Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Men and their TV channel zapping behaviour.

There is nothing in the world that irritates me most at the everyday level when I am trying to watch something with Kevin, and he just starts zapping through channels to channels like every 2 minutes. There is a pattern to it though. They usually stop at commercials when they see hot or nudie chicks for a second, when they usually completely avoid commercials. Once in a while, they stop to watch the commercials for some tasty looking junk food. They try to watch as much as they can, and try to put together what they saw. Well, Women do not dig that shit!

I do not get to sit down and watch something I like on TV. I thought about getting a TV just for myself and we do have two TVs but if I start watching my own TV and he watches whatever else on the other TV, we won't share much time. so that I cannot do. Why can't men sit through the whole program and have patience to watch through the commercials once in a while? It's not like in Japan, TV Commercial time during the show break is long like in US. Pleeeease learn to have a patience!!

I got all irritated and was playing with my teeth, and accidentally the crack of my upper teeth fell out. It does not hurt or anything, but man that sucks! We wanted to just watch K1 but Kev was zapping through Pride, Inoki, and some other shows, and that bugged the hell out of me!! I wanted to see how Akebono left the venue and all that and how he came in, and how they built up the hype. oh yeah I know why men are like this.

It's the same as sex. They want to skip the foreplay or the aftermath snuggle gets bothersome to some men. They only want that shebang, That's exactly the same way as their TV zapping behaviour. Right.
I cannot believe Akebono lost to Bob Sapp... I mean.. I kinda knew it was coming being that it was his first time fighting K1 style and all, but his fighting spirit was worth watching. He kept pushing forward, and it was definately sumo style. Boxer-oriented K1 fighters may laugh at how he fought, but I look forward to the day that Akebono wins. He started from zero and worked all the way up to being the first gaijin yokozuna. He can do the same with K1 because he is not afraid of losing. because it gives more power to him. GO AKENOBO GO!!!

article and Interview with Bob Sapp and Akebono after the fight
How rich are you is a test to find out how rich you are by global standard. People behind this test is from London.. I haven't tried this one out yet but I am not sure if I want to know.
I like how this explains about how South Korea will start allowing Japanese anime/movies/music and so forth into their market.
It is already 31st, but just finished work! My last day of work, gosh I am soooo relieved!! We had Mr.Takeru Esaka a chief editor of Hot Wired Japan as a guest on the show. All that IT talk! My role was to somehow play it down as a " I have no clue" person, (and I really don't have all that much clue anyway) and I think I did that part. After the show, I went out for drinks (again) with Jam the world staffs at the dim sum place in Roppongi Hills. I encouraged Takase-san, the thursday navigator, to start a blog. If I can do it, anybody can do blogging... really. I came home and Kev had the place organized and redone, and we went to Don Kihote to buy some stuff we needed for the house, and ended up spending like 25000 yen ...at like 5 in the morning... (and of course I am still awake from ...yesterday) . I need to get some zzz and spend the last day of 2003 decent..

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

After the show, We all went to the restaurant called Xen which is produced by Nobu Matsushita,known for being the owner chef of Nobu. Not as pricey like Nobu and pretty good :) plus I didn't have to pay for it so all the better (sound like a college kid for saying this...) :) Tomorrow is the last day at work. My god I cannot wait. Tomorrow is the interview with Mr.Takeru Esaka , Hot Wired Japan's chief editor. That would be really cool :)

Computer all fixed, printer working and when I came home, Kev cleaned the house(although we will definately do a lot of rearranging again before my dad comes for a visit) so I was happy. All I got to worry about is write nengajo cards, although if I write them tomorrow and send them off, they definately won't get to anyone on new years day, but oh well. Like anyone care.

Lisa from Caldwell Banker wrote back with more real estate info and email explaining some of those real estate terms, I am so looking forward to going there to see the houses in like a few months!! I've gotta get tickets for Ushiconbut I still need to double check on my time off for some strange reason...*sigh* but anyway... 2 more days to 2004! I got a sty. a little red bump on my left eye, probably from looking at the computer screen for way too long. Hopefully it will not get any worse and ruin my 5 day oshougatsu holiday.
5 things that "might" happen and boost up the Japanese economy in 2004. Speculation by Tatsuhiko Yoshizaki from Nisshou Iwai.

1. IT venture kicks in. More software than the hardware.
2. IC tip ruling our society. From January or February, some place will start testing out putting the IC tips on the fruits at the market.. (that whole yubikitasu thing I assume..)
3. No more chain stores but for a popular store to stand alone. (like Fred segal! )
4. Greek food or anything greek will be popular because of the Athen Olympics.
5. New trend with athletes or the rich.. "semi-retire" early retire when they are making the most cash, and live large.

And if these things don't turn out to be true in 2004, Yoshizaki-san has to shave his head. hehe.

Monday, December 29, 2003

It's sunday night, and we just got back from my parents' place. Our wedding gift computer was all messed up this morning ...bad mood. We were supposed to visit them early in the afternoon but I slept in til late and with the computer fucked up and all, I was like man that sucks. We have been having this battle with our old ass computer but now finally seems like it's fixed and working .. big relief..

My dad and mom had kegani crab from ryoutei when I got there so I called Kev because I felt bad how they were like expecting us and had lots of stuff prepared for us as usual, so I got Kev to come later because if he didn't show up, it just didn't do justice... My parents are the most sympathic people that I know in my life, they bend over way backwards for people who is willing to try at least, who has passion for life. Maybe they will enjoy the life in Hawaii very much because that's just kind of aloha spirit isn't it? My dad is ready to settle something thsi next year, been telling his employees that he will be living large in tropical island, growing fruit trees and working on the yard and doing pottery, (he said he was goinng to take lessons soon so he can sell his work) and of course play golf, and my mom's dream is to like go attend the adult education class there and make new friends and speak English fluently. We looked at the houses and areas and stuff, I have never seen my father so excited except for when he goes to play golf with his buddies. He is originally an island man, from Hachijojima island, so .. hopefully I keep the patience til the day it gets settled down, funny because a while ago, Kana sensei was telling me that out of all the options I have in my life, to hook up with my dad and do something will be the best bet and that it will be a long lasting, succesful career for me, whatever that may be, but she said it will be very different from what I have been doing. and that it will be succesful as long as I do not give up and feed them with what they need, when they need it.
How did she know all this coming? lol

3 more days to 2004.. I will be interviewing Mr.Yoshizaki from Nisshouiwai, he has been a frequent guest on Jam the world as our regular financial analysist. but it has been hisashiburi to see him.

I still have not finished nengajo, I wrote the address on most of them, but ... It's nice to receive nengajo but it's a pain in the xxxx to write them, especially during shiwasu when its busiest of the year. I am feeling a little lazy though and my lungs feel all stuffed up, geez, I sure hope that I am not catching a cold...

