station still talking when we were about to say bye. I don't know what it is. We just talk a lot when we meet. Les Cristallines was a good little cozy french restaurant, only with 1500 yen you get a full lunch course deal. I cannot imagine Kevin sitting there eating me ever though lol.

Kev and I went to get a different cable for DSL where we got so tempted to almost buy the new Mac with Mac OS X. Bam, now DSL is back in gear and working. ahhh thank you thank you..

Last night I was talking to Toshimori, who works for the care center for the disabled in Milano using music therapy, she works at this one center and another one as well. Insurance covers for music therapy in Milano. That's really cool. Her husband Ricardo and Kumiko(aka toshimori) were inviting us to come out to Milano to celebrate the new year's. She said they will have a major sale around that time and it won't be so cold.. and eat eat eat... that's so tempting. I wish I could have time off ..

I need to translate the interview with the archaologist legend,Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, and the director of the Giza Pyramids ExcavationDr.Zahi Hawas. Work never seem to end. well then again, if it ends, I am in a big trouble :(

Our house is a major mess. but I am going to either sell or throw away a big stack of books. I am a book/magazine-holic. I am dependent, addicted to magazines. I get this empty feeling when the day goes by without buying one, like I never talked to a friend today, (Even though I talked enough today!) I bought at least 4 today, so now I will read a little and try to get some sleep.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Keanu Reeves in Tokyo right now. At front of Milano-za movie theatre in Shinjuku for the opening of Matrix. It started from 11pm,if I could have gone home early, I would have gone.. but then it was raining.....Mr.Andersen.... He was here!
.Whoa, His press conference at the hotel. You can download and see/listen :).
It's 5am and my yahoo BB finally started working. Argh...it is acting up really really badly. I can hardly do anything on the internet using internet explorer now that my DSL is pretty much dead most of the time. I called Yahoo BB out of madness a bit earlier that I wanted to cancel this thing, but it will take a while to cancel and then get a new cable. Damn it :( Yahoo BB works for some people apparently but it did not work for me. I am thinking of getting a different cable..

oh yeah. m.c A.T interview went fine. He is just a humble guy, with lots of oyaji gag. I have already met him quite a few times though but he hasn't changed one bit. He's just one of those good ol' " old school" avex people. Shook hands and talked about the industry stories after the recording. Bomb a head returns!
Puter problem, but here goes another blog. On first week of December , I am supposed to interview Namie Amuro , and we are asking our listeners and web radio listeners to send in the questions to Amuro through email. So if you are interested... send email to Questions to Namie Amuro . Questions can be about anything about her. and you will have a chance to win some surprise goodies apparently :)

and tonight, for the live show, we did a story on service dogs today, I had to rewrite the scripts until the last minute with my chief scriptwriter so I was in total panic and chaos. but now it's over *big sigh of relief*
Turns out that I will have to go to the election on sunday. Well, I had some other plans. but I decided to go after all.. I suppose I should encourage people to vote ..I have to go all the way back to my hometown though, which is a bit of a pain in the arse.

Since my puter is acting up so badly, I cannot write much. I talked to Toshimori who works at the music therapy facility. She was tryng to convince me and Kev to come out to Milano for New Year's. Gosh wouldn't that be awesome...

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Ever wonder about your IQ
My aunt passed away of breast cancer almost a year ago. She went right into the chemotherapy where all her hair fell off, and she lost appetite and all her energy very fast because of the treatment she got. I still think she should have gotten the second opinion.

Now in Japan, they are charging 15000-20000 yen for getting the secong opinion on your condition at the hospital. and that's for approximately 30 minutes. Experts are saying that this is actually a good thing even though there are many complaints from the patients saying that's too expencive of a fee to pay. Because of this fee, this will eliminate the people from going for second opinion for the scratch they got from falling, or a cold. or people who like going for second opinion for the sake of it. and it will also help improve the quality of doctors, as patients who are paying the price deserve the high standard of advice, thus the hospitals will eventually be required to inform what they are about, their accomplishments and so forth, so that's always a good thing, as we can trust them more.

We need second opinion for a lot of things. People do not always treat you right, they treat people nicely just because they feel like it sometimes. that, I am talking about doctors and people in general.
As for the "second opinion" needed for other things, Even if you are madly in love with someone, many people could be totally against you for being with him/her, and you seek other people who have different opinion, who might say just go with your guts. and that always seem to work for me. to follow my intuition.
Also even if someone says this so-so someone is the absolute shithead, sometimes he/she could be wrong. Do not always believe what people say. I don't. The bottom line is, you just have to look out for yourself, by yourself. As noone else will. That's a proved fact.

Have this headache I can't shake off. I just opened another bottle of tylenol. Tomorrow I am interviewing mc.AT who is releasing " Bomb a head returns featuring Da Pump". Also have an early meeting at avex and then to the hills..have to figure what to do about the Tymes 4 interview I am supposed to do next week. They are these 4 genki girls from Germany. All 20-ish. .

