Thursday, January 29, 2004

Finally my haircolor is"fixed". Now I feel so much better, I left a highlight on just the sideline of my face so I know how stupid I was. Kev and I both went to Jacques Moisant and he got a haircut and I redid my hair, whew. Now I can go to the states not looking like a freak.

I went to Kana-sensei and she told me about how my parents aren't doing well mentally and physically, and they want to see Kevin and I being stable before their lives are over, they keep telling me that but they were actually telling me the truth, and kana sensei told me that it is worse than what I had probably imagined of. and that they want to see us happy and help us and at the same time, they want to enjoy time with us in Hawaii meeting some new people in a new paradise enviroment, so they could rest in peace, so all she had to say was that everything will turn around positive if we go to Hawaii now so that we need to hurry up. I was in tears doing meditation and visualization again, but I felt like I went on a really long journey with Kana-sensei, for my parents, Kev, etc. I am so glad I went to see her before anything was too late. Turns out that my dad didn't really do the surgery yesterday either, my mom told me that he went as a check-up as a part of findng out whats wrong with him, I am really really worried about them now, but I just gotta find peace and happiness with them.

Work was all good too, I am having a hard time accessing to my email so I can't write and make an offer to Lisa like my dad told me to, it's probably the new computer virus. Anyway, tomorrow we are off to austin, our flight is really bad, too many stopovers, layover.. we need to pack.. but hey, we could always some change of scene...

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

My dad had some urinary tract surgery, my mom and dad were making fun of it saying that it's just that he has to get rid of the garbage stuck in his weenie tube. not sure if they were referring it to the kidney stone, but apparently he got it done first thing in the morning, I hope he feels alright now. He called me from his cell phone regarding the real estate in Hawaii around 10am, and also around 1pm so that must mean that he is okay. and that he is too excited that he's better. who knows. I am still feelig bad about how I was late on sunday, by 50 minutes. Anybody has a right to get pissed at someone who didn't show up for that long....

I had a long meeting about Day After Tomorrow, which is next week's interview, and then the interview with kumachi went really great, so I am happy about that. I took off to J-wave after that was finished, did a show, hid my hair all day long with a hat, I honestly do not have any time at all for redoing my hair before I go to Austin. It will be a waste of money after I spent so much money on doing all this highlights anyway... Although I wallowed in misery last night and thinking desperately how I wanted to go change my haircolor, at this point I don't care that much. Maybe it just takes a while to get used to it. I don't know...

I saw Kono-san who used to do a phone report from China, he was back to Japan for 10 days for Chinese new years, he looked the same, and I felt bad that his gig is over already.. anyway, my producer gave me a Draemon calendar for 2004, super rare limited stuff signed by Nobuyo Oyama, the voice actress of Doraemon's voice, because we did a show together, they brought the calendar or something, and somehow I got to keep it because I am a fan LOL. I need to go get doraemon converse shoes!!I know they are now available for like 12000 yen including the 6 color pens..I need to go hit Takeshita dori!!!

My producer and I went to Puuwai, a nail salon that is opened til 5 in the morning. She took me there and I really must say that this is my definately best nail salon that I have ever been to, staffers are so nice, and down to earth, and they listen to anything you want to do with your nails. She knows of this girl who made the nail staff, "korosu"(KILL) in all katakana on one of her nails!!I got this sculpture nails done, I am not used to it yet so it is kind of pain in a butt to type. but I am sure I will get used to it. I got like drawing of heart thing with angel wings, lips. It's fun!! Mine are like pink based with some gradation, my producer got all orange, and got bright orange glitter thing on 4 of her nails which look really cute! Gosh another bad bad womanly hobby that I discovered and I am so hooked LOL. $$$$!!!!!!

A lot has been going on and I am exhausted, I have done enough "outside" changes, that I could possibly do for now, and so I am going to go see Kana-sensei tomorrow, it has been so long to get my own done! I am happy that I at least get to do this before I leave for Austin...I am so unpacked, ready for this business trip. but I will get everything(packing anc such) done tomorrow. but for now, I am just happy looking at my nails! Why are we women so simple? LOL

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

This bright new highlights of my hair is just too extreme for me, 20-40 drops of St.John's Wort in my ginger tea ain't doing a thing for me, buying new clothes for temporarily relief...none of these things can help me change. It only gets me down. and makes me feel bad about myself even worse.

Why am I still carrying this little kid inside of me that refuses to grow up out of my parent's hands and being co-dependent, why do I put up with so much crap and let people take me for granted? Why? I am about to go crazy with way too much pressure forced upon me, and I do not have enough time to do anything I want to do for myself right now. I hardly have enough time to do the research for work,either which is so bad. and I am leaving for a business trip to Austin, Texas from Thursday and I just have no time at all for anything. I won't see Kevin for another 2-3 weeks after I say bye bye to him in Austin. He will be off to Richmond, to do some more cons, and then take care of his business crap, and then stop by at Hawaii and then come home. We both are so not grounded right now. Just not enough time. It sucks. Totally sucks...

I spent good 5 hrs at aveda. It wasn't a great day at Aveda. Well, staffs were real nice, and they listened to what I wanted to do with my hair, but they prolly thought that I was like this chaotic psycho for some reason, and wanted to do some bizzare experimental stuff with my hair. Leaving a salon with staff telling me that it doesn't look bad, is a bad hair. (well, color was what turned out to be bizzare for me, not the hairstyle.) Went to work and having people flip out on my looking at my new haircolor isn't the greatest feeling when I just simply needed a change. but not enough confidence in the change I made.

I am forced to change right now, in various different ways. Like location, jobs, lifestyle, friends, being punctual, better attitude ..all kinds of things. Kev and I really need to look at ourselves and do some soul searching as well, to figure out why we are the way we are. and how we could change so we could grow together. I have been way too overwhelmed and the haircolor change I made was something that I just wasn't ready for. I want to dye this darker and neutral again, but after spending 20,000 yen on this, again? I know that's going to be really stupid. Then again I don't want to have people telling me that it doesn't look right. I need to change it back though.. I want to. I made an appintment to see Kana-sensei on wednesday afternoon so I could prolly go do it before that... I just need to fix it back to something that I feel comfortable.. argh, stupid me.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Being punctual.

Being on time, was always a problem for me, especially since I started working in radio it seems. because radio job is so about time, if you have 30 seconds to talk, that's a lot of time, and you are always overwhelmed by time, counting time and you don't want to think about such details when you are not on air. I also had this ego, like well, they'll wait for me. That's totally going to change today.

Kevin and I were supposed to meet my dad and my mom at Tachikawa station at 1pm. We were soooo exhausted from that whole anime expo tokyo chaos and just doing fun stuff with Robb and Taka this past week and I set my alarm at 11am, and I guess I turned it off in my REM sleep somehow, and I woke up when my phone rang at 1:15pm. That was my mom saying "Where are you? I am waiting for you two at front of Isetan department store." I was like holy shit.. and Kevin was like How did that happen? It had to be a bad dream. I promised myself that I would NEVER be late for my mom or my dad ever again because we have done it so many times in the past, it's not that we thought they will wait, or that we didn't care if they waited. Anyhow. I called my dad once we got on the train, and said I will be a bit late, which I knew we were 25 minutes late at that point so we will be there around 1:50pm. but if I told him or my mom what happened, I would have gotten the lecture on the phone anyway, and plus "again and again" in person, so I didn't want double lecture, so I just said that we were a bit late... Kev said that I should have told him the real story, but I just woke up and could not believe that i was late, and didn't want to face reality, and I was confused, my brain was not properly functioning... so... oh well.

So of course, they were totally PISSED OFF. My mom waited for us at Isetan for 40 minutes or so, and my dad waited for us at Takashimaya, at around the restaurant. Gosh, if there was a hole, I wanted to crawl in and hide. We did have lunch together, and I paid for it because I just felt so bad, I know they have been really nice to me and Kev, and my mom was like there is no point in investing money for people like you. She was furious. My dad was like you aren't a kid any more so you just need to call and let us know what's up. Right, Well, Kev said that to me too that I should have told my dad what was really going on, but I never had a relationship with my dad or my mom.. because my whole life was like kind of telling them something that's not true in order to do what I want to do. because otherwise I would have gotten this long, painful lecture from my mom and sometimes dad, and that I never really wanted to deal with that when I was younger. I guess I am still a big kid, that I don't tell them everything so I can be as perfect as possible for them. which isn't real. That's just my issue, though. I need to open up, because they have their arms spread out to accept me the way I am. and I will look at my bad attitude, and really change that because you know. it's about time. I am 33 and can't be this way forever. and I don't want to either. Argh, this year, being on time is going to have to be my priority. and be the first one to arrive anywhere (as humanly possible) and breathe the air of where I am supposed to be instead of rushing in, and pay respect to the place where I am, and start a good day with the person that I am meeting.