You know, when I read blog of like Margaret Cho's, I am like, geez I wish I could write like that. but I am not exactly Margaret Cho. We watched the DVD of Ali G and that was funny as hell. I mean there are so many people who are talented and so good at expressing themselves, and just being themselves.. For me, writing in English was and always has been a sort of "escape". I probably write better in Nihongo but I do not like how direct everything seems to come across. and being me? I still do not know what that is like. Me from the blog, and when you see me in real life, you might be seeing a completely different person. I wish I could say what I feel in real life too, but I wasn't brought up that way. but if I move to America, I would probably be good at that, the thing is when something goes wrong in English speaking country, I have no fear of standing up for myself or have no fear of being a biatch. but for me to be like that in Japan is really hard, and it's probably not just because of the industry I am in, but Japan does it. ... anyway all I want to say is that next year I will try to write something more interesting, and not just go blah blah blah about my everyday life. Counting down to 2004!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Last night(fri night) I had a dream about snakes. Big fat loooong snake in my house, or it was more like my parents' house.. I was trying to avoid that big snake and was having a hard time, I cannot remember the details though. The night before that I had another weird dream, anyway I looked up the dream analysis and Japanese Dream analysis is pretty positive about the snake. It says how this symbolizes the big positive transformation and the best animal that I could want in my dream. but american dream analysis is not all that positive.. This one was a bit better but still.. but when it comes to stuff like this, I have to believe the positive one, since I am in the transformation stage, I just have to become a butterfly.
We spent pretty much all day figuring out about the computer. HP printer works fine for Powerbook G4 but not for my old iMac, but since this was a wedding gift from avex, I can't really throw this away.. we got together with Mizuki for dinner at mo-yan, a curry shop in Shinjuku which is apparently Waratte I-tomo's host, Tamori's favorite joint, he is a well- known gourmet and also he is known for the only decent person to adlib everything and not go by the scripts, while most of the Japanese talkshow hosts demand everything to be scripted for them. Anyway the dinner was gooood and we had good conversation and all, I hadn't seen her in such a long time so it was really cool to see her again. She said she has been wanting to see Last Samurai and since we had that DVD at home. she came over and we watched it together. I wonder how many people around the world would get an idea that Japanese people are all about "loving your enemies" ... Mizuki helped fix some of the many computer problems we were having, thank god!

Make your own character on Southpark!

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Just watched the film from 2002, called Road to Perdition. Sam Mendez is one of the director Kev is pretty impressed with or whatever, he apparently says a lot of interesting things on the commentary on DVD like on American Beauty...speaking of which, his wife, Kate Winslet had a baby boy on Xmas. I just heard the newsbut seems like a lot of people around me and also women in the show biz are having babies left and right these days. what's going on?? Are we just tired and want to take a little break from the real world? Meanwhile I am still working on my Bali picturebook. My way of escape from the real world.. because it is such a total indulgence for me. but before that, I should finish nengajo... I really should... Tomorrow(It's already saturday but) we are going to meet up with Mizuki for dinner. She works at Flyingcolor and also has her own company going on too, she self-taught the computer and look where she is now! Too cool.

Friday, December 26, 2003

2003's top remarkable words as we call it "Ryukougo Taisho" here in Japan... according to Your dictionary.com, Blog is the hottest word!! Yay~! so that means I am in it for something cool :)
Xmas was kind of lame...but then we had fun in Bali and that was supposed to be our semi-early Xmas treat. but like last night, Kev said he had to work on the transcribing of the wrestling tapes. but he was dozed off sleeping the whole time. The only reason he said he can't go out to the club event last night was because he had to work, but hey he was sleeping!! then again he had to go to work this morning so oh well... I felt so bad that we couldn't go to the club event that Heigo Tani from Co-fusion( and lemme tell you Heigo does not look anything like this in this photo!! He is such a friendly dude!) put us on the guestlist.. I hate stepping all over nice people's favors for us. and guess what Kev said when I was like being weird about Xmas, " Hey, I got you a cake for your phatass! " doh! I do have a fatass and I am proud of it, so in case you are wondering .." Oh boy, he is so cruel", well he can be, but that's fine by me. because I am proud of my J-Lo buttock.

Now I have a rather easy week, so I have to write nengajo and do some stuff that needs to be done... well there's LOTS to be done, but when i am writing down the "To-do" list, my brain just stops functioning with too much to remember... Last night kev was watching a onsen special on TV and we were like hey wouldn't be cool to make onsen in Hawaii? so I started searching to see if there is such a thing in Hawaii already, but someone is already working on it in Hilo,Hawaii. Big o' Onsen and Golf resort Oneola Onsen . It will not be completed til the year of 2006 or something but that will bring a whole new people to Hilo... and of course Japanese company invested on this project, go figure...

Thursday, December 25, 2003

We pigged out. No... not turkey or chicken or goose.. ramen and like I need to lay down and chill.. so onaka ippai... for lunch, we went to the local restaurant called Onaka ippai and the owner lady there's motto is to serve lots of good food cheap like she is serving her sons. and literally you become cho onaka ippai...
Just got back from Apple store in Ginza .. 5 story building, all white with big o' apple logo and easy to spot. Top floor was like internet cafe, 4th floor was a workshop floor, and the rest don't mean all that much to me as I am clueless about the computer. I just get so frustrated when Kev bombards me with questions like what does it say? and I am like, I may know E/J but not fluent in computer lauguage!!! He did buy Powerbook G4, though, just playing around with it.. and I am just exhausted, We haven't done anything Xmasey. and the house is a major mess and I am about to go nuts on Xmas day. God, please help me stay sane...
It's Xmas. During the work meeting, I had KFC chicken because we got all hungry after talking about KFC Xmas. That's really lame. Japanese were overwhelmed when they found out that americans actually eat that big o' turkey instead of KFC like they have seen on TV Commercial. Kev made turkey and everything american style Xmas dishes a few years ago at my parent's house. They have a big "real" oven there so it was easy to cook turkey. Wishbone and everything, it was nice :) but I don't think it exactly fit my Japanese parent's taste, but they really were thankful for his effort and told him to become a chef. ( and yes they tend to jump to the conclusion :) )

I am now totally dreading with rumour which isn't even about me, but that really gets me down. Seeing how people can be so rude and stupid. Rumour has speeded up with the advanced technology for sure, like with my parents they still believe everything they watch on their TV and they don't get bothered with any other information because they don't have an access to it. Most of these start among the people with anger, greed, insecurity, etc etc.. Rumour is a way for some people to feel happy because they think they are better than what they hear, and that's a pathetic way of wasting time in my humble opinion. What if all of those time can be devoted to doing something more creative? and be all productive? then again, some people may argue that they need to know the truth, but what for? Just think about yourself and do things for yourself, and don't worry about what others say about whomever.. man..

Next week oen of the interview is confirmed with the chief editor of Hot Wired Japan. In the 90's, all my canadian co-workers were going nuts over that magazine and saying how that's like the coolest magazine. Right. and next year's of one of the first week's guests is confirmed with Haruo Mizuno, the movie critique, a movie nut. Isn't that nice to get paid to watch movies and to talk about it? but honestly I think Kevin does a far better job doing that. He should start a blog.. maybe I should give him the gift of Gift of blog.

Oh Kev is finally done with work, so here we go to the apple store :) Yay!
It sucked to be back to work, my work may be glamourous or whatever, but the emotinal baggage that comes with it is not something that's so easy to deal with. but anyway... The interview with "move" was fun. I got Motsu and Yuri to talk about Anime USA in Texas, and they said they had a blast that they almost wanted to live there. Motsu said how he saw the american young girl who was doing the cosplay of SailorMoon and some of them looked way too hot that he was getting hot and bothered lol. Kaonashi cosplayer also showed up at their con like he did at TMR show, and gave them those gold-painted stones. They said that the panel discussion was fun and Motsu said the weirdest question he got was "Do you do any charity work like donation?" so he said, oh no sorry, maybe from next year. Like Japanese artists are so tuned with charity work lol. and Yuri said some press just asked her out of nowhere like .." hmm well what kind of movies do you like?" and she answered "I haven't seen it yet but maybe Pirates of Carribean" and she said they laughed at her. lol. and also the con staff took them to the dinner where the con chair told them that their food is excellent(apparently it was dirty rice? and some kind of crab dish) and everyone ordred the same thing and they all turned out to be too salty, like the chef acceidentally put a whole bottle of salt! Motsu said that the gumbo was good, and that T.Kimura's hair has been half mohawk ever since that convention in Texas because that keeps him in good spirits or something. Anyway maybe I should have let them talk a little more about the album or music but who cares huh? and we had a long meeting as usual and that's it for CBF this year and don't have nay work til next year on like 7th, so it's cool :) but I will probably see CBF staff at Xmas club event~year of the horse vol2~ at Club Yellow tomorrow night. Heigo from co-fusion put me and Kev on the guest list :)

I dashed out to J-wave in a hurry, there was way too much traffic going to Roppongi Hills from Aoyama with too many couples driving out there for their Xmas Eve date. and high alert with security. Police and security people everywhere around Roppongi Hills it was crazy. Misia was doing a special show before us and she had a santa hat on and doing an hour live radio show. We had Yutaka Okawa to talk about the top 10 news of 2003 from his perspective and he went a little too overboard with everything. I mean it was funny but we usually deal with straight news so it was kind of... hmm awkward to have him on the show and just had him rant like that. After that Ken Hirai was doing a show.. seems like every famous ones are busy during the holidays.

I think I do have time off for ushicon ..just have to double check with my pinch hitter person as a last thing and go help Kumi as a translator there in Texas. but I was told that I am only allowed to take a vacation twice a year from next year. which sucks because I was told before that I could take it anytime unless the pinch hitter is available. *shrug* but hey, Hawaii is waiting so it just takes a little more of my patiece.. I just have to work my ass off and just get there...I got more property info stuff from Lisa, Houses #1 and Houses and condo/townhouse. Just a little patience...

It's Xmas Eve but since Kev and I both had to work til late, and all day, we didn't do anything. We just had the soup I made, and Kev bought a cake, so we lit up the candles on the cake and just ate it but it was good :) We will prolly go to the Apple Store in Ginza tomorrow and do computer shopping there since ours now is like so outdated, we need to update everything. This Apple store is supposed to be really cool. This one is like 2nd biggest one following the Apple store in US. It might be crowded but should be fun. and hopefully we find some decent restaurant to eat turkey or chicken somewhere tomorrow. ..

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Kumi Koda is confirmed as a Ushicon's guest finally. I gotta hurry and confirm my time off from J-wave... Tomorrow is the interview with move who also been to the convention( Anime USA in Texas) and I also have another interview with Yutaka Okawa of Okawa Kogyou. We had him as a guest last year too to wrap things up and to talk about what events were most striking to him in that year. and we are doing the same thing again.

After Kev was done with his shigoto, we went to Sakuraya to buy some electronic stuff, and went to Tower books, and stocked up on magazines. Kev bought like some toys from Sakuraya Hobby kan, and you should have seen what he was like opening up all of those figures in the taxi on the way home. That's a 5 yr old boy right there. hehe.
Shebang from Toronto and Shebang from ?. Argh... back to reality... back to work. I am just preparing stuff for the meeting tomorrow. Ideas for the interview with FPM and gathering info for "shebang" which two of them exist and I thought avex was doing the one from Toronto only to find out much later that it was the different one... this looks like the revival of Shampoo, those two UK girls who sang " Oh oh we're in trouble". I interviewed them too when they came to Japan in the 90's... I wonder whatever happened to them.. and info on Kumi, but I know a little way too much about her ..her show at Ushicon is confirmed so she will definately be going so I have to double check on my time off with my producer from the radio station..

Ah that just sounds like too much of a reality. I made another blog recently called Almost paradise using the Japanese free weblog service called News Handler. So I can keep notes of my progression on my way to living in Hawaii. but regardless of where you live, we basically carry ourselves with us. so I don't think my anxiety and my work-obsessed behavior won't change all that much in the end though. but I can definately do without this cold weather. Gosh I hate this damn cold weather.

Monday, December 22, 2003

One of the DVDs we bought in Bali was Matrix, but overall this could be even better than the real Matrix.. Meatrix Boo Boo.
Santa is coming to town? Hell no.. not this one..
and This is really tasteless I doubt even Kevin would buy it.. I hope not..
and here is what they found in Saddam's briefcase?!

Thanks anyway, Mark.
It has been over a year since the bombing in Bali. Tourists started coming back but not as that they expect, and you see taxi drivers or shop clerks complaining about their low salary, the average is like about 10,000 yen a month. Jun, Yumi's friend who lives in Bali, with her lovely daughter Hinari, she said she accidentally saw a letter of resignation of the detective who has been working for 17 yrs, and his last payment was according to the paper she saw, 1260,000 RP which is like 15000 yen. It's really kind of confusing to live, shop and eat like a millionaire when local people just don't get to for all that they do, but hey we were on vacation, everyone including local people there, does whatever it takes for them to live and to get ahead in life, so should we. but stay nice to them as they were to us including the dogs. :)

Kev has never flown Singapore airlines before so he looked all happy looking at those sexy flight attendants wearing that sexy-ass uniform. hehe. We had to transfer from Singapore to Bali and by the time we got there it was like 9:20pm on thursday. and we stayed at The Legian, and for some reason, our room got upgraded to deluxe something, which was the biggest suite that I have ever stayed in my life, so we didn't have to go anywhere that night, we just chilled, as we listened to the rain.

The next day, after having complimentary breakfast, I called Yumi's friend, Jun. She had some stuff to do during the day so we went ahead and went to town on our own. Went to Seminyak, and checked her shop and had Nasi champru take out at Nixon's Warung. also went crazy with shopping at Bintang. and then as a proud spa junkie, a van to Alam Jimbaran was waiting at the hotel lobby at 2:15pm. We both did the "touch of heaven" which was amazing. and in the rain, we stopped by at Kuta to buy some DVD's. Well, not some. but hey. When do we get a chance to buy over 40 DVDs all at the same time in our lives anyway. I called Jun again at night and her bf Kanchi said that she will call in the morning as she was having a bad headache and had to go to bed.

The next day she called and explained what caused her tension headache, it's tough living in Bali as a single mother, a shop owner..etc etc, she is one strong woman. Anyway, we decided to meet up for lunch, and she came to pick us up at the hotel. Her daughter Hina-chan and her bf Kanchi were together in the car, and we went to a cozy, nice indonesian chinese restarant. We dig balinese food. Nasi Goreng rocks. but so as other dishes. and Hina-chan is hilarious. We gave her Hello Kitty big can of sweets and omake's, and she was in heaven as she loves Hello Kitty like many other 4 yr old girls but just don't get to buy the "real" things. Kev even tried this avocado juice with chocolate in it, it was okay. Better than I thought. and Kanchi, ordered some other interesting stuff since he has lived in Bali for 20 yrs now, he knows everything. We tried this young coconut juice with flesh in it and all which is supposed to be like a semi-energy drink, which tasted like Japanese pocari sweat. so the lunch was fun and all, and we stopped by at Kanchi's house where Jun and Hina-chan live now, absolutely amazing, with the pool and everything. Kanchi designed the house and oh my god, he is talented. They were trying to expand the house and make like an office room so people were doing construction there and know how to say basic stuff like konnichiwa when they see Japanesey people like us. They have several maids in the house, one maid is (so as the security person) gets less money than one can of pedigree dogfood.

We now went to Kuta, checked Matahari department store, and Supernova supermarket, where they had the internet cafe, it is 100 RP per minute but the computer is soooooooooo slow there and It took me over 15 minutes just to open a page to access to my emails. I tried writing back to some people but took too long and I gave up..it was the same at the hotel computer too in the hospitality suite. oh well. We went to a local spa in the late afternoon called Sicilia Spa where 3 hr course only costs you 260,000 RP. Cream bath and head to toe, everything. wow. Amazing. On that night we met up with Jun, Hinari and Kanchi again for dinner at Made's Warung, we got to talk a lot about business, and I am really glad that I got to meet them through Yumi, because I think I can do something with their connection maybe. but I need more time to figure out what exactly I am going to do with my life.

Next day, we went to drop off some mikan that we brought from Japan to Hinari, they wanted to go out for lunch with us, but we wanted to do last minute shopping as we didn't get to walk around Seminyak all that much because of the heavy rain for the past two-three days. and finally it was sunny in the morning so we did shopping, and bought lots of cool stuff. Checked out at 2pm and went on to Mandara spa as a last spa treatment, and saw them again at the airport and had airport restaurant food which turned out to be pretty damn good because we were starving. And a flight back to Japan. Man it was way too short. We definately have to go back there again, but I am thankful for the fast modem. Makes you realize how much that a computer is part of our lives which we just can't live without any more. Well, maybe we can but unless you are working, you need the computer. I am thinking of getting a new computer with more of everything,but will think about it. It works out great this time because we came back at like 7am but I had a whole day off today so I still have time to do other stuff like develop pictures, and tomorrow is also a day off from work (I so regret not reserving my trip as a long version to begin with but as I wasn't sure of my days off at that point, I didn't want to take risks. ) so I have to write like new year's cards and do some errands while I have time off before going back to work on wednesday, Poor Kev he had to go to work from 4pm and he is still out there. but yes, we really needed all this nourishment and friendly innocent smiles. We will go back there again not too long from now, I am sure.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

I am in the island of so-called The last paradise, we are leaving tomorrow evening but wow.. I really wish we could have stayed longer, this turned out to be such a beautiful place, where everything is cheap and nothing go by the rules, it is all crazy. and I love it. It is rainy season here so there arent much to do on the beachfront, but I do not need tan anyway. We have been shopping at the cheap places, eating at the cheap places, and staying at The Legian which we got upgraded, meeting up with Yumi's friend Jun and her bf Kanchi and Jun's baby Hina chan is absolutley adorable, it is a country that makes you think ...maybe I can do something. I have a better vision of what we can do in Hawaii if we can borrow their help. and i mean, this is just a gorgeous place. Too bad we do not have enough time for ubud. but oh well. next time. It has been raining like crazy everyday, but then again we stay indoors most of the time like at the spa, we tried Alam Jimbaran. and today at the Sicily's and tomorrow to wrap things off we are going to try Mandara spa. Jun's house(well it is actually Kanchi's) is gooooooooooooorgeous. This is definately a beautiful getaway place where everybody just smiles so easily, and everybody does anything for money. I needed this.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

I didn't get much sleep last night just working til late, and getting all pissed off at my computer and all, but I think I have found a simple solution. I will just prolly buy a new one :) Anyway, I got an approval for my report of the event at Verfarre from my avex boss, Yuko so I was relieved finally at like 5am in the morning, went to sleep, and I know that I had a yet another unplesant dream but can't dream what it was about... Went to the meeting and discussed about how we are going to introduce Celine Dion's french collection album (songs from 93-97) and Auto Salon event and their image girls called A-class, this is all Max Matsuura's doing, he loves cars, that's why he let the animation team make a anime about racing "Initial D" if it was for other story, he would never have alowed them to do that. He just got married to a model who works for VIVI fashion magazine, (he knocked her up :P) but she looks too much like Ayumi Hamasaki and it's almost scary, but anyway maybe Max Matsuura will be more in charge from now on with the whole new responsibility for his baby that's about to born into this world. Hopefully avex continue to kick ass in the market with more motivation from him in 2004. We will be asking move about Anime USA and all, so that's easy. Recording went fine,so I felt soooo relieved at the end of the recording that all that headache was finally over and done with. whew... and went to J-wave to talk about flu. There was a major change needed in script which was originally written by wednesday writer, so I tried so hard to follow up what my chief script writer was telling me to change, man it was intense, maybe like a minute before i went on air, I finnished everything, and my chief scriptwriter said "Yoku Yatta!" . Who doesn't live for compliments? I haven't heard that from him for a long time so it was nice to hear that from him directly to me:) When I came home, the messiest room in our house, (which is like a storage for all Kev's toys) was cleaner, so I was happy to see that :) Now we gotta pack, and get ready to go chilling like villains in paradise!!! Woo hoo!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I have to figure out what I am going to ask move for the interview scheduled on next wednesday. They made an apperance at AnimeUSA so maybe about that? I don't know. I haven't even listened to their new single "Blast my desire" or whatever, plus I can't really figure out anything right now since my computer is down again. NTT B-flets is down again, so as the printer. so I am doing everything analogue right now and whew, all this bullshit gotta go!!!

On the show today on J-wave, I covered the topic about mislabeling the fortune goods. A company who was selling Feng-shui oriented good luck wallet was warned for the false ad and that's how we ended up doing this story. I called this one company where they were selling Powerstone bracelets that apparently works like charm for everything, from making it big with pachinko, finding gf/bf, becoming rich, solving your work problem. This interview I did could not be aired but I did a kick ass job pretending to be a girl with so many problems with insecurity kicking in deep who is dependent on buying good luck charm. Funny because those customer support people are all like counselors, and they listen to you and encourage you and make you want to buy that stuff. He asked what my name was and I used a different name, and hung up the phone and me and my staff were falling on the ground literally laughing our asses off. I felt bad though because that guy who listened to me faking the problems with my life was so sincere.... anyway we also went to the shop in Harajuku which is a shop who first brought powerstone to Japan 18 years ago apparently. We did an interview with the store manager, and I ended up spending about 2000 yen buying various stones. They are all pretty so what the heck. My staff also bought 4 stones which cost him like a little over 1000 yen. Funny how the world is coming to where a law or goverment has to stand up and make a law for such thing as this so people would not be dependent on its effects. If it is like a computer which is not working, that's one thing to blame, but if your good luck charm is not working and you blame them and file a claim?? There are seriously something wrong with this world.

I have been bombarded with stuff to do before my mini vacation but with this computer not acting properly and all, it is not helping me and I have been sooooo frustrated. Arghhhh somebody help me!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Houses and condos in Hawaii and more. argh.. are we almost there yet?! *sigh*
I spent pretty much whole day on the phone with my provider about IP phone and all of those puter technical crap, and IP phone is still not working and I am tired of figuring things out. I just like keeping everything simple and minimum. but will try to call my provider again tomorrow to fix it up. so that we can make phone calls to America cheap. ..

I got emails back from Lisa, Shinichi's family friend who works for Caldwell Banker in Hawaii, I got some info on houses and property there but they are all more than we expected, I forwarded her emails with customer full report to my parents and they think 400,000 dollars is a bit too much. hmm. maybe we should just settle for a condo or a townhouse..

anyway.. went to work. and interviewed Ken Fukui who is the head director of Tsuburaya Production known for its creations such as Ultraman and Gozzila etc. News broke out on 10th that Tsuburaya production lost the lawsuits from Thai production company's chairman, who claims that Mr.Noboru Tsuburaya (who by the way passed away on June 11th in 1995. This was this guy's announcement. "Tsuburaya production Co.Ltd and its representatives have falsely claimed that they are copyright owners of "Ultraman Cosmos" and announced that they will distribute business rights of the product through the media and to the public in Thailand. I. Mr.Sompote Saengduenchai, as the exclusive rights holder of all Ultraman works, to whom the Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court and the Tokyo District Court of Japan, have issued a judgement and confirming protecting the rights outside Japan, hereby announce taht the "Ultraman Cosmos" is a creation, which has been adapted from copyright work and its creation has not been consented to by me in any way whatsoever. As a result, I hereby announce to anyone who is about to distribute the product as well as those supporting the distribution, to cease distributing the "Ultraman Cosmos" immediately. Anyone continuing to violate these rights will be subject to serious legal action from me in all cases. Mr.Sompote Saengduenchai. (Announcer).

Holy crap. Mr.Fukui gave me a copy of this contract today for my review, to help make the public aware how Japanese court of law does not understand about copyright laws. Tsuburaya lost twice so far to this Sompote guy who is just an otaku of Ultraman. I wish I had a scanner to scan this and put it up here, but it is not even signed by both partners. and it says this agreement is concluded on the 4th day of March 1976 by "Tsuburaya prod.and Enterprise Co.,Ltd. " which is not even the correct name they use for contracts. Film title is wrong too, numbers of episode is wrong and the worst part about it is that any fool can tell that Mr.Tsuburaya's signature was written by somebody else, it's completely different! Company address is wrong,too. I mean how could the Japanese judge let this Thai guy win the lawsuits? They already made a court appeal for the next step as this is way too ridiculous, and I know it,too.. because this happens so much in like manga/anime industry too and heard so many stories about similar stuff. but I had to try not to be on his side, as the whole thing is still in the process and I cannot say who is right and wrong. Tsuburaya has so many titles that appeal to the world, all I can say is that I wish them best of luck, and that they get back on their feet again and get the copyrights back to them and hopefully this whole thing will be the good opportunity for Japanese to seriously consider more about copyrights, royalty, contracts and such. Japan is just way too behind that so many people would take advantage of that unfortunately. .

Other than that, too much to do and too little time.. as always.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Hapa, amerasians.. has always been my greatest curiousity. This is a online journal about the best of both worlds.
Kev was like " Damn, Sadam looks like a Santa! " LOL...

I wonder if this thing is for real...

and blogs for Bush has gone overboard,too... they already have t-shirts made?! Oh boy.
I spent the night at my parent's house, I was gonna help my dad practice piano, as I promised that I would give him free lessons, but by the time I woke up, my dad was already gone to golf. So I taught her how to use the computer again in the morning, I think I was being a really good teacher though, especially because I had this bad dream about my mom becoming sick and hospitalized. My dad flipped out and I called 119(911) and she was okay in the dream but she had to stay in the hospital for a full recovery for like 9 months or something crazy. and then I woke up. I don't have much luck with dreams recently.

I used to do dream analysis on the radio show(for FM-fuji) like 6-7 years ago. It was fun. I had books on dream analysis and for some reason I was really good at it, maybe I should do it again and give analysis to my own dream.

I had to leave there early to make it to the dinner, and for a party. but as usual, we were late again. It gets to a point where I get so mad at myself for being late all the time, and so fucking frustrated at myself and don't know what to do. Plus 22nd is Yumi's b-day and I really wanted to get her something today as I can't see her for a while so I had to buy some kind of presents. so I just ran to Dean and Deluca to get her some herbs and two different flavored Kona coffee. Deli looked so goooood but we didn't have time to really look. I always pass by there on the way to work and such, but never have time to really stop by there to actually buy deli from there. Anyway I was feeling awful that we were late again...

Anyway, We met up with Chisa, Yumi and Ko Mitsugi-san aka "L?K?O" and had dinner at Jam Jam Drag On The Market in Shibuya. It was my first time meeting Mistugi-san today and he is a Yumi's friend from her previous work, and is a club dj, Yumi told me a lot about him so I had these images of him in my head, she briefly mentioned how he was upset when somebody said that he looks like DJ Little from Kick the can crew, but when I saw him he was exactly like DJ Little from Kick the can crew lol. I interviewed Kick the can crew for JJ magazine too so I have seen the real DJ Little ..in person, and oh boy they could be twins. but I didn't want to tell him that since she told me that's what upsetted him. So We had dinner and then went to a party at Seco Bar. A mix of gaijins(mostly European, from like UK or Germany, some from US or Canada) and nihonjins were there to enjoy the independent short film matched with improvisation type of music in the back, Ureshika(and her name spell is prolly wrong, she is german) and her husband Ryo were the organizers of the party. Ryo is half Italian half Japanese, and conincidentally where he was born and raised, was the same place where Kev grew up, which is central Germany, a place called Wurzburg. Ureshika was laughing and saying "Oh no I feel sorry for you guys!" . Kev was a popular guy at the party, (as usual) making many new friends. A guy named Tomorrow was funny as hell. He is Japanese but his name is REALLY "Tomorrow" because of some kind of influence that his father had that he really wanted to name his son tomorrow. He said when he was living in the states, everyone was like "huh? your name is tomorrow?" but man he was a funny guy. He kept saying Kevin saiko! and they were like total buddies in a few hours. Neat.

L?K?O? drove us home, and we had such a fun night :) We were kinda hungry when we got home, (late) so I made capricci at Limone pasta with beans and tuna and olive and all. Yum.

Argh the rating week starts tomorrow.. *sigh*

Saturday, December 13, 2003

NTT B-flets people came around 2pm today, after having Yumi yell at them for their bad business manner, the guy who showed up already looked kind of scared at us, he was confused as hell, but now B-flets is finally in working mode. but there is a lot more to figure out and I am proud to say that I am really slow at that and hate learning the puter lauguage, thus for me to have a blog is really unusual. because I am proud to say that I am a computer illiterate and yet I am doing it, so ..that's pretty cool huh? Yumi stayed til I had to leave for my parent's place where I am at right now, Kev is at home enjoying his time alone doing a horror movie marathon or watching Hulk or something, one of those boy's movies that I do not really enjoy all that much. Anyway, I need to teach my mom how to use the computer, talk about patience! lol

Next tuesday I will talk about the story on air about how I ended up coming home with Powerstone from a shop in Harajuku when I was supposed to be doing report on good luck charm goodies in general. Monday we will have a person from Tsuburaya Pro, to talk about licensing of Ultraman goods or something. Wednesday is about flu shots. and I have to finish writing the quick report on Verfarre event the other night, so I will be busy again for a while.

Tomorrow is a party in Shibuya .. dj event and we will throw a b-day party for Yumi and my flight attendant friend Hana-chan, and a bunch of people are supposed to be there :) I have no details on the club event itself but it should be fun.
It has been so cold lately and I just can't wait to chill in Bali.

I am still waiting on NTT B-flets construction, it was supposed to be done today but somehow they screwed up about the key situation and they first told me that it had to be doen on monday but I didn't want to wait that long so my friend Yumi who happened to be at my place today, saved me! If i wasn't for her, it would have been postponed again til monday, but looks like I will get it done tomorrow. She's the greatest :) I need to learn to stand up for myself like that, she's just way too cool and I don't know what to do without her.

On thursday night I had a lucid dream, I don't know what would be the best way to explain what Kanashibari is, but I had that, (I haven't had that for a long time). It was a really strange dream with everyone I had seen that week in it, like Joi-san, and all lol. and I don't remember the details but they were telling me "hey you are the translator for this book?!" and I looked at the book and it said something like "Seven prophets and the life of...." and I was like seven prophets? How did I fall into doing a project like this and in my lucid dream, those seven prophets started to tell me something and my body froze and I could not move, could not even raise my voice, so I tried saying "fuck you!!" to let that weird thing go away, and Kevin woke me up and saved me from that dream. I was so glad when I woke up and to know that my kanashibari was over. I must have been just tired. I had kanashibari when I was in NY for the interview with Mariah Carey too, and that was really scary, but will write about that bizzare experience some other time.

Last night we did DVD marathon, "the life of David Gale" and the movie with Angelina Jolie called "Life or something like it", and "Undercover brother". Something that made me wonder what I would do if I have a week left to live, Kev thinks all of them sucked though :(

I spent thursday at J-wave and also in Harajuku doing a report about something that's really interesting, which we will cover on the show next tuesday, so more on that later. I can't remember all that much about the past few days any more, I was just feeling all guilty about not posting anything, also feeling all agitated because I am so hooked on blogging yet my computer was really acting up so I couldn't update anything. This is a sign of addiction lol.

Yumi, Kev and I went to Yatai-mura tonight in Hyakunincho, Okubo and had LOTS of good food. We were totally surprised to see how clean and nice of a place Yataimura has become because it was so different before but apparently that place was renovated a year ago.

Argh hate rain.. but at least we have Yumi in the house and she's staying over at our place tonight which makes our place seem and feel much warmer :)

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Argh...finally home. Home sweet home...

I interviewed Ms.Takako Nakajima who made a debut as a film director recently, with this documentary movie called TAIZO. She was a TV reporter/announcer til a few years ago, so she knows our chief scriptwriter of our show,too. but she introduced the story about this war photographer, Taizo Ichinose, who was shot to death at the age 26 while trying to take the photo,and apparently she was really fascinated by him and his attitude toward his passion, and quit her TV work and decided to make a movie. Once you put your mind to it, anything is possible huh? The sad thing is that she is only 32, same age as me, and it makes me think... what the hell am I doing here?! Oh well...

I had a really bad day. What more can I say. I wanted to jump into the cold Tokyo bay and go skinny dipping. This new assistant director girl even started crying during the cbf meeting because today was really that intense. and it made me think, Have I ever cried at work before? Yes, Only once, when I was trying to do a phone interview with Tiffany, to ask her about her husband Ian finally coming back to Germany where they are stationed from Afghanistan. I called and called and got no answer, and the staff was like " Oh gaijins never do things right." and so I got kind of upset about that statement, and like 2 hrs later when I finally got a hold of her, and studio was no longer available for the interview, Tiffany said " Ian was in a car accident. I am really sorry. I couldn't answer the calls and I need to go see him in ER now so I am really sorry.". and her voice was shaking, she is a soldier's wife and for her to be that way and sound that way, there was something seriously wrong. I was just trying to get her interview for the show, like I was told to, and I realized how I was being totally all over somebody else's private life, for work, for media exposure, and I felt so bad that I started blaming myself and I could not control the tears, went into the bathroom and cried like hell, came back out but still crying because I really hated the fact that I was using my friend. That's the only time I ever cried at work. Ian was okay though. Anyway, this assistant director girl, who is fairly new, cried and cried and that just seemed so... beautiful. I just kind of learnt to deal with the bullshit and swallow my pride and tears in the course of my career, but aya-chan really was crying, she wasn't faking, I hadn't seen such pure thing for a long time. It was different from how some women "use" tears to get what they want, hers were so pristine and pure. I wish I could just cry like that and forget about the bad day. but it just ain't that way with me lol. For me, it was pizza and tiramisu that Kevin ordered from Dominos waiting for me when I came home lol and also making somebody feel better, and tonight's that very someone was Kumi. She called and for whatever that she needed from me, I was able to help her with it, so I feel better now. We all just need to move on..

Since we covered the topic about blogging, I have gotten emails from people who read my blog, Yes I was probably more enthusiastic about blogging than Joi-san was lol but I am so thankful for Joi-san to again post about J-wave show apperance and now I feel like the little community of bloggers( and like he said, bloggers are mostly very nice people :)) and it feels great, I just need to learn how to put like comments link and all that, but at this point, I can't really do much other than just writing about my personal feelings one way. I WILL figure out soon though. Kitamura-kun who is a tuesday show's scriptwriter also started his blog. Nonaka-san also posted about me on his blog, wow all this attention! lol I am getting more "real" feedback through blogs than being the radio DJ, isn't that weird.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Kevin got me an early Xmas gift, the digital camera that I really wanted, in Yellow. Way cool :) I should be happy but actually I am kind of pissed off right now because I was just writing about meeting Mr.Joi Ito and how cool it was to meet him and it was getting really long and all and suddenly my computer erased the whole thing ! Damn!! So I am now rewriting everythig from zero. *sigh*

Anyhow, It was GREAT to meet Joi-san. He found out about my blog writing about meeting him and so he linked my blog to his, and we corresponded some emails and such, and it was so cool how we felt like we knew about each other a LOT even before we met! He read 3 months worth of my blog which is just me going blah blah blah. How nice of him! It's amazing how blogs bring something so deep and so human into this cyber world. I am definately going to encourage many people to start one. because I am really addicted, and it's fun! I just need to learn how to upload pictures up on my blog, especially now that I got this tiny digital camera, (picture situation is probably simple by paying blogger.com to be able to use the version which I can upload the pictures) but I will do all that during Oshougatsu. Anyway, meeting Joi-san was like the definately one of the BEST thing that happened to me this year. Blog rules! Maybe one day my kids will be like reading my blog and actually think something of it. That would be really cool. We got a lot of response to the show about blogging. It was great how Joi-san also spent time answering the questions that the listeners had. oh and another thing that I found really cool through corresponding with Joi-san was this email spam blocking service. This helps you confirm that emails you are getting are definately coming from "humans". He knows the very best of everything :)

Tomorrow I have an interview with Aiko Ikuta. . long meeting and then another interview with the director of this documentary movie called Taizo. whew.. long day again.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I talked to Tiffany on AIM last night, when I was trying to get a hold of her for the possible interview regarding that whole Jessica Lynch story, she wasn't at home at all, but I am glad that she is hanging in there. Her and Ian and their children will be moving to North Caroline, Fort Braggs from Germany soon, Tiff was bummed about it because she was looking forward to be stationed in Japan, but oh well. I am really no longer all that much interested in "in-your face" "get anything out of what you got and expose to media" kind of attitude, I really never was, I was just being dumb and just being loyal to managing to do whatever that was asked to do, asked to find. So I am kind of glad that this interview with Tiffany never happened, especially because she was a friend with one guy who was in the unit who went to rescue Jessica Lynch. I did not want to put her or Ian into an awkward situation that makes them diffucult to move to wherever they want because of their involvement with press. I'd rather just stay friends than putting her to all that much risk. Somehow me and Tiffany were talking about religion and she told me that her husband Ian's religion is Bahai, I never heard of it nor did Kevin. There are more to know about the world than you will ever know.

Now I am looking forward to meeting the blogmaster, Joi Ito-san. Basically my position is to play someone who has no clue about blog even though I have one, but the unfortunate thing is probably unless you start your own blog, you probably wouldn't know a thing about the blog. then the concept of blog no longer doesn't really matter any more. This stuff is not in your head kind of thing, you find out by actually experimenting it. but I guess we'll see what he has to say tonight...

Monday, December 08, 2003

I had a problem accessing to blogger.com last night so I couldn't update anything. but now it seems to be working. Whew.

Yesterday I went to get the haircut with Kev, my hair has gotten so long that it was time to just chop it off. but I feel like my hairstylist chopped it off more than I expected, oh well I guess I'll get used to it soon. She cut off at least more than 20 centimeters of my hair, and the sad thing is, nobody at work noticed any change today. hmm...

I got an email from a friend of mine Yoko, telling me that our school mate Maki Mori is going to release her debut CD from avex. She and I went to the same junior high and high school but her singing was always good and it really stood out. I was one of the 3 people to be chosen as a solo along with her and one more girl for our school singing performance, so I must have been decent, right? Her CD will be out in February but more than likely I won't interview her because around that time there are more prioritized artists that need to be covered on our show. It would have been interesting to interview her though.

and last night I finished watching Taizo. The sound quality was crappy but that's probably because it was a borrowed tape from the film company. This documentary was mostly about people reminiscing him, and it was kind of hard to understand who he really was from all that blah blah blah. so I watched another documentary called Paradise Lost 2. Free Memphis Three . It is hard to say what to believe, especially I am on the media side, and know that people can make something and control something to the extreme, make it real emotional to change public's opinion. I am not sure if those three are 100% innocent, to be honest, but I do think that Mark guy is VERY suspicsous and probably guilty of the crime, but it only goes to show you how the world is so unfair, and there is no justice in this world. Made me think a lot.

Ferry Corsten interview was awesome. He is such a great guy. so honest and so humble.
Flying from Shang-hai to Tokyo on Dec 6th and checking in at the hotel and having 15 minutes of shower time and left for Verfarre and without any rehearsal he managed to rock the house. His new album under the name of "Ferry Corsten", not "System F", is really really good. and I hope it really does well in America, He deserves it. It's really great to see somebody so honest, somebody who does not play games with people's mind, can be so succesful, it made me feel that it's okay to stay the way I am. He turned 30 on 6th and tonight avex is throwing b-day party for him, and he has to catch an early flight at like 11am so he is probably going straight to the airport from the bar lol. at least he has 3 wks vacation waiting for him in Phillipines in January, his wife's country.

Shortly after that, I went to J-wave and did an interview again with a professor guy who knew a lot about Columbia's FARC. I suppose it's just their alternative way of making a living, it's unfortunate that the vice president of Yazaki So-meru, Chikao Muramatsu was murdered after being kidnapped for 2 yrs and 8 months. but don't think there is really no way of stopping FARC. People sadly adjust to the condition of where they are born, and find their ways of living, and surviving. ..

Tomorrow is an interview with Joichi Ito and will be asking him about blog. I'm really looking forward to meeting him, he seems like a very interesting guy and his blog is really interesting.
I got an invitation from Rob "Secret-secret" for an event that is going on tomorrow night, I can't make it because I will be working. I wonder if his stuff is accepted by Japanese goth people. That's kind of scary...

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Got together for dad's 67th b-day at the sushi restaurant in Mitaka. Man, that o-toro! I got so stuffed! My dad drove us to their house afterwards because they needed my help with their new computer. It took me a while to figure that out, but now its all connected and I was able to teach my mom how to use the email at least, made my dad an account,too but I think he knows how to use yahoo page, like how to check the price on the stocks he owns. but nothing more than that. I think my dad was happy with piano score for that I remembered his words. We talked about Hawaii again, and it almost seems like nothing's gonna stop that now. Maybe I really needed some kind of opportunity to bring me there, I wished for it with 4 people power and boom. Funny how life takes turns and I need to start preparing for that turn now.

I went to Verfarre at 9pm, and watched the event for a while, DJ Tetsuya, and DJ Remo-con. and saw Ferry playing, it was cho kakkoii~ and the whole place was packed. 9th anniversary, I really dig his new single. Rock your body, Rock. Ferry Corsten is just a humble cool guy with a bit of tub-o-lard now that he is married lol. It would be great to see him again on monday for interview. I interviewed Remo-con after he was done with it and all, I think he was tired especially because he wasn't drinking and played because he had to do interview for us. poor guy. Ferry was like playing with a glass of champaigne in his hand. and that's norm. I missed K1 match because I was at Verfarre doing work. Kev was home watching updating me stuff to my cell phone email. Remo-con said he was taping it so that he didn't wanna know the result lol. He is surely a kakutogi otaku. Anyway,I didn't realize Cyber Trance was that big of a deal. but now I see why. Bravo, avex. We left there after the interview and Mikuriya-san and her assistant girl, aya-chan and I went for some snackie and talked about men again. She asked me she doesn't know what marriage is any more. and as a matter of fact, I really don't know much either, it takes effort to stay together, and that whole legal stuff is, in my opinion too overrated. It's more of a soul- to-soul thing, and why should it be a law? That's why people get all confused and feel all wrapped up. but on a spiritual level, I think being married is very nice. Kev told me about common law marriage while we were talking about it, hmm what's that ?

Psydoll just got back from Scottland and Nekoi just wrote me email about that whole mp3 thing(what's going on anyway? I don't check mp3 but are they being bought out?) and how she is all obsessed about performing overseas ever since their first time at Anime North. She sent me this music link of cats with the army uniform jumping up and down on the street with the music in the back. Bizarre.

Oh and here is a purity test that I wanted to take but just didn't have enough time to answer hundreds of questions. Finally I kind of have a day off tomorrow. although I still have work from home to do. and it has been so frigging cold these days and it's unbearble. I hate cold. although I can't stand hot and humid combo either, but I like hot. just not humid.

Anyhow. it was a long day.. today isn't really my dad's b-day,though, it is on 10th, so I am thinking of sending him a flower or something on his actual b-day. I think he liked the card I gave him .. about my request to him and my mom wanting to interview them for my book, and Hawaii project, and Kev's nihongo message to him. That was worth the struggle lol.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Amerika no Omoshiroi story

a condom controversy is building in the nation's capital. DC government officials want to make condom dispensers "as common as water fountains" in high traffic areas like the department of motor vehicles. In a town on the front lines of the AIDS epidemic, some see free condoms as a way to contain the disease. Critics, however, charge that the move will only encourage promiscuity and that tax dollars shouldn't be used for such purposes.

Will condom dispensers send the wrong message to America's youth? Will people be more likely to get their condoms from the DMV than 7-11? Would free condoms really encourage people to use them? Whenever sex is involved, everyone has an opinion, but would you use it if it was free?
my god, Yuki is on Northwave! Live from Hawaii on every saturday. Her transition from NY to Tokyo and then finally to Hawaii in 1999 must have been a goood thing :)
A place called "Taipei" in Shinjuku is our new spa retreat, just went today as my back was killing me. They are all chinese but they speak minimum Japanese, and they are really good :)

Finally went to buy my dad's gift, went to tower books, and bought a new issue of Giant Robot and Instyle. and picked up a new metropolis as usual. Tomorrow we are all getting together for my dad's birthday at the sushi restaurant in Mitaka for lunch and then I have to go to Verfarre from like 9pm for work, pretty much all night. I could use some breathing time right about now, I am tired.

Yumi told me that our ukulele teacher Tamura sensei has a shop in Hawaii "namely Ukulele house" carrying his ukulele(he calls them tamulele) and he now has a shop in Hilo that sells his "tamulele" and some local goods. I really need to set my mind straight and start moving forward with Hawaii business ideas..not enough time :(

Friday, December 05, 2003

stayed up til late figuring out what we want to do on our little trip. The Legian Bali, The ultimate indulgence of spa treatment Yumi's friend Jun's shop ahh so much to look forward to :) It's really rare that Kevin gets this excited and actually stays up looking at the guidebook. He usually just leaves that up to me, so I wonder what about bali that attracts him so much.

Went to work and did a meeting, watched the promotional videoclip of Ferry Corsten's new single called Rock your body, Rock. Video was done by eboman and it kicked ass. Ferry is such a humble simple guy and for him to making a killer cash with his computer music is just insane. The interview is scheduled to be on monday. and after the meeting, I had the interview with Junior Senior. "Junior" had a tiny digital camera with movie system (which he prolly bought for like 26000 yen) and was recording stuff. It was this color called Dali Yellow or Van Gogh yellow or something. and he bought his in Japan. Now I want that very same stuff! There are a lot of ads of the new digital camera on the train and I was thinking how I want that tiny thing on the way to work anyway. and his posession totally confirmed my desire to get one. (or for someone to get me one. hint hint)

The interview with them was funny, all the way from Denmark( although they moved to UK now), they taught me how to say Happy New Year in Dannish, and I taught them how to say akemashite omedeto, but Junior can count from 1-10, say Konnichiwa and domo and matane, like one of those basic stuff. and both of them were catching the sound left and right so people who do music just have good ears or something and learn the language faster than the others maybe. who knows.

After the interview, we went to a restaurant, and Mikuriya-san started talking about Franck, and it turned into a fun discussion about relationships. I was just happy to let her vent, and when she said she feels relieved and better now after she talked, made my day. She said she has this another guy telling her that she would buy Cartier 180000 ring for Xmas, which he said he will buy it and that he would like to marry her. so she was like Franck needs to hurry up and make up his mind. Damn right, I wish I had someone who buys me Cartier ring. Boy, when is that going to ever happen lol. Speaking of gifts and such, I definately have to go buy my dad's gift tomorrow. What should I get.... :(

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I had a bunch of errands I had to do before work, most important was to do research about K1. While I was doing the research on pro-wrestling over all, I have come to find out something bizzare. I have always wondered what the name of the company which Kevin does the transcribing for WWE tapes and DVD, called "Lumiere" meant, I never got an answer but I think I may found it. "Lumiere" is a name of this woman, a former president of LLPW, her real name was Rumi Kazama.
It was when Japan finally started to allow "bush" to be shown on porn pictures or in the movie, (they blurred them out before, like til the early 90's if I am correct). This lady was apparently the first to ever publish the porn picture book of her own with her bush exposed. She was 36 yr old at that time, according to her own statement. Picture was taken by the photographer named Ryu Miseki, her body, B99 W78 H93 apparently. that's gotta be a lie. cuz.. my god she is chunky. This book was widely introduced as "nude picture with bush, sealed in a bag" so a lot of horny bastards went to buy this stuff, and majority of them apparently got literally sick looking at the picture book and many of them were thrown into the trash boxes on the train stations and such. So This has something to do with pro-wrestling, now it makes sense why they do the DVD and tape translation for WWE. I hope that the old lady I saw, at the new years's party at Lumiere last year, isn't this lady. yikes.

Now, after much research, I met Mr.Tanikawa, the president of FEG, I think the interview with him went smooth and turned out interesting, although I am not sure if it tickled the heart of the chief writer, that's a question which annoys me but don't wanna let that bother me too much .. Akebono has been going to the K1 team gym for a while now and apparently has been saying that he would beat the hell out of Bob Sapp easy if he gets to join, so Mr.Tanikawa heard that from somebody and went to ask Akebono if he would join K1, and he said okay in two days. and the next day he made press announcement of his retirement from Japan sumo association. Dec 31 K1 match between Akebono and Bob Sapp is said to raise the rating more than that "kohaku" music show on NHK. Mr.Tanikawa said their match will be held around 10:30pm so that is around when Kohaku is heading toward the end of the show too. I have a feeling that more people will be watching them fight than watching kohaku...

I am supposed to interview Ferry Corsten on monday now, as we can't interview him when we go to Verfarre on saturday night for Cyber trance event. So it will basically be brief interview and report of the event with Remo-con and will have to follow up the interview with Ferry later, as he will be flying in from Hong Kong after he does his 8 hr straight show or something and going straight to Verfarre and play from like 11pm. I have met Ferry for CBF many times now but he is a really nice, humble guy. I wonder if he is still married to that phillipino girl as I am sure he meets a lot of beautiful young chickies everywhere around the world...

I got a copy of the movie "Taizo" so I need to watch it for next wednesday's interview with this movie's director. Tomorrow is the interview with Junior Senior and damn, I just do not have time to do anything! I need to go get dad's b-day gift but I suppose I can only do that on friday.. My body totally aches.. totally stressed out :(

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Long day of mental labor. The day started off with Namie Amuro's interview. We spent a good hour getting ready for it, and prepared Mickey Xmas version figurines( all 6 of them, complete set)for her as an early Xmas gift. They bought that at blister. She came in to the studio and we gave her the gift and she was like overwhelmed and stood up and bowed to say thank you. Last time I interviewed her, it was just before she divorced Sam, so it was intense and she didn't really talk much back then, but today, (I don't know if it was because of the gift or what lol) she reeeeeeally opened up. or is it that I know how to treat people better for interview or what? hehe. She's notorious for not talking much and just say yes and no and just giggles, because she is extremely shy, but she talked a LOT. How she has to eat the pasta before the stage which she doesn't like, suggested by the label's dietician and how she wish she could just eat curry and rice or Katsudon right before the stage, and like she would be so full and to do a show, and that there are things she can do, and she must do, and how she finally insisted on doing all R&B flavor, how she always wants to be number one when it comes to singing and dancing, how Verbal (that whole Suite Chic) and Michico(her singing coach and also an artist) really help inspire her to do her own thing, and help her be herself, how she sings "Don't wanna cry" and a lot of her own songs at Karaoke and often after the show, she sings the ones that she couldn't sing well at the show, to make sure she can sing it fine, how she feels awkward about being on stage all alone and that she is so grateful fro all the dancers and back musicians who sometimes get hurt physically because of too much rehearsal and hard training, etc etc, she seemed really relaxed and looking at me in my eyes when talking to me( she doesn't do that for most other people lol), maybe she can make it big again. at least I hope so. For what she has been through, now could be her time and to be really accepted with love and understanding.

Had a looong meeting afterwards discussing about junior senior and Aiko Ikuta, and 2 more artists. and went to J-wave and I was already dead tired then. I still have to study a little about K1 and prepare for tomorrow when I interview Mr.Tanikawa of FEG, I bought the book on pro-wrestling but I only know a little, so I gotta do a lot of preps tomorrow. On tonight's show. we talked about Depleted Uranium weapons and how they affect the human's bodies especially children.

Gosh I am so bombarded with stuff to do. I need to buy dad's birthday gifts too but looks like I won't get to do anything til friday. but today was a good day because the interview kicked ass, and I got my first royalty for the song "teaser" for Kumi. My first royalty ever in my life! Woo-hoo :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

B-flets construction failed today as I still had DSL hooked through Yahoo BB. Damn it, so it has been postponed. Hella rainy day, too. 3 days in a row. This gets depressing.

Now, This girl is for sale. This one I met today, her name is Aiko Aoyama, a 21 yr old. sort of a girl who geekish otaku who hang out in Akihabara would go nuts for. and Along with 4 other people out of audition they are literally for sale. The company called Japan Digital Contents, is now trying to get rich people interested to buy new gurabia-idols fresh from the contest, and if they becomes succesful with DVD or picture books or whatever, their money get doubled or more. This is kind of a sick thought, in my opinion but apparently a lot of people have shown interest and they have been getting calls from so many people for stock option information average of more than 50 calls a day. 50000 yen to start and you can give up to 5 million yen per one girl. This is apparently Japan's first trial to ever do such a thing but man, that's sick.

I got this long fax sent to J-wave from a man named Syuji Abico, who is a taxi driver. He has had my brother as a customer 3 times in short period of time, and he always listens to my show, so when my bro was in his taxi and when he had J-wave on, and listening to my show, my bro said, "Hey that's my sister" and he was all excited that they talked a lot or something. My brother gets to ride taxi from where he lives to Narita airport, everytime he has to go leave for his flight, but there is no specific driver that works just for him. It's all random. so 3 times is a coincidence.
2nd time was when he got back from HongKong so my bro wasn't talking much, but he realized that it was the same driver, so they started talking but apparenty JAL didn't allow my bro to talk or get in contact too much with strangers after he got back from places where SARS was hitting hard at that time. 3rd time, he asked about me to see if I was doing alright as he doesn't talk to me much, and this taxi driver says that he will fax the radio station to check on me and share his story, and he says he didn't want to break his promise to my bro, so he says he decided to fax today so he did. He says that the 3rd time, my bro gave him some of the omiyage that he prolly bought for other people and that he felt bad that he was so generous or something. This man sounds like such a nice person. I remember about him because my bro mentioned it to me a long time ago that he met a taxi driver who was a fan of my show. He's gotta be in his 60's or something. Man, this fax made my day.

Now I gotta strat preparing for tomorrow's interview and some other work stuff. Tomorrow is apparently supposed to be sunny so finally a laundry day and to finally feel good being outside..

Monday, December 01, 2003

Went to Chigasaki on a rainy sunday, to visit our ukulele friend Chihiro. Her mother and her sister Chisa were there and of course Chihiro's baby, Ryunosuke. He is big for a 4 month old, and have no fear of strangers and he was such a friendly fella with big o' smile. On the way home, Yumi and we stopped off at binchotan place in Nakameguro, and pigged out.

gosh it's already December, the rating week is coming up in two weeks starting from 15th, and the year-end.. I can't believe how time flies. like once I fill out IC royalty report, now on to the next one and I am like argh.

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