Speaking of german...Kevin and I still have not been able to find a decent german restaurant in Tokyo. There's gotta be .. but we just don't know. Where do german living in Tokyo go for their homefood? Kev grew up in Germany so he miss the food once in a while and all we can do is just go buy the food and make something ourselves at home. but we are craving for the real thing.. :(

Yahoo BB is acting up. I need to get a cable.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

oh and just for the heck of it... for silly fun...
I have this pretty annoying headache. I didn't have much time to think about the headache while I was running around places trying to get the interview with Dr.Hawas though..

I called at the time requested, and his secretary answers the phone, and says he is in the meeting. She told me to call back in an hour but there is no studio available except for the editing room, so in that hour, I figure out the way to use the editing room by myself as there wasn't anybody who could assist me during that time.. nerve wrecking.
I call at 8pm, and he finally answers the phone. He started talking about the mummies, stolen artifacts and strongly saying that they all need to be returned to Egypt. He said " We want everything back, they are criminals. so they need to return. Everything!" and hung up on me lol.

Now on to the other interview... we had non-fiction writer named Shinichi Sano who wrote the book called Toden OL Satujin jiken. His interview was interesting, as he spoke in details that you could really imagine the scenes in your head. I was so tired after the show that I just went to kiyo's kitchenfor some take-out organic food and came home. I would eat their food everyday if I could. It just makes you feel like you are doing something good for yourself. and that's a gooood feeling.

My article for Oricon, Hilary Duff's interview is not finished yet, and only half done, so I need to finish that real quick and turn it in. ..just took some tylenol hoping that it will make me go on a little while longer..

Monday, November 03, 2003

Woke up early to attend the Dalai Lama conference thing. We made it just on time.. In the morning, he spoke about Eight Verses on Mind Training. He started out by saying " So.. how was your saturday night? You must be feeling whacked staying out til late having fun, ha ha ha ha. "
So I was. The translator from his tibetan speech to Japanese had this strange way of not making any sense. and I got really sleepy that I borrowed one of Kev's earphone which he was listening to English translation of his speech. That was much better, although the slight accent made me wanna snooze though.

Last night I took this test,political compass and proved that I had my opinions very similar to what he had to say anyway.( I was at the same exact spot where the canadian prime minister was lol )

So here's the Eight Verses for training the mind.

1. May I always cherish all beings with the resolve to accomplish for them. The highest good that is more precious than any wish-fulfilling thinking.

2. Whenever I am in the company of others, May I regard myself as inferior to all, and from the depths of my heart, Cherish others as supreme.

3. In all my actions may I watch my mind, as soon as disturbing emotions arise, May I forcefully stop them at once, since they will hurt both me and others.

4. When I see ill-natured people, Overwhelmed by wrong-doing and pain, May I cherish them as something rare, as though I had found a treasure-trove.

5. When someone out of envy does me wrong, by insulting me and the like,May I accept defeat and offer the victory to them.

6. Even if someone whom I have helped and in whom I have placed my hopes, does great wrong by harming me. May I see them as an excelletn spiritual friend.

7. In brief, directly or indirectly, May I give all help and joy to my mothers, and may I take all their harm and pain secretly upon myself.

8. May none of this ever be sullied, by thoughts of eight worldly concerns, May I see all things as illusions and, without attachment, gain freedome from bondage.

(Translated by Ruth Sonam)

So we had 2 hr break. There are chanko restaurants all around Ryogoku station so we went to one of those places for lunch. and we were already drinking at lunch. So much for teaching.
Afternoon session started from 2pm and it was the first trial of Dalai Lama conversing with scientists from Japan, along with Masatoshi Koshiba
who is the nobel prize winner in 2002, and Kazuo Murakami who talked nothing but DNA. It was entitled Mind and Science Conference, this time, Dalai Lama spoke in English, with his living dictionary sitting right next to me for when he needed help. The whole conversation was being translated in English and Kevin was able to listen to it with FM radio. but you know.. a lot of thing, gets lost in translation.
Upon Dalai Lama's request, he wanted to do Q&A with the audience, there were like 4 people who he picked. Questions asked were like, " How do you maintain compassion when you are faced with the fear of death with guns pointed at you?" "I am a mother of two kids, and so much going on in the world and kids ask me..mommy what's this? and how much can I tell the children about shocking-full of news and its reality?" " How can I be like you, class and with so much humor? " etc etc.
Dalai Lama was one of the most cool, charming man yet he didn't seem like he got to the point of questions or was it really lost in translation?
Later on, I asked Kevin what he wanted to ask him if he had a chance. He said " Do you use western toilet or Japanese toilet?" as he just wonders, if he squats or if he sits, because he is a man after all. He's gotta shit. ( is what he was saying. )
Well, I would have asked, " Well, I don't know anything about science, and not so much about religion either, but you all seem to never give up on what you guys believe in. How come you do not give up? What drives you to keep going?" and I wanted them 3 to answer in one word all at the same time. hoping it will be something somehow similar.

It ended around 30 minutes after 4pm. I bought this stress reducing incense which has been used in tibetan medicine. I saw raelian people handing out their fliers on the way back. Hard to believe that I interviewed Rael too way back. I got pushed on the train and stumbled over this huge cart that this dude was carrying on JR sobu-line. My ancle got hurt and I was like soooo mad, and yelled " DON'T PUSH!!!" . I mean these people just went to see Dalai Lama and got this lecture about the 8 verses of training the mind and they just don't learn anything?!
That made me think of the story Kevin shared with me long time ago, about how when he went to school in Yokota from Nakano where her obaachan lived, he and his brother Steve, Brian might have been together with them I cannot remember, but anyway, they were in like junior high or something, and saw this typical ojisan in salaryman suit reading a book. Kids on the train were making noise, and all of a sudden, this guy snapped at these kids for being loud, and he smashed them with the book he was reading. So Kevin and his bros were like whoa.. and they looked up and looked at the title of the book he was reading. " Gandhi. Man of peace." How cynical is that..

aaaaaaand Niwa-no-yu :) Simple pleasure :) and We came home and found a stuff from Nekoi in the mail. Omiyage from London. Rob Lodes is in town by the way ...buhahahahaha.
and I finally got the time and the phone number to interview Dr.Hawas in Egypt tomorrow from 7pm. I would start freaking out if he is not there...

It has been kind of warm these days, and when we were walking home, the air was really strange.. it was real misty like ghosts were in the air, and something was about to happen or something. hmm. Oh right, something DID happen. Shannon, Brian's wife's grandmother passed away yesterday.
Poor thing. My sympathy goes out to her. but at least she got to see Indy born. Stephen Indy Bennett.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Woke up early, and went to Ebisu Westin Hotel to interview Nodesha. She was so much cuter in person than her album coverjacket. She has a bit of mexican in her but I could not tell what was in her at all. so I figured that I would do this test again all look the same . This is always fun, and I sucked this time. Badly.

So this 18 yr old Nodesha, and I talked about lovelife, Nodesha's love rules. She really started getting into it and having fun, and she did a little sexy dance for us for the photo shoot as well. BMG Victor tantosha was all happy because she talked a LOT for the first time since she came to Japan.
Spoiled girl who always got what she wanted, and now she wants success, I hope she gets it. I mean she is cuter than like Aaliyah in my opinion. She'll get there one day.

I totally forgot that we actually went to " This is Shigeru Sugiura" exhibition after watching the movie. At Parco SR6 Daniel Clowes, Archer Prewitt, Jim Woodring, Peter Baggs and so many others are influenced by Shigeru Sugiura who passed away at the age of 92 in 2000. Ended up buying the tribute book, and Kev bought a weird samurai figure, big one and the small one.. He just buys figures like he makes new friends, and they stay there with you forever unless I get smart and start selling his stuff on ebay or yahoo auction one day. Like that will really get him pissed off.

Oh yeah, we saw this TV show that featured the most scary rollercoaster from around the world. and the deal was to decide which one was the best and most scary one. No1 was this ride in Ohio, but my god that show got me dizzy. I used to kind of enjoy it until college, and then once PD set in, I totally avoided that thing for like many years. and I was forced to ride this kiddy one at the amusement park in Takarazuka right next to Osamu Tezuka museum, and Boy I screamed my guts off and made everyone laugh. If I had a choice, I avoid rollercoasters still to this day.
but my god.. on that show, they showed this funny kid who was riding the rollercoaster with his parents, this boy was sitting next to his dad, and he was making this funniest faces. and it got better and better and during the ride, he pass out for like a second and he is like totally worn out and he gets his energy back and ..gosh we laughed so hard.
"Japanese TV can't be all that bad,right? Kev?"

Adaptation. What a brilliant movie. Today was the last showing. Orchid, Passion, writer's block..Omoshirokatta~! The only thing that I did not like was the guy who was sitting at front of me. He kept talking real loud on the cell phone until the last minute. and he let it rip during the movie. Boy I thought I was at home. Very clear one. I thought I was dreaming. It just never happened at front of me before. at least not in the movie theatre...

Got an assignment to do a piece on Hilary Duff for Oricon weekly. Last time I did anything for them was back in August for that long piece on TM Revolution in US.

I just woke up from a nap. I should have slept as it's 1:30am now but the phone rang and it was Kevin's bro Steve calling from the office. ..argh zzz
We do need to go visit them sometime soon.. but hey What the heck?? Just to go there, are they going to check my finger prints now?! (i thought these things only bothered resident gaijin's in Japan way back..

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