Sunday, May 30, 2004

High &Low 

The song by radiohead, High and Dry fits me perfect right now. (I love them and met them for interview twice and once at backstage and had a few beers together with the band :)) Went to visit parents with Kev on saturday, hit so low. I am not going into details but I mean.. How can anyone be so high and hit so low in just 24 hrs. I was like. shrug.. I am so lame!!! Is there a god out there? I was really exhausted,too because I didn't get any sleep for doing the translation of the interview I taped on friday night, plus some research.. and my sleep pattern is so screwed up. and I hate it. I was sooo hating life. This morning, I got a call from my mom saying that my dad was ecstatic when he checked his email because it turns out that their realtor already have found a tenant for the house they purchased. They are apparently this local couple named Mr&Mrs Lee who just sold their house so they needed some place for a while temporarily til they buy another house to move in) and that they have already moved in on 24th, with 6 months contract signed already. The house is rented out for a good price so dad's happy BUT I was like... why didn't the realtor people let my parents know about all this, today is 31st, and if I didn't email them asking what up yesterday, then we would have still be left hanging. Maybe the average japanese owners might not care about what goes on as long as they have a tenant and have some money coming into their pocket while they are not there, but we aren't your normal Japanese people...(our realtor is Japanese who have lived there for more than 30 yrs) Not enough information. grrrr. But dad and mom were relieved to know that they will have a tenant until we move there. We were considering of sending Kev there before I go, but that really didn't work out.... so yes I am relieved that they have found a tenant, so that the house won't be empty, though I personally think that we should go when we can and just start preparing to "live" there, like driver's license and opening a local bank there, get a feel for the area we are at... well, I tend to literally "knock on the stone made bridge before I walk across it" (Famous japanese saying. Ishibashi wo tataite wataru- meaning super careful, cautious, perfectionist when doing something new.) So it has been a major emotional rollercoaster for the past few days for me. Argh, Tired.

Anyhow... I only got like 4 hr sleep last night but it was so sunny today..like summer is already here..so I went to get my nails done :) I know. bizarre eh? CIMG0796

Now this is the dinner I made tonight.


Came home and made spare rib for the first time in my life. I followed Yumi's recipe plus.. I added some ginger and sauce that my dad's friend's company's product. What can I say. It was damn good! I usually do not post pictures of food that's made by ME, usually by someone else, so this pic is probably the FIRST one of my homemade food. *blush*


Saturday, May 29, 2004

TGIF. I am happy!! 

Gekidan Hitori was the guest today. We had fun.

I was able to do a phone interview with Pfc.Lynndie England's attorney's paralegal assistant today. Whew, a big load off my shoulder. Now I am going to have to translate the whole interview. I haven't really done this whole process for a long while so it's actually refreshing. As I worked into way past midnight, my producer gave me a ride home. Well, and I haven't felt this good in soooo long.

Today I was able to get this heavy stuff off my chest. See, relocation sure is a great idea, and be somehow be of a service to my parents, and at the same time, I can take a little break for being in the industry for too long, it doesn't sound bad at all. but I have been fighting with this damn pride for so long.. that this was the career I chose against everyone's will, and I managed to stay on it, and I worked hard to stay on it, and I am leaving? Radio job? I mean.. some think that I am crazy for doing this. They say "but what about your job?". And I think I was at the point where I really had to talk within myself ...with myself to ask inside what I really wanted out of my life. I knew I will be going to Hawaii, but I didn't really want to face the reality. Like I wanted to just continue my career here, not risk anything, and just stay the same ..forever.. it was all about reorganizing my priorities in life and It took a lot of guts out of me to tell my boss about what I intend to do.. when I know that I actually fxxking LOVE my job. Always did. Always will. but I didn't think it will do her justice or that it won't be fair if I say all this at the last minute. I need to keep updating my boss as to how things are going with my visa situation and like when exactly I am leaving and stuff so she can be prepared to find the next person. but anyway, I am soooooooooooo relieved that I was able to tell her. A book I read last night called "Zensei(Previous life) therapy" really helped in doing what I did today.

I love my life, although how messed up it can be on and off, I love my work, although it has ups and downs, I love all people including the ones that are bitch or assholes to me because they give me an oppertunity to learn, they are just a mirror of myself. So I am happy. Fucking Happy. and this better last for a while already.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Saving the family 

I am too tired to blog tonight so here are photos from tonight's show. This is with Mr.Toru Hasuike, who devoted time for us to be on the show for 2 hrs together. He's very "human" and a brilliant person who has been fighting this battle to bring back his family for long as he can remember, we all were so touched by his honesty, devotion and how he has learned to open up so much for us over the course of year and 7 months.