Kevin left after we were done with lunch. I went to get my pants fixed at the shop where my mom bought this pair for me, fixing was going to take 1 hr 30 minutes, so I went shopping while I was waiting for it. They were having this sale, so I was dizzy, and dissapointed in myself, and totally depressed, but I went to Neil's yard remedies and bought St.John's Wort and Lemom Balm extract,( Kev and I need it!) Woman essence cream by Australian bushflower essences, (smells sooo good), Mouth spray(mint and lemon, tastes good!) and the book called "Herbs for reducing stress &anxiety" by Rosemary Gladstar. and roll-on remedy for energy which smells sooo good. Right I went crazy :) but I love Neal's yard remedies stuff. As a matter of fact, they own the organic cafe called Brown Rice Cafe where I took Taka for lunch one day. That's why their food is just sooo amazing. and I went to Zara, and bought a coat and two tops, and then to the bookstore to buy some books that my mom wanted, and a book on herb for myself, and finally picked up the pants, and went to my parent's home.

I felt so bad and picked up some sweets at Kihachi, and we ate them. I was a complete wreck. and they didn't say anything to me any further. We started figuring out which houses for Kevin to see while he is there and such, and got excited. My mom was like I want to start a food place where I can serve my homemade Japanese food. so we were like that's a great idea. Grow herbs and veggies in the garden and use them for her cooking. She is really the best chef so yeah she can totally do that in Hawaii. That would be fun. but anyway... after all that was done, I headed back home. I have an appointment with aveda for my hair tomorrow at 1pm and I am not going to be late for that, so I need to take a bath now and go to sleep. I felt bad enough already, so it's time to make no mistake any more. I AM going to be punctual. This time for real.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

This is the link to Robb and Taka's band and you can even see the pictures of her doing the bellydancing on stage! Cool stuff!

I work with fools.com.
Friday turned to be a really intense, fulfilling, emotinal day for all of us.

Robb and Yumi went to the park right by her house first thing in the morning when they woke up. Kevin took off to work, and Taka and Robb came out to Harajuku with Yumi and shopped, while I was struggling with negative comments being made by my mom about the messy house. She came around 1:20pm much later than I expected her to show up. She brought like a really expencive melon and rice crackers and salmon and all of those usual care package again, and started cleaning our place while the constriction guy was working on fixing and installing the new AC in our bedroom. After a while, and after I told her to shut up and stop complaining about our mess and let us take care of our own mess, (I felt bad but I was just frustrated) she slowed down a bit, and we were like watching TV together and all that, but I had to leave for Aveda's facial appointment. but turns out that my mom forgot her key, so I gave her my key to hold onto, shortly after that I got a call from Kevin saying he was finished with work, so he came home while my mom was there so she didn't have to worry about leaving my key somewhere. It was all confusing.

So I arrived at Aveda like 10 minutes late, started with foot soak, and consultation, I am a wind/air person, so she blended the oil to use on me accordingly to my personality, it was VERY relaxing, and my therapist turned out to be the spa manager, so she did a wonderful job. I saw Taka after we were both done with facial, she was nice and relaxed, we had water with some yuzu in it which was really great. I ended up buying some products, ( love their skin toner and serum, not to mention all of those hair products but I will look into all of that online and prolly buy them with the help of Taka *wink*) and got in a cab to go home to change and drop off Taka's stuff before going to Kana-sensei's house.

We were stuck in the semi-traffic jam, we were mellowed out and talked a lot in the car about pretty personal stuff about each other, and arrived home and realized there was no key and Kev and Robb weren't home. Just lack of communication on our part, but anyway, we got into a nice little fight, (like we needed another when he was sober!) but anyway we took off to Kana-sensei's but were 10 minutes late. I was feeling bad for everyone at this point for being late everywhere we go. but having 4 different people's schedule and trying to work it all out was just really confusing.

We got there, and she asked Taka if there is anything specific that she wanted to know. I am not going into details because it is her privacy, but this 2 hr session turned out to be such a rewarding experience for all of us. Taka, Yumi and I shared the tears, and it was just SO emotional like we all came into this one force to nurture Taka's soul. I am glad we went and, I hope she feels the same way :) She was telling me that I should hurry up and move to Hawaii soon, although I wasn't getting my reading or anything, I wonder what that meant. Geez. I need to go see her for myself soon!

We came home, and saw Kev and Robb, good thing that Robb got to shop a little at Oriental Bazarr, although I felt bad about having to send him home alone but since Yumi had to go straight to Kana sensei for work, there was really nobody who could be with him being that We were at facial, and Kev at work, Yumi at work. Sorry Robb :(

We were starving so we took off to Yataimura to wrap up our last evening together. They really liked that place. We pigged out and Yumi got a hold of L?K?O so we took off to the club in Higashi-koenji called Grass Roots. It was a club/bar like in a tiny loft space, LKO was there with his wife and was VERY happy to see the cute and sexy Taka-chan of course, His wife was learning how to do some bellydancing moves from Taka, we met the bar owner who was awfully happy to see Taka, everyone was happy to see Taka and they were like "Robb and Taka were like the coolest Father and Daughter!" which they are! I hope that Taka gets to use this connection into something of her future career, and I hope that one day she will be a star performer/artist :) Anyhow, we came home, and Taka packed, went to sleep. I slept in no time which is VERY rare for me, well it feels nice to be able to sleep. If we human beings are physically tired, we do fall alsleep easy huh?

This morning, I didn't even know what time Kevin left for work, as I was dead asleep. and woke up around 11-ish, and we went to Samrat for lunch, Robb had lamb curry and Taka had spinach and mushroom curry and I had my regular butter chicken with Mango Lassi. Yummy~! and came home to leave for the shuttle bus, oh and they stopped by at the grocery store and picked up some ika, and senbei, and pocky (decorated pocky as Taka said LOL) . Took them to Shinjuku's shuttle bus stop. Taxi driver was really friendly and speaking in English to them, when we told him that Robb does manga stuff and Taka was a pro bellydancer/singer, he was like "oh very nice, very talented, I respect you. Rome is not built in one day" in English. which cracked us up.

So the bye-bye was hard. Robb& Taka's first time in Tokyo. I felt bad that Robb had to blow off that tour thing, but I hope they got to enjoy Tokyo and more of a everyday Tokyo life. Takako is such a sweet girl, and I saw a lot of my reflection in her, like a young version of me in her. I was just really drawn to her for some reason that I had to absolutely nurture her and just wanted to really take good care of her, I miss her a lot already. I hope she gets to come back to Tokyo again soon, and go shopping together, dine out at organic cafe, getting facial, and go partying together and all of that fun stuff :) She needs to come back here and teach me belly dancing, so she GOTTA come back! hehe.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Some things that sucks about living in Japan is not being able to watch my favorite show, Sex and the city. Their lips are sealed as to how the show ends ... but man! Can anybody tape it for me...!!!
It is thursday night(around 3:30am) and I am home alone now as Robb, Taka and Kev are staying at Yumi's place tonight. Because my mom is coming over tomorrow morning to see the new AC that they bought for us properly set up ready to go and for her to pay for it and all after construction is done. see, I totally forgot about my mom coming over when I said okay about Robb&Taka staying with us. This was actually like the toughest hurdle more than anything else, because, first of all. I did not want to tell her that they were staying with us because then I would have to get a looong lecture from her about how perfect and clean our place "should" look when having guests over, and that our place is not big enough to take good care of them, blah blah blah. I grew up with a pair of this perfectinist parents, I love them to death, but sometimes it's tough like this. My dad is a bit more cool about these kind of things though, but my mom just doesn't accept the fact that guests are at our messy, small apartment. So I figured that I would just get Yumi to help me have them stay at her place just for tonight, and say that their suitcases belong to Kevin and that he's just preparing for his trip back home, which he really is anyway. Geez, I hope she will not say too much :( and that the AC construction will be over asap as I have to leave here for my appointment at aveda for facial at 3:15pm. Anyhow, you may or may not understand me, but if you have very strict, concervative parents then you would understand why I am doing this. how it's just better that I don't tell them about what I am doing. It took me many years though until I learnt to live with it. When I was younger, I hated everything about them being all perfect. so I did whatever it took me to go the other way, sneaking out of the house, (my curfew was like 12 midnight in College, all throughout 4 years which wasn't just possible to commit to). being the metal girl. (and in college I turned into punk for a few years because of whom I was going out with, I suppose). I remember the first day I got myself an apartment to move out of the my parent's place, with the money I made doing radio djing, I was like so happy. I still remember that feeling of total freedom thinking "oh my god, I don't have to worry about what time I have to come home!" and just the air, and the sky was fresher,bigger, and better, like my whole new world to myself totally opened up. but I wouldn't have been who I am now if it wasn't for what my parents have done for me, like morals and beliefs and manners and etc. so I am really thankful for that actually. otherwise, I think I would have gone non-stop to the other way, and would have had no moral, no rule, no theory, and just stayed plain o' stupid and I would have prolly be shot dead on the streets on Hollywood Blvd or something, really.

Anyhow. Today was like this. I actually had a really decent sleep in such a looooong time last night. I hadn't slept decent in like a few weeks now, so falling asleep hearing the nice little laughters of Robb, Taka and Kev watching Ali G, was really nice, felt like I was at some humble "home" . I slept before they did, and wow it felt sooooo good. Woke up and we went to Asakusa, Taka got this bad fortune thing from omikuji so she went crazy shopping for good luck charms lol, she was real cute. and we went to Kokugikan to watch sumo! Yes! It was awesome, my first sumo!! Ticket was 4900 yen but we got the really great seats. They rented the english broadcasting radio for sumo and from around 4-6pm,they stayed and watched the whole thing. I had to leave for work around 5pm :( but it was still cool to see that. It's definately better to see it live!!!! and Jesse(formely known as Takamiyama) was at the ticket booth!!! so I got the picture taken with him!! What a pleasant surprice! "I was like oh my god that's Jesse!!! The guy who was doing like the washing machine commercial when I was a little kid!!! LOL "

Anyway, I left in the middle of the thing to go to Shibuya, to interview the store manager of Karaoke shop in Shibuya and to interview girls in Shibuya streets for the show for next tuesday. The whole reason for this is because now they are about to make less than 18 yr old kids stop staying at Karaoke and Internet/manga cafe after 10pm in order to reduce the juvenile crime or to stop them from getting involved in any of those crimes. Karaoke and Internet/manga cafe are opened 24 hrs, and with Japan's railroad system being that it's not 24 hrs, and you must make it to your last train home, there are bunch of kids who just stay out and stay at places like karaoke or Internet/manga cafe. Karaoke shop is already making kids show them ID to enter. and doing the best they can. Even if you go to karaoke with your family, if you are younger than 18, you can't stay after 10pm so the whole family have to leave. now that's fucked up. It was totally hilarious, though especially the interview I did with the girls .. I didn't know that these girls already got smart and been making fake IDs. So this new law is really stupid actually, in my opinion. because kids who want to stay out and party will do it anyway even if they ban the kids out from just karaoke and internet cafe. It's so "japanese" though how these two places are the target this time. They will go elsewhere though. girls were saying that they would instead go to like 24 hr restaurants, convenient store, or on the streets(most of them said they will just spend time on the street which was a bit scary for me) and hardly anyone said that they will go home early because of this new law. The funnest part was being there with Nonaka-san and my staff though, It was so freezing today, but still had LOTS of fun. Although they said the funnest was me, but I guess listeners will find out why next tuesday ....

I went home after that to meet Robb.Taka and Kev. They stopped by at Nakano real quick, the mecca of otaku, and then came home. Cleaned up and packed ready to go. Went to Yumi's house, and she made lovely dinner, vegetarian thai curry, with salad and thai food called no-name, which is a fried pancake with seafood and onion in it, it was GOOOOOD. I really don't know how to thank her for all that she has done to help me out ....

AND the bellydancing!! Taka gave me and Yumi a bellydance lesson! It was amazing!!! She is a teacher professinal in bellydancing and also performs regularly in Colorado, but wow. It was tough, but it felt gooood. Just need to let loose and do more, but gosh that was FUN! Feeling sexy and fit even though I am not LOL. Taka finished the lesson with drumroll, and my god the move she did... we were like whaaaaaaat and trying to follow her as best as we could which was impossible but bellydancing is REALLY fun. I really want to take a class now so I should try to find the class on the internet or on metropolis ad or something, I wish Taka could be my private teacher! She was saying something about $20 per hour, but I would pay her $100 at least! *wink*

Tomorrow is going to be a long day ..the hardest part is my mom's visit though LOL. and then I am off to Aveda to meet Taka, and she will go see Kana-sensei and we will have party to go to afterwards. It is their last day in Tokyo too, so we've gotta make it worthwhile. Kev has to work in the early afternoon real quick though, but I think he is going to come home after that and meet up with Robb.

I will upload pictures as soon as humanly possible of all that fun that we have been having( well. except for one night when Kev got way too drunk and crazy on everyone... but still Gainax people sent us a surprise gift to Robb and Kev.. Eva's zippo lighter for each one of them! Hopefully that means that they don't hate Kevin and us... ).

Anyway pictures will be uploaded soon... and you know, Taka is just adorable. She is like an angel inside and out. This is the kind of girl I want my daughter to be like if I ever have a baby one day :)

Thursday, January 22, 2004


4 hr meeting at avex and the interview with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchstra and some recording at Matrix studio. Kev brought Robb and Taka to the studio after I was done there so I can bring them to J-wave at Roppongi Hills. I showed my ID to issue them guest passes, got them all checked in, took them up to 33rd floor. I made sure that I made Kev bring some sweets or something for my producer for allowing me to bring guests, because it is really strict now to bring up guests at Roppongi Hills. so bought some sweets at Tofu Cafe. After J-wave tour, we went down to Xen, for birthday bash for Aya. Yamaga, Takeda, and Saito-san came from Gainax, and Aya brought her friend Ryu who she was staying with in Sangenjaya, had dinner, Kev got too wasted and I am still traumatized by everything that happened, just really humiliating to me, but I prolly just been still feeling numb with that whole thing.. anyway, he will need to go on non-alcohol thing for a few months at least. I never want to see him with his face stuck in the toilet and seeing that thinking that maybe he is dead, or ..I don't want him freak out on me, period. That is prolly why I had such a weird dream.


I could not get any sleep. Finally went to sleep around 10 in the morning after hearing back from Yumi to come help out with Robb and Taka. My savior, Yumi came over around 3-ish, and me, Taka and Yumi went to meet Yuki at cafe near Vogue Nippon. She said she will just skip the lesson today because we were all there and stuff, she is busy as usual. spending most of the time traveling back and forth to Milano, Paris and NY and all of those places for shooting. She gave me the Vogue Nippon Original bags that she meant to give me last time and she gave Taka two issues of Vogue Nippon. (Jan and Feb issue) and showed us Vogue office. so I think Taka was happy :) and Yumi took Taka shopping in Shinjuku and they apparently went to Udon place for dinner.

I took off to work. finished work. Met up with them again, bought sumo tickets for tomorrow. We are going to go to Asakusa, and sumo at kokugikan. and Yumi's place.. I will blog more when I have more time to myself.. but this is just what's been going on..

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I had a dream that I ended up marrying somebody else. Not Kevin. I had a ceremony and everything, my husband-to-be person's face wasn't all clear but he was rich but we didn't know much about each other, so Kev was ganging up on me about what a big mistake that I was making, and making me feel bad. It was weird, and I woke up, in real life, I was still married to Kevin who puked his guts off and acted like the biggest fool on earth last night at xen, in Roppongi Hills for Aya's b-day bash with Gainax's top executives and etc *sigh* He needs to stop alcohol period.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Too Exhausted to blog, but what I did today was,
12 noon-Robb and Taka's arrival to our house. Grocery shopping. Taka and I go to Harajuku. Omotesando to have lunch at Brown Rice Cafe where we had an amazing lunch and the best beer we ever had in our lives. (Ginger beer!!). Went to Aveda spa and salon where Taka and I got the special treatment from their english-speaking staff because Taka works at Aveda in Colorado! Booked appointments for facial on friday for two of us, I made an appointment for monday for haircut and color. Uraharajuku-Takashita-dori, Train back home, took a shower, went to work. Interviewed photo journalist Koichi Yamamoto who has been taking pictures inside North Korea for the past 25 years. Had a meeting, came home. I need zzz. Kev took Robb and Taka to Shinjuku where they bought digital cameras, (d-snap) and dined at yatai-mura in Okubo. Otsukare, Kev. Now I must sleep!

Monday, January 19, 2004

It was a loooong day and my feet are super tired. I went to AX Tokyo to meet up with Aya from Fanime, Robb and Taka. Plus Kev was staying the night with them so I had to bring him a change of clothes, which made me forget to bring my digital camera which totally sucked. :( We went eating Tonkatsu at Sunshine Plaza and went to do the Ironcat Panel. I was surprised because there were actually a LOT of people in the panel who came to see us and Hiroshi Aro. Talked about how we operate, what kind of titles we have and what kind of new titles are in the works, and translation, and a bunch of things. Hiroshi Aro's autograph session line was looooong. Gosh he is really popular here!

Taka, Aya and I went shopping afterwards, while Kev and Robb said that they were not coming with us at the intersection, so we were like whataa? but anyhow, we went to Harajuku, and hit Takeshita dori shopping street where Aya bought a cute little dress, and went to Lafore where Taka went nuts shopping again, but we only had a very limited time, so oh well. We went to the organic food restaurant called Crayon House in Omotesando, and had real nice dinner with a real homemade sangria :)

Aya took a train from there to omotesando, (We'll meet again on tuesday night for her birthday bash in Roppongi!) and we went to Shinjuku where Kev and Robb was eating all you can eat shabu-shabu at the mo-mo-paradise, to meet up with them for drinks. but we never went for drinks and went back to their hotel because Kev needed to pick up his stuff, and we carried Robb's suitcase home because they will be staying with us until Saturday. They were going to go to the tour apparently, but they changed their mind, and to blow off the tour, they need a place to stay, so hey.. Our place is small. messy. and Kev and I both have to got work to do and such, but instead of going on the tour and visiting all these different places for like a few hours at a time, then they will end up not absorbing anything about Japan but they will only be able to say that they just went to these places. What would be better, I don't know. Taka seemed to prefer to get to know more of a local way. which I would like to do when I go somewhere. I just like entertaining people. and especially with Taka, it's pretty easy because I think we like similar things, so I can just take her to places I like and she will get a kick out of it :)

They can go to like .. Akihabara, Tsukiji even, Nakano, Onsen themed park place, Roppongi Hills(or Roppongi in general) , Temple (like Asakusa or Meiji shrine) , Odaiba, Sumo?(cuz it's going on right now..) and that's about right, and be able to go back to the states feeling like you really absorbed the city. Well, anyway..

I do have to work tomorrow at night, I can take Taka back to Harajuku during the daytime, come back and take some rest to go to work. I have to figure out what to do about the interview with kumachi though, plus I have to dig up some info about Speed, and Sweets... it will be a busy week and in the next few days after they leave, we are off to Texas .. whew. I hope I survive. but I think I'll definately go to Hawaii with my parents and Kev in March, just so we can chill and see the houses, and enjoy the sun a bit... :)

Sunday, January 18, 2004

so .. most of the people who are here for Anime Expo Japan are staying at Sunshine Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro. I got a few hours of sleep and Kev came home from work and we went there to pick up Takako and Robb. We bumped into Mike Tatsugawa and had a chat with him for a bit. and took off to Shibuya.

It is snowing today! It is freeeeezing cold and it sucks so bad! but oh well.. . but I wore warm clothes so It wasn't so bad. I just came home. and Kev went to their hotel again and will be staying in their room, Damn Bennett's who love to partaaay and talk stories. LOL

Anyhow.. while Kev and Robb went exploring Shibuya, I took Taka shopping. I took her to Shibuya 109 and we did the print club to start off her Tokyo experience, and down the escalators hitting all the shops. She liked the stuff at Love Boat and ended up spending like 25000 yen there. Man I love a girl who shops! It's not fun when I take somebody shopping and doesn't shop. She bought a really hot outfit at Rockie American Market as well, and the shop clerk dude was going " Dang, she is hot". LOL Anyhow.. after that, we met up with Robb and Kev and took print club pictures together again with all of us, and went for dinner at Daibutsu Korokoro which is a neat izakaya place with Buddha theme. We had GREAT food there and Robb was totally in love with this place saying how they need to have this place in Colorado. (Robb, maybe this place would rock in Colorado too huh? LOL) He even ended up buying the t-shirt of the restaurant which is this shop's exclusive stuff or whatever, it only comes in medium size so Taka got one and he didn't get one and he was dissapointed that they didn't have any large size available :( It is weird though really that it only comes in M-size! Poor Robb. He sooo loved that place. and I treated all of us to Wu-lai's foot massage. Oh that was so nice, and we needed that :)

They are debating whether they should cancel the tour deal from Monday, and instead stay in Tokyo. They haven't seen much of Tokyo yet so if they could cancel, they should! I want to take Taka and Robb to more places! They are so fun :) I am going to upload some pictures from tonight on my photo album so check it :)

I should get some decent sleep tonight so I can go to the hotel to meet with them early. Apparently we have a panel and also we are supposed to meet up with Aya for lunch tomorrow at the venue. After they are gone, we will be leaving for Texas for Ushicon, so it will be like weeks of anime con atmosphere for a while now.

You know. Tokyo is fun. The only bad thing about it is the weather, it's too friggin' coooooold!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2004

It turns out that our panel for Anime Expo Tokyo got changed to 3:30pm on Sunday instead of Saturday. which works out quite good because that way we can meet up with Aya and do the panel and get everything done in one day. I bought like a magazine on Tokyo sightseeing in case Takako wanted to go shopping tomorrow, still wondering what the sub-culture place would be, but if they call, I will think of something. Prolly just 109 and Urahara and Harajuku.

Tonight I did make it to the belated J-wave jam the world's new year's party at Kitchen Salvatore. Great food! and all you can drink ( red wine. white wine and beer.. juice.. of course I go for the alcohol. ) . My producer had an announcement to make about the rating. and it turns out that our rating for November was REAAALLY good. In fact, it was like a record breaking rating which was like 28% share of that time slot. (8-10pm). Our mission is usually to go over 18% at least, but dang! and friday that week was like a collaboration with the TV program called News Station and Hiroshi Kume, the news caster of the show, came to J-wave and the TV show took place from J-wave, and that day was apparently like 35% share or something crazy. So they will be happy for at least 2 months. Until the next rating comes around. (which is February, so it's coming up very soon :( ) I took a bunch of pictures with my staff so I will upload them on my typepad's blog's photo album. Check out the fun people that I work with!

Friday, January 16, 2004

I don't know what to write where any more being that I have 3 blogs running. Is this normal for blogger beginner? I mean I think I could just keep typepad's blog from now but I am so overly attached to blogger.com's blog that I origianlly started out with. I just have to organize my mind. what contents for which one sorta thing. I know what Almost Paradise is for so that's all aside and simple. but between this blog and typepad blog... oh no, it's like comparing two really good boyfriends. Typepad to me is more like Mr Big. and blogger.com's blog is like... Aidan. or Steve. (just comparing based on Sex and the City) Is it really possible for me to write two different blogs, personal one and not-so-personal. hmm. maybe. I will think about it tonight as I am drinking some beer at the party.

Tomorrow I found out that we have a panel with Hiroshi Aro, the manga artist at Anime Expo Tokyo from like 3:30pm. Aya called too so we are going to get together on sunday. Like I thought it will be a busy weekend. Most of them leave next week, and tuesday is Aya's birthday and Robb's birthday is right around there as well. so there is definately going to be a birthday bash on tuesday night then... hmm, maybe churasco? (all you can eat meat and sangria~~~ yeees!)

Well, I really need to get going .. it looks like its going to snow later tonight and so freezing already, I don't feel like going out but just to show my face...
I don't know what to do no more. I am totally obsessed with blog and it's scarying me. Just for the reason that I wanted to upload the pictures on my blog, I signed up for typepad pro. and named my new site on typepad Kesavinchi "Stripped" for now. Updating pictures from Kev's powerbook is really smooth :) since my iMac does not have any pictures any more :( Typepad is doing 30 day trial so I am on it, but I guess I just have to see which one I feel more related to. Definately the picture thing is cool though, better than paying 5 dollars for 6 pics a day for fotolog.net but fotolog.net is so friendly like blogger.com... I wish they were more flexible ..somebody with lots of money. donate! and sponsor them, buy them! and let us use it for free and upload as many as we want....!!!

It's 7am and Kev just got home, stinking like a bad mix of sake and beer. Yikes. I think that's why I can never really truly like sake. because of the awful smell that comes pouring from the skin...
I succesfully launched my fotolog!! but being that I am a free user, I can only upload one picture per day :( If I become a paid member( 5 dollars a month) then I can upload 6 per day.. but if I am going to pay 5 dollars, I want to upload MORE pictures.. so maybe I should just sign up with typepad instead..but I wanted to try out this fotolog thing so I am happy :)

I went to the dr to get meds, and met up with Kev's friends who came from US to attend Anime Expo Tokyo. Robb Carnes,who lives in Colorado, he does translation for Kev's company's books now. He brought his daughter who is a 21 yr old, named Takako, her mother was half Japanese half caucasian so she is a quarter but dang! she is pretty!! Her friend Melissa( I think that was her name) who is ready to move to Santa Monica, and Widja, from down under. We went to Izakaya and Kev went to their hotel to make sure that Melissa got back okay, because she was dead drunk by the time we left because we were doing Sake bomb. I really wish Kev brought my digital camera so I could have taken pictures with them and just upload that sake bomb picture on fotolog..well maybe it was good thing that we didn't... We will probably gonna check out the event sometime this weekend. I am supposed to take Takako and her friend out shopping or something in Tokyo and they were like " Well, anything sub-culture is cool" and I am not really sure what they like. Taka with her bellydance and punk music and Melissa the punk-o-rama too? They will probably like Shimotokitazawa, being the sub-culture town but that's kinda hardcore so I will probably take them to like Harajuku, and ura-harajuku, they also wanted to go check out 109 so that's easy, anything that is futsu to me, is probably sub-culture to them. They were so cute going wild over the bidet, and warm toilet seats, and just bright lights in Shinjuku and Taka being that it was her first time to Japan, she was in like awe of it all. :)

I came home alone because Kev is supposedly acting as a savior tonight, and stopped by at the convenience store, and bought a kit to dye my hair. I just needed a change. so I went ahead and dyed my hair just around my faceline. Black is good, but it gets boring after a while... and I don't know why I did this. I like it though.

For some reason, my blog has been giving out these pop up ads, I am sorry if you are annoyed by this, but I am not sure what causes this. Maybe the link to fotolog? hmm.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

fuck BSE
Nightlife ~Blog all night, sleep all day~

I cannot believe that I am still up. I have been up for way too long now, and being that tomorrow is my rare day off, even though I am so exhausted, I am wide-awake and can't help blogging! This is a serious addiction! ~Blog all night, sleep all day~ is a mini song that Kevin wrote about me LOL (he is always coming up with songs to bother me when I am like glued to puter blogging. What's wrong with men?! Do women have to nurture you like mothers forever?) and he keeps singing it to me over and over, which annoys me but true. I think I experimented enough just blabbing on the blog, now I want to upload photos!!

Winners of Bush in 30 seconds. People are so creative *wink*
Whew, a long day. After getting 2 hrs of sleep, went to the studio to do the interview with Yuko Ando, which went fine. She was really pretty, even though I could not imagine when she told me that her room is all messy. (she said she thinks she has ADD or something,whether that's joking or not. ) Sorta cute and not so gross version of Ringo Shina. We had a long meeting afterwards discussing about Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra interview. Hiyamuta-san and Yanaka-san are coming next week. and we have to talk about the documentary DVD featuring their Europe tour in 2003 called Catch the rainbow and their live CD called On-tour. We watched the whole entire 1 hr 30 minutes documentary, random comments and footage from their tour in Europe for a whole month. This movie will be shown on Jan 31, Feb 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Shibuya Cinema Quint as a premiere showing for the public. (as it is scheduled to release on March 3rd. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchastra really has come a long way, after suffering a loss by the death of two members in more than a decade of their career. I must say that it was a pretty good feeling to see those J-ska guys rocking the house in all over Europe, and the fact that they weren't performing for the anime-fans who turned into J-pop which seems to be the norm these days, but they were all punk kids who really liked their music and knew their music.

Off to J-wave. Talked about what we should be cautious when the earthquake hits Tokyo, which could happen anytime. 171 is the emergency number to call apparently in case of huge earthquake, but I guess we'll see how that works when there really is an emergency. Yesterday was about sales tax, and how it is required to put the tax-included price on the sales tag from April this year. I remember going shopping with my mom and Takashimaya department store was already starting to prepare for April and had some with sales tax included price, and some still without the tax. so it was kind of confusing. I heard that in France, they also require the tag to show the tax-included price, but when I went to Paris last year, I didn't see such a thing! Everything pretty much had the price of its own products only, and not together with the sales tax... hmm?

Anyway it was a loooong day.. I went to hit the import grocery store after work (24 hrs open), and bought some stuff, and came home in a weird van style taxi which was my first time riding. It was weird thinking "hey am I in my brother's van?" but it was kinda neat.

Kev was all whining about wanting his early b-day gift when I came home. His b-day is not til April 20th! but he wants iPod so bad and that he wants engraving on his iPod with my message on it (although I think it was his excuse though, to make me say yes) so yeah, I ordered the iPod for him. He ain't getting no b-day any more now for shizzo~! Well, for this, he'd better continue to clean....!!!

oh and in the huge mess, he found this bowling score sheet dated 2001-9-11. We apparently played 3 games that day. Mine was 103-135-74 and his was 85-121-125 so as a total score, Kev still won but highest score wise on that day, I won. So I remember coming home in la-la mode and Kev turned on the TV and he was like "Holy shit, the twin towers are on fire" and then the 2nd plane crashed into the building, and we saw that. Kev's bro Steve calling us of all people in panic hoping that since the plane also hit the pentagon. that his wife was okay and all. Man, the things we find... and the things that remind us of.

I am going to go see the dr tomorrow and get meds. All the anime expo people will start to arrive tomorrow. so we'll be busy entertaining them and showing what Tokyo has to offer...

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I am a savior.

I woke up after my phone kept ringing many times, it got to the point that it was some kind of emergency that I had to wake up. It was avex's "Antonio" Maruyama wanting me to write a piece on Hilary Duff for a magazine called Floor-net. This is more like a club magazine so I was thinking why Hilary? but since Maru-chan is such a nice guy, I couldn't say no. I have an early interview tomorrow with Yuko Ando so I needed to get to bed early,but it's almost like 4am. Finally finished the article... I had to bug Maru-chan because my files for my past 3 years or so, are pretty much gone. (but there's gotta be a way somehow, I think I know how... ) so instead of digging up my old Hilary info. I bugged him about the new info on Hilary Duff. She is coming to Japan for only a day stay, to be on music station. The famous music program which those russian duo, Tatu left during the show and didn't perform. but Hilary? Oh yeah, she will be there. It's going to be on friday and she is probably the 2nd to last act on the show, so I gotta watch it before I leave for the J-wave's new year's party. It's cool being a star, though when she gets to do like her own fashion line, hers is called Stuff by Hilary Duff and available at Target and such. I don't think I want to be a singer, (basically because I am not that competitive, plus my throat is pretty weak, I was in a band, and I was doing some singing in my music school too so I know how tough that is to maintain your voice..) but it would be nice to launch your own stuff, fashion or fragrance. Although I don't like seeing J-Lo clothes at like cheap supermarkets in US .. bu I guess it is better to sell them than keep them in stock in a minor place, after all. at Japanese stores, they are sold for more than the decent price anyway.

I like writing. Unless I am in a really lazy mood which doesn't happen that often. I can usually bust off the article real quick and pretty decent if I may say so. 99.9% of my writing only appears in Japanese magazines and I did one piece on taxi deregulation for a magazine in Holland, and now been distrbuted to some other magazines in other European countries when I added more updates.. oh that reminds me. I still haven't gotten paid for that updated version of my article. oops.

Kumi's been calling me weekly. She said her friend is coming with his family to Ushicon just to check out the event. He's a gay dentist guy and I have met him before. He is really nice, and he is like one of her bestfriends. but he apparently wanted me to bring tarot with me when I go to ushicon, because he wants me to do tarot reading for him. so she told me to bring one so I was like okay~. My tarot reading, actually apparently helps people and really accurate. I started doing it for myself, but when I do it for myself, I cannot give all that much devotion like when I do it for other people, and I can read better for other people. I don't know why. I do not intend to get money for it ever,though. Just a hobby. Well. I need to wake up reeeeally early tomorrow. I am not really prepared for tomorrow's meeting just yet, but oh well... as long as I do the interview alright, that's my mission for tomorrow... and also Jam the world.. goood I need a massage!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

This morning we received a box of strawberries from Yamanashi, looked at the box to see who it was from, Kato-chang & Soga-san! What a nice surprise! I went to work and saw Kato-chang, so thanked her for the strawberries, they said they went to pick straberries there for all you can eat sort of a thing. We definately have to get together for dinner again with them real soon. They definately know the yummy places in town!

The interview with the onsen-man, was quite interesting, I did not know that in Tokyo, pretty much anywhere if you dig down deep about 1000-2000 meters, you can dig up some onsen. Onsen themed parks are definately popular and now there is going to be another one soon apparently, but if we keep digging it up, then it could do some harm to the land stability, (not very good for earthquake) but overall the interview was all fun, he has been researching about onsen for 50 years( he was like 74) and that's a devotion. Next week's monday guest will be Koichi Yamamoto who is a photographer/writer. I haven't done much research yet, I will have to read his website when I have time this week..

I also gotta do some research for Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra for wednesday's meeting. I am supposed to interview them next week. This one is theirlabel's website. which has enough info about them being on the road, which we will probably ask them about.
I gotta do some research also about V6, figure out neta to talk about and things...

This friday's the belated J-wave shinnenkai at Kitchen Salvatore. I don't know what it is but I have been craving really good food lately. like everyday I wanna eat something reeeeeal good . I don't know what is up with my appetite. I am like always reeeeeally hungry. I always wanted to check out Salvatore, but Kev would never join me for the italian restaurant. so kinda look forward to this.

Today was a holiday. Seijinshiki, the coming of age. so most of the places I meant to call, or go to take care of things, were all closed, which sucked...but congratulations to all the new 20 yr olds.. now you can smoke, drink, and vote and.. party like us adults :)

Monday, January 12, 2004

Striking news

Bush planned Iraq invasion before 9/11
Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill served nearly two years in Bush's Cabinet.

(CNN) -- The Bush administration began planning to use U.S. troops to invade Iraq within days after the former Texas governor entered the White House three years ago, former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill told CBS News' 60 Minutes.

Tokyo has been sooo cold lately, and I just cannot get out of bed these days. I got a call from my parents from Okinawa, they are staying at the nice little villa called Kanucha Bay resort in Nago-city in Naha, where they saw all the baseball players that are staying there for a camp. Sounded like they were doing alright though, it's just so cold out here that I don't mind where, I just want to go fly away to somewhere warm. I also got a call from Shimpei Itoh saying that his wife Mio Odagi is pregnant! Woo hoo! Shimpei the daddy!

We met up with Yumi and Mizuki and went to Niwa-no-yu at Toshimaen. I didn't realize that it was a 3 day weekend, because tomorrow is a day off for futsu-people. I am of course working as usual. but that was why it was so crowded. and tomorrow's topic on the show just so happens to be about onsen-theme park. About its ongoing popularity and what negative thing that this could do to the land, and why we can dig up onsen waters in Tokyo and why it was never been done before until these 3 major onsen-themed parks built last year. God I LOVE onsen!!

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Not so funny news about Burger King

Burger King customers told: 'You are too fat to have a Whopper'

Police believe teenage pranksters are hacking into the wireless frequency of a US Burger King drive-through speaker to tell potential customers they are too fat for fast food.

Policeman Gerry Scherlink said the pranksters told one customer who had just placed an order: "You don't need a couple of Whoppers. You are too fat. Pull ahead."

This is the kind of moment that I am glad to be in Japan, where these things don't happen as much, from my experience anyway.
I had an experiment on this annoymous airline, where a Japanese guy tried to go to the bathroom while the flight attendant was serving the food, ( and I would say she was in her late 40's or 50's at least). he was like "oh sorry sorry" and this flight attendant was bitching about the crowd of people on the isle to begin with, but she had a nerve to say, " FUCK!! Why do these people have to fucking get up during this time? Can't they fucking see what I am doing? GOD!". I have never flown that airline ever since.
Random things that caught my attention today.

1.International Flavors and Fragrances invited celebrities to collaborate with visual artists and perfume professinals to create 21 original scents with corresponding visuals. Only 4000 edition is available. I have been collecting perfumes since high school and I am sucker for anything that smells nice, and new!

2. First annual "Thank you mentor day" is on January 15th. when we annouce and thank the person who encouraged you, who guided you to where you are, a mentor. Who is yours?

3. Something I want when I am richer is this "Mirror TV". When it's turned off, it's a mirror. and when it's on, it's a flat TV screen and when it is hooked up to your computer, it is a huge computer screen. 2500-5000 dollars. I want it!

4. Easy painting tool called Paint by numbers. Yep you just follow the numbers and just use suggested colors. You send in your photo, and you get your canvas of your image from Paint by numbers, along with 42 acrylic paints and two brushes. Makes you feel like you are a bit tuned into art for 60 dollars.

Liquor that I am totally buying on my next trip to US.

1. HPNOTIQ, a blend of cognac, vodka, and natural tropical fruit juice. and it's pale blue!!

2. Godiva Liqueur. Godiva Chocolate Martini? mmmmmm! Comes in white, dark brown, and brown bottle. Gotta get them all.. perfect for just a little sip at night to knock me out to sleep :)
BBC reports that Bush is sending americans to the Moon??
Well....Is it fun out there? and.. if I rush in and get a green card, do I have more chances of going up there? I mean... What's going on?
See Celebrity's blog, people with voice whom often don't get to speak out the real voice.
I have been thinking about switching to Typepad recently. After experimenting with this free service of blogger.com. I want to explore a little more, uploading pictures and sending stuff from my mobile. (This totally doesn't sound like me, being the super analogue woman, but it's like Kevin with his new Powerbook obsession.) I like how typepad websites look, and like the font as well.. where mine is like kinda in-your-face type of design. I can always keep this running as my personal one, and start something more for the public with typepad. (I mean this one is for the public,too but I made this one pretty much for my friends and family or anyone who actually cared about what Kev and I do everyday in Tokyo on day to day basis) Maybe I should change this blog's name to "Kesavinchi stripped" or even, since Kev never wants to put his posts on here, maybe I should just call it Sachi Stripped. Because this is me naked more than you see me with clothes off. I just always wanted to share my personal side somewhere somehow, since many who listen to me on-air, seem to have a different image of me being that I do news, or pretty serious shows. When I was on another show on J-wave as a beauty and health overseas info expert, people who would see me in person used to often comment that they didn't think I was this natural person, and that they thought that I was this self-confident person like Vogue's fashion chief editor. NOOOO. When I used to do a travel show on J-wave called FIT club, sponsored by NTT Communications, people prolly thought that I was this, majime lady who was full of myself, being how the show was scripted. We used to have this event sponsored by NTT Communications, and that's when the people who came to see the event would speak to me and say "You are so much different that I thought in person,and you are really cool.". When I used to do FM Yokohama though, that was another story because it was a morning show and I was able to do whatever I wanted and say whatever I felt like saying. and my director back then (now a producer) Tokuyama-san of J-planet, he really knew how to help me open up and just let loose, and bring out a real me. That's when I got the most positive feedback, and also FM Fuji show I was doing at the same time as well.

So anyway, I just always wanted to do this. to share the real me with the public. which for some reason, they'd rather not let me exposed to the public. but I don't need to have this "cool" image whatsoever. that's why I just continue to be myself on my blog at least. Most of the people who surf the net, hopefully do not know that this blog of mine exists. Being that this is in English,too,(and most of the listeners are Japanese anyway) I am treating this as a little hideaway where I am glad to let people in if they care. and see me naked more than you ever will.
For some reason, I cannot find my comment about the interview with Toshio Masuda-san on my blog. Suddenly it dissapeared, Can this type of thing happen? hmm , anyway for more details, tuesday's scruptwriter Kitamura-kun wrote about the details on what Masuda-san speculated like what will happen it 2004 and also the stuff that didn't air that we discussed about during the meeting before we went on air.so Read this and buy your stock wisely.
What it feels like to be 33.

My b-day is over already, I went on a shopping spree all by myself today, since Kevin was working all day. At one point, I was carrying too much stuff that I thought about going home, but I wanted to get my nails done. so I went to Nail Station and they said they are booked full today, so I went to Speed Nail d in Shinjuku. The quitest nail salon that it almost makes you feel like screaming while you are getting your nails done. (That's because most of the people who are there, are girls who are getting their eyelashes permed and they are all awfully quiet.). Anyway I feel a big prettier now.... I suppose.

Kev was already home when I came home with big o' shopping bags. BUSTED. Anyhow, he gave me a pair of pierced earrings, bling bling. I promise I won't lose it again... I lost a couple of diamond already which he gave me in the past... but at least I have been good with my wedding ring. heehee.

33 isn't such a bad number. 32 still felt young, but 33 is so.. in between. When I was in junior high and high school, I used to get tons of gifts from girls who were obsessed with me, that totally spoiled me. I went to music school where most of the students were girls. so there was a lot of this kouhai admiring senpai action going on in my school. Anyway, so I was always bombarded with gifts on my b-day from those kouhai's as a teenager because I was in a all-female rock band back then and now..hmmm !? LOL but at least now I just keep on aging, but get to do whatever I like to do with the cash I make, which I wasn't able to do as a teenager. ..I am not afraid to admit that I am a shopping dependent, but just not addicted yet.

Kevin and I went to a udon-themed restaurant called Sumi in our neighborhood. Their food is da bomb. We pigged out and are happy :) Kev was like all happy after the meal, and the clock was like 11pm by the time we left the restaurant, and he was like " your b-day will be over soon~! and tomorrow I get to do my shoping and buy myself an iPod!".
Like that's all that necessary...

Anyway, as my friend Shino used to say, or (Aaliyah sang a song like this),
age is just a number. No biggie.

Friday, January 09, 2004

So there is such a thing as Weblog Awards. and it will be held and annouced apparently at South By South West. I knew that SXSW was a cool little convetion for J-pop performers to do a promo performance but wow. I would definately like to check this one out too one day :) I am curious to see who gets nominated or win the best blog award!
Planning a trip through etour isn't all that easy, but I guess price-wise, it is not so bad, either. I got mine booked for Ushicon which is going to be in Austin, Texas. Kev is going to hit some more convention probably like Katsucon but the reason I am going there is to help Kumi. On top of that, I am also trying to arrange a trip to Hawaii to see the potential houses there. We got a really cool one today from Lisa. so I just cannot wait to see them!!! I am totally in the mood for a LOT of traveling this year for some reason. We need to save money though :(

Anime Expo Tokyo is coming up soon. and our friends are starting to arrive in Tokyo left and right. It's funny,because more than likely, I am pretty semi-well-known in US for helping Ironcat or doing the translation for Evangelion DVD. Funny how this was not my field at all, and somehow I just fell into doing it, and when you do the google search about my own-self, most of the websites that come up relating to me, are all anime websites.

Can Anime Expo Tokyo really pull something that's like an american style anime convention in Tokyo? I am not sure. Because the people who are attending, in case if they are hard core anime/manga fans from Japan. it won't be the same. but if they can get enough people from the states just having a blast, then maybe. January is the worst time too though for youngsters who tend to be the anime/manga fans in Japan who would go to these things, because it is the school exam season. We'll go check it out though. Besides our friends will be there, so why not?
CBF team celebrated my b-day/new year's party at Manchin-ro in Yokohama China Town. We orderdred soooo much food, my prducer Mikuriya-san, her assistant Aya-chan, Heigo Tani from co-fusion, Matsuura-san the director and his family( his wife Akiko and their two sons, Shunpei and Kyohei) and DJ Remo-con, and Ayako from avex e-section came. It was a lot of fun :) How much fun I had can be seen on this picture right here. Geez, I wish I knew how to upload pictures on my blog...

The interview with Sugarcult went well too. It was just Tim and Marko, they are from Santa Barbara, and they had this rockn'roll attitude at first, not answering questions in all seriousness, but when the interview got to the half point where I got Tim to talk about his move, I think they opened up. So it all went well :) They really liked our studio, and they were saying how it would be cool to do a photo shoot there... hmm. Maybe. First time I went there was like wow, but now I go every week or more than once a week, so it really doesn't surprise me all that much. (no, no bragging, it just gets old kinda fast lol) but when Kev came to meet with us to go to Yokohama, he was like wow! too. because it was his first time seeing our new studio, We used to do it at the first sounds but that closed down.. no more analogue recording for radio or narration any more unfortunately.

First thing Kev said when the clock turned 12 midnight on January 9th, he was like "San San Sachi~~~!". 33. B-day is frightening year by year. Can't believe how fast I am getting so ...old!! I have an all day to myself tomorrow( Its already "tomorrow" but..) so I am going to do everything I want to do alone, which I couldn't do recently. Kev is working til late so I doubt he has much surprise for me at all, but oh well. like he says, "It's better sleeping with a man who snores than sleeping alone". hmm maybe.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

For some reason, it feels like my luck, especially my work luck, is picking up this year, like it has made tremendous change especially after it entered the year of 2004. Is it finally my year? I seriously hope so... Last year was "Yakudoshi(Honyaku)". Those evil year that haunts you. Now it's atoyaku, but feels like a big burden has left my shoulder all of a sudden, Weird.

I had a denki-guy come check the AC at our place, needs to buy a new one because the repair isn't worth it. I have to bug my parents after they get back from Okinawa. and I took off to work. We had a looong meeting discussing about Yuko Ando, SugarCult, Kumachi, Nanase Aikawa, and around 4pm, we took off to matrix studio in Shibuya to do the recording. The guest today was Tomoyuki Tanaka from Fantastic Plastic Machine, and had him talk about his new concept CD called Sound Concierge. He was great as usual. Oh, and avex gave all of us a oshougatsu gift from Marchand Dele Gumes, it was a goodie bag, but I am a sucker for goodie bag, so yay!

I stormed off to J-wave in a hurry, and I got to interview the famous movie critic/movie director, Haruo Mizuno. I used to watch him on TV as growing up. and how he always said "iya~eiga tte. yappari ii-mondesune!". He's 72 already, and still kicking it, I can't believe it! All the commentator/MC/movie critic person on TV used to have their own phrases to end the show, like for example, Yodogawa-san was known for his "Sayonara x3". Mike Mizuno's famous phrase was apparently something that naturally came out after he commented on the movie called Shane and he was told to use that line from the director because they thought that was cool. He has a passion for movies for sure, I can't say for sure how his credibility as a movie critic is, but his shonen-ish passion definately charms many.

Tomorrow is an interview with Sugarcult, and then my b-day party held by avex afterwards in Yokohama china town. 9th is my b-day. I am getting old so fast! Yikes! Sunday is another b-day party for me held by my friends :) Man, I am so lucky this year :) but only if Kevin does it right for my b-day ...He's been wanting ipod like crazy. but hey, his b-day is not til April ... and Xmas is over. He thinks everyday is his b-day. Get real!! :P

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

There are both good things and bad things for starting my blog without having knowledge. Good thing happened today through my blog. Kokinta contacted me through my blog!!! HMV buddy! He was this cute little kid who went to NY for a while, and had so much passion for music. When I went for my audition at HMV at HMV Harajuku( gosh that was so many years ago!), he was there just hanging out, and he knew me from the morning show that I used to do back then on FM Yokohama. He was like "Hey I know you!". If you are out there, and know who I am, or if you know me and accidentally found my blog , please contact me! You know I missed you!!!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Fingerprint at the airport has finally started today. At Honolulu airport, they are doing this to the passengers excluding Japanese. (makes sense, when we went to Guam, we had to wait for 2 hrs just to get inside and go through the immigration process with lines all backed up with 99% Japanese people. This thing somehow doesn't make all that much sense to me, though.
Whoa Holy crap, Check it out. Megatokyo is on #27....

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Paris Hilton's blog. Up close and personal all made possible by Blogging!! Paris and Nickey, JJ supports y'all. :)
This is just a reminder for myself to start this Fotolog when I have time. Since my free blogger.com doesn't allow me to put photos up on here, I guess I should put photos on the other free photo album website :)

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Computer made easy for computer illiterate like me nowadays, Thank god!

Technorati is like wow. It tells you who is linking your blog. So I checked mine.

3 Inbound Blogs, 4 Inbound Links to
Kesavinchi's striking thoughts
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2: Joi Ito's Web - JP 20 inbound blogs, 26 inbound links
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?i.ito.com/jp/#007020">篁tokyo.blogspot.com/">ugly stock template I started with. (And I'm only referring to the template, not the blog I linked to which is actually kind of interesting.)
(Link created 78 days 20 hours 23 minutes ago) (Cosmos) (Outbound)

eh ugly stock template? LOL but that's because I just used whatever that was available for free... no biggie though because hey I am just a happy beginner blogger:)

but then ..whose blogs are the most popular now? Daypop apparently tells you the hottest, most popular top 40 list of blogs and keep updating. betcha mine will never go up there, but that's not the point of my blogging anyway :)
Looks like Kev made more new friends last night. Ward Sexton, and Yoko Kon, Guy Perryman, and more from Lucy's party. He didn't come home until like 6am but he seemed like he had fun and the fact that he didn't puke relieved me. When something horrible as last time(the red wine puke), It takes a while for me to overcome that. and I can't help but to think what if it happens again. so at least it didn't happen, that's great, and funny how Lucy let him bring the leftover home, plus this "white" wine LOL.

I just bought a book on blogging again to know more about blogging. It's called "Weblog start" written by the 3 men team called Dejipin, (Atsushi Ishihara, Shuhei Fukuhara and Tatsuya Yamaji. It just explains about how Blogging could change the ways we communicate and publish information on the internet, and how it has made critical influence on lives of many people by allowing them to express up-to-the-minute opinions on any topic without learning html coding. and it's not just about ho to start blogging, but also tries to provide perspective on the impacts and possibilities that Blogging may give rise to our social communication activities.

Blogging definately has made a tremendous impact on my life. I originally just made this so that our friends and family can be informed about Kevin and Sachi (aka Kesavinchi) in Far East. Plus I(Sachi) always have a hard time explaining what I do for a living, and I figured it's good to keep records of it so people can see what kind of things that I go through. My blog is not meant to harm anyone, I'd rather stay annoymous anyway and that's why I do not choose to put my profile on here yet and just have people figure me out if you just fall onto my blog by accident, because I know people who I give my blog addy, know that this is ME. me, the emotional person with passion for life and a lot of crazy stuff constnatly on my mind. but like it says in this blog book, now anyone can have a voice of opinion. and that leads to power. and it could work for some negative impact, I know people who have experinced this, they get depressed for a while but they get back on their feet again real soon, and get back to being themselves again. That's how I am,too. If you can't be yourself, then what's the point of blogging anyway? but in order to know the least etiquette and the systems of blog, ( like how I could not answer what my RSS was when someone asked me) I need to study a bit more about blogging. but hey I LOVE it. Why bother with html?

Tonight's interview with Pyon-san, was rather diffucult subject for me. Tomorrow's interview is withToshio Masuda and it's going to be about none other than the economy. Some have been saying that in 2004, Japan's economy will finally pick up. Maybe so. I don't know what it is. but I get a feeling. LOL Hawaii's tourism industry is now starting to get back on their feet again too so definately a positive potential and reason for me and Kev to move there. I love Tokyo. but Tokyo people aren't exactly what they used to be any more. ...anyway I need to do some research for the other show on TFM. Busy Busy. but at least everyone seemed to be a bit relaxed after the holiday today. Our chief writer took a 5 day trip to Cancun, ( he said he was originally thinking about the big horse racing track in Dallas, but the travel agency fucked up his plan by doing the double booking :( ) so... yeah. Things are looking up.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Jiniru Pyon can be heard and watched on this site but he's the guest today. We will have him talk about what to expect from North Korea in 2004. Tomorrow is Masuda Toshio ..wednesday is that famous movie critic, Haruo Mizuno( I look forward to meeting him!), I have another interview for the other show, with fpm, thursday with Sugarcult and... and...

Sounds like the new year and the work has to start all over again.
Britney-chan gets married.

Sounds like Britney's marriage won't last long. I worked with her hair/make-up artist, Manuela Goncalvez last year, who is her really close friend whom Briteny calls her up when she goes up on a date or for fun and needs a light make-up. I can understand because she does a GREAT job, and she is reeeeeeally down to earth and really nice person, compared to some artists that I have known in the past... Anyway, she was telling me how Britney is this just a really pure girl who desires to always be in love and being loved. Manuela went off to the tour with Christina Aguirela and Jason Timberlake. Manuela said Briteny was cool with ger going on tour as a hair and make-up person for Jason, and that she's just trying to be herself and just enjoy being herself now. (which is hard in the entertainment business though.) Anyway, Be happy, Buri-chan.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

I just got up from 5 hr nap. I slept for 4 hrs last night and we had to clean the house like crazy because my parents were coming over, so that nap totally made up for it. Kevin and I were invited to the poker night at Lucy Kent's house. With Carole Hisasue and her husband William. also, Ward Sexton, Robert Harris(Poker night, of course he would be there)
her friend Mayumi and a singer/actress Yoko Kon and her other Jazz Vocalist Friend Eri and James Tengan ... I am really not a poker person and after having my parents over, I was way too exhausted that I decided to stay home and take a nap. but Kev left for poker's night. He has been looking forward to it, so hope he is having fun, but not too much fun. and hopefully the night hasn't turned into strip poker just yet LOL

Anyhow, My parents went to check the other apartment that they own where I used to live before, so we met up there to go eat ramen at Kamukura in Shinjuku. MY GOD. That line of people! It is in Kabukicho, the heart of Shinjuku, and its original shop is in Osaka( there are about 1o of them in Osaka Dotonbori but in Tokyo, this one is the first. ) and for the past 20 years, they have always had a line backed up all the way to the street just to eat their "oishii ramen". (That's what its called on the menu too). We waited in the cold for about 30 minutes. 3 story building and 2 floors are used to serve customers. Man,it was gooooood.

After lunch, we all got in a cab to head to our place, we cleaned like crazy so we had a semi-confidence, of course they had some criticism going on, but overall I think they were okay with how we have been using the apartment. I made them some tea from Wu-lai, and talked about Hawaii (as Lisa wrote again and sent us more info) again, and ended up calling Shinichi and all of us said new year greetings to him :) I know what bothers my mom now. I think she's ok with the idea of buying a home in Hawaii but I think that she's not comfortable of me not being in Japan because she would miss me. She made a comment like " Well, if you live in Hawaii then you don't have anyone *hint hint* buying you clothes and nice things haha." So that's what it is.

I know, I am overly attached to my mom and dad. but I wasn't until I was like 25 yrs old. I grew up more like hating them or being ashamed of them. My dad being that he was this deputy mayor and all, and I had all my interest in music and entertainment. and I wished for dad to be not someone who is not as so square, so to speak. My parents were overprotective all throughout my life, so I felt that I did not have much freedom. I had curfew even when I was in College. I had to be back by 12 or 1am at the latest. but in College, I had a boyfriend who always dragged me out to the clubs back then, and I was really into buying records and going to the clubs as well, that I kept coming home at like 3 or 4 in the morning and try to sneak out when the door was completely shut with chains on it. and I would unlock the chain to get inside and make less noise as possible. They always had dinner ready for me to eat, so I felt bad somewhere in my heart, but I wasn't as grown up enough to know that back then. I was soooo into partying. My dad tried to warn the police in the city where my ex-bf lived, to stop him if they saw me and him together, (I know it's crazy!) and did all kinds of things to "protect" me. My ex-bf showed up at my shamisen recital one day where my parents were there. and my mom told him straight out, tried to give him money to "please break up with my daughter." . These are just some of the very few things that they tried to "overprotect" me.(there is a famous kitchen knife threat too but not getting into that) and I hated that. So How did I end up appreciating them and loving them the way I do now???

I came down with panic attack one day during the live program. Not knowing what the fuck I was experiencing. I was like is this some kind of drug reaction or what. It was like 5-6 years ago in September, (Good thing I don't remember how long ago that was any more because that means I am still obesessed with that fact.) I called them up and saying I am going bonkers. so they came to see me, I was torn apart and started crying. My dad, tried to ask me what the fuck was going on with me and I was like, "it's just that everything in life is too stressful." and he is like "Stress? Come on, I am under a lot of stress too then". No no.. don't compare yourself with me because I am much weaker.. at least I was back then. I had a habit of holding everything in, to make life easy for me or for others, just swallow the pain. I was living with my parents for 6 months after that because I literally could not move or go anywhere by myself. I was totally homebound. Okay enough about details. How I got to accept my parents. I chose to go seek counseling. and you know how rare it is to go see counselor in Japan. I knew my parents would not allow me to go so I made an excuse saying that I had work to do. ( I was homebound but I kept one writing job for JJ during that time) I changed my counselor 3 times. I liked my 2nd one best, but I whined, vented about my parents like they were so evil. I kept doing that for years. and one day. I cried so much throughout the course of seeking counseling therapy not to mention deciding to be on medicine, and oh, yeah this one korean doctor was being helpful too and I broke down crying at front of him,too.

Anyway. One day it just hit me. I realized that my parents, were just there to look out for me. and it's not that they didn't like me, and as a matter of fact,they love me. Now I had this total regret that I didn't do anything for them, I was only been rebellious and being young and stupid. If they pass away one day, I would regret it so friggin much about what I didn't do for them. That idea hit me because Kellie, my friend from Hawaii who died in June 2001, she used to tell me how much she regrets everyday about her mom and how she treated her mom because she died right next day when she had a huge fight with her. and I put myself in the same shoes, and I was seeing how depressed she would get about her mom, I was like shit, I'd better start now.

Marrying Kevin brought me and my parents tremendously. Lord knows why my dad accepted him because he was always super anti-gaijin's. They wanted me to marry someone who was like a doctor or lawyer(that's what they used to say a lot anyway) and stay stable financially for the rest of my life even when they are gone. but him? LOL . As a translator for Kevin, I did a lot of talking which really helped me to get to know my own parents. As I recall, If I stayed the way I was, (hating them) I would not have had 30 minutes of conversation with my dad throughout my life, He never spoke out much to me anyway but that's because of his shyness. and I wanted to know more about my dad or my mom. One thing I really liked about Kev's dad or mom, and his family was that no matter how fucked up Kev was sometimes, they accepted him and the family was so tight together. Kev's dad accepted me like a real daughter, and I totally adored him. and I kept thinking why can I do the same with my own dad?

So yeah, I kept questioning about what the hell I have been doing with my parents, or what I have NOT being doing with them all my life. and that was the start, so my attitude toward them changed especially since 2000. Trying to make up for the time lost and finally be a good girl for them. for they were always there for me and continue to do so. I always have this fear of.."What am I going to do if they die? I didn't do shit for them and would totally regret it. " This fear is better now because I am different now. but I still think about it a lot. I would totally go bonkers again, I am sure.

Eh long one huh? LOL but that's the short version.

My parents took off around a quarter after 4pm, I was totally exhausted, but the clean house feels so nice. and I wanted to stay in, and just chill and enjoy the last day of my holidays here, before going back to work tomorrow. Sometimes it's nice to be alone and have "me" time. Even though Kevin might be out doing the strip poker LOL.

I am always astonished when talking to american/canadian anime fans through IM, and they use theseJapanese face mark. I have learned the basics from AOL, like :) and :( and :P and those are easy to use, but nowadays it's so advanced!! LOL

When I first went to the anime convention called Fanime Con in San Jose, it was like a total culture shock for me and I had these weird look on my face staring at the cosplay girls like what the fuck. and I remember Kev was like "If you are going to behave like this throughout the weekend, then forget it." Man that was years ago. I had the image of those anime people. a total otaku, a super geek. which I avoided all my life. I am not much interested in anime except for the ones that I watched growing up. So when I saw american people doing the cosplay of sailor moon and pokemon and whatever the characters that they were to which I have no clue what that was about, I was in SHOCK. like WHY. I did not even want to talk to those people. Why expose themselves like that. Why Why Why when they got their own culture of doing the Halloween.

My 2nd day was better after talking to some american cosplayers. They were happy people. and they knew so much about J-pop which for me I finally had something I can talk to them with about. It wasn't until A-kon in Dallas though that I got used to the idea of american otaku's. They listen to anime tracks and gain interested in J-pop somehow along the way. It's so weird to me.

I grew up listening to 80's metal music, and top 40 stuff. I LOVED Motley Crue, Ratt, countless others. and of course Bon Jovi. I grew up admiring american music, and thus admired american people. and suddenly the people that I thought that I admired when I was younger, are now interested in US. Japanese, and J-pop and anime. To me, it's like what the fuck, have they gone nuts?!

I must say that USA that I loved, is no longer the same any more, When I go to Cali, I still get excited but it's just not the same. I love Cali. and when I was young, I serously wished that I was born blonde, and born in Cali and that I was a valley girl. It was a compliment when the LA cop would say "Hey you sound like a valley girl" back in the 80's or the early 90's. but not any more... it's like everything changed and now I am the cool one. but when I listen to 80's music, I can still smell the dusty Cali air, and all of those glamourous life that I totally was obsessed with. but now that's not cool any more. Americans, are listening to... J-pop.

I just thought of this because Kumi Koda called tonight, and we were talking about Ushicon in Texas. Is it like Christina Aguilerea coming to Japan to them?! Gosh. who knows.

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