Here is a picture with Takuya Yokota, who is a brother of Megumi Yokota who is said to be missing due to N.K's statements. The whole Yokota family including Shigeru&Sakie Yokota and their twin brothers(Takuya and one another one) and Hitomi Soga and numerous other people who weren't able to get any information from the goverment from this trip were so dissapointed and they made remarks about Koziumi being the biggest failure, but today, he apolized for how he got carried away with emotion. He also revealed to us that although he admits that he ceratinly got carried away enough to get negative comments toward "Kazokukai" for not appreciating what Koizumi has done, the fact is that we didn't see it all. All of them thanked Koizumi and they were filming that scene. But that was edited when it was aired on the news everywhere. How cruel.

Overall, I am really happy with how the show turned out today. I didn't get enough sleep as I was looking for the contact info of Ms.England all night last night, but my partner and a journalist Takase-san is my favorite person(He's got such an empathy for people!) so today I felt really good about being able to contribute something to the society through the airwaves :) I wish tomorrow was a day off though!!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

in search of... 

I am in search of Pfc.Lynndie England.... or her family members.. or her attorney...yeah right...so far the only person who got to interview her looks like this one journalist in Colorado.. and thursday is the 2 hr special show on people kidnapped by Korea and Koizumi's recent trip to N.K... argh too much to do...zzzzz

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


I just saw a live performance of Safari on TV. Tadanobu Asano and Brian Burton-Lewis on vocal. They formed the band because they want to rock the Rolex. THAT's doing what you wanna do. Way to go. How does Tadanobu and Brian find time to do stuff like this is totally beyond me,though. whew.


Only 5 family members of former abductees to North Korea made their return to Japan on sunday, there is a controversy over Charles Robert Jenkins, a husband of Hitomi Soga. We only know so little from what the media reports, but this really was a bad case synario because of the imbalanace occured within kazokukai Association of families kidnapped by North Korea by whom Koizumi was able to bring back. Following this trip Mr.Koizumi made to North Korea, we will be doing the 2 hr special on this coming thursday, featuring Mr.Toru Hasuike, brother of Kaoru Hasuike, (and we will get to talk to him and his wife), Katsue Hirasawa, the member of the House of representatives, Mr.Takuya Yokota, a brother of missing(reported already dead) Megumi Yokota. Oh well, that's a lot of preps and studying on my part. ..

I need a mini vacation.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Way past 3am. Kevin is making pork chops. That's how fxxked up our schedules are. Anyway.

I read on today's news that according to Toyo university's survey, college students in Japan write the average of 20 emails by cell phones. That many?! When I was in college, I had a pager, cellphones were still rare back then. I got my first one shortly after I graduated, but of course it was a simple one which was bulky that almost looked like a camera.... but I wonder if I had a cellphone of today's technology, I wonder I would still write that many emails on that tiny lil thing.. My emails tend to be long, so I don't like writing on cellphone emails that much..It's pretty insane on the trains though because nowadays all the people on the train are doing something with the cellphone to kill time. Whether that's email or games. I see a lot of salaryman doing the games. When I see that, I just think like, wow this is just today's generation's way of killing time on the train, instead of reading manga on the train way back when.. (you still see some, but not as many as before..)

Well, hey, here's something that I have been thinking a lot about communication recently, women need to vent, majority of us are very verbal..full of emotions. Men tend to keep it to themselves. At least, the men I've known in my life. but I recently realized that there is definately an exception, that some women handle things like men. (Bad choice when you need to vent) When women vent and whine about something, most of the times, we are not looking for an answer from whom we are talking to. Majority of men do not get this message and try to find an answer for you, which isn't what the women need. Women sometimes need to let go of all the locked up emotions, and just be heard, and for you to nod and say "oh I feel sorry for you. I sympathize." That simple phrase makes the women feel so much better. but men aren't created to say things like this. Kev is the same way, but hey it's beyond my control. So I appreciate my girlfriends for always being there and feel the pain with me, instead of trying too hard to get RID of the pain telling me what to do. Because that's what I do for my girlfriends,too. I hear so many of my girlfriends complain about this, whether that's with their boyfriends or husbands. Men sometimes try too hard and end up giving them lecture, or end up being on the other person's side (big mistake) which really would upset the women. Hey we just need to be accepted of just the way we are and not be blamed for anything. I always thought this was just because women and men are different creatures from different planet. but I recently realized that this wasn't true. There ARE women who try to react like men when we vent, try to lecture you because they think they are "right". And you go.. I didn't need this. When you get this from men, you are not that dissapointed, but when women tell you what to do about your problems, that's a major downer because that's not what we wanted and feel like you have wasted your time. But it's all part of getting-to-know someone, I suppose. My own solution is this, it's best to talk to the ones you trust, don't go trying on new ones when you really need some comfort and hugs.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Jason Lewis 

This is the guy from Sex and the city who is playing the bf of Samantha... haven't gotten the butterflies in my stomach in a while but this man is HOT! I hope to see MORE of him on TV/movies!!!!

Sachi and the city 

Well, 4th saturday night of each month.. it's Exile's night. I was exhausted and didn't even have the energy to go, but as usual, I ended up going with Kev and Yumi. When we got there, the live act was about to start, staring this month, they have just started the live gig during the exile's night and its first one was Jumpei Shiina, a brother of another artist, Ringo Shiina. The crowd was a bit different than usual, a bit younger and more familiar faces at work, felt more like at work.. Robert has been doing this for almost 10 yrs now, live performance is great but I just hope that this won't turn into a big industry party where strangers aren't talking to each other. I did have a lot of beers but didn't really get all that tipsy. I saw Nose-san, the director I used to work with doing FM fuji show like 7-8 yrs ago. He hardly show up to industry people get-together type of thing so it was odd to see him at the party. He was a teeny bit drunk when I found him and started talking to him, he had a lot of stuff he wanted to say and kept turning his face and left statements to me. It was hard to tell whether he was serious or not, but I think he was. Some statements he made that left with me, were "Are you doing what you want to do? Are you happy?" "Guess what, I am 40 already, Life's too short and do what you want to do. because I wouldn't say that to someone without a talent." blah blah blah. I asked him what I am good for, and he said "you know better than me, don't let it go to waste." It kind of got me thinking, and he was like "You wanted to dance? I am not interrupting?" and I said no no. But he said "well this party isn't for real but let's just dance". so Yumi and I danced with him :) He was dancing like a disco king. (to which he really once was)

We came home and fell asleep.. didn't get up early enough to go to Robert's poetry-reading event at Flying books in Shibuya. I kind of wanted to go check it out. Him and some other Japanese beatnik writers' poetry reading. but I did have a fulfilling sunday covered in my blanket. I checked the postbox and I had Sex and the city Season 6 part one sent from amazon!!! I cannot stress enough how I much I love that show. So we did a Sex and the city marathon and watched all 3 discs! There are only like 8 episodes to wrap up the story, I already know who Carrie ends up with, but I can't wait for the rest of the episodes DVD to come out!!! and Samantha's waitor/actor bf in the story is soooooo hot!!!! Kind of reminds me of River Phoenix ..just with nicer pecks, better bodies. whew!

I can imagine myself living in NY, the lifestyle, all of those new things popping out everywhere all the time..the craziness, seem to be quite similar to what Tokyo has to offer, I feel like I don't have to struggle to fit in, but Hawaii? Too laid-back for me? Dunno.. I hope I will find a way to fit in...find what I really want to do, find who I am, what I am really good for.

Saturday, May 22, 2004


Typhoon is gone. It was still really windy early this morning, but in the afternoon it was all nice and blue sky.
Well, Tetsu&Tomo known for their "Nandedaro" song was the guest on the show. I was a bit dissapointed that they didn't come in their red and blue regular outfit. but it was fun. I am out of energy to write tonight, so I am going to watch the film called Kundun(Dalai Lama movie) and try to catch some sleep

Friday, May 21, 2004


I got a package sent today from avex and it was from Tokuda-san. It was Kumi Koda's new single "Love&Honey". Ah that's right, I wrote an English lyric for "The theme of Sister Jill". It was listed as a track number 2 as Love &Honey version. Kumi added some Japanese lyrics and more music on what's been used in the movie Cutie Honey. Sounds good, I am happy. I like seeing my name on there :) (The credit name is Sachi Bennett tho) Check it out!! Kumi's pink dress and pink/black bra is yabai!!!

Revision of Copyright law 

The Japanese government has been discussing a revision to Article 113 of the Japanese Copyright Act. The proposed amendment to the current bill is in direct opposition to the interests of both consumers and artists. The revision would permit recording companies to place メimport entitlementsモ, allowing them to restrict third parties from importing commercially available media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) into Japan. A big controversy has occured since we covered this topic 2 wks ago. So we covered the same topic from the different angle with the guests who were supporting this act.

The member of The house of representatives, who is supporting this revision of copyright law, Yoshinobu Shimamura came to clarify some doubts and concerns of the music fans, and he dragged Hidetoshi Haeno, the managing director of Recording Industry Association of Japan to be on the show to defend together with him. Originally RIAJ had no intention of speaking for the public, thus declined our request to be on the show. But apparently he changed his mind. Broght along with Mr.Haeno was Mr.Maeda, the man who I used to work for, while I was doing the avex show. It was soooo awkward seeing him at the station today ..one month after the show's over, here I am on the other show raising voice against what he was trying to do. I felt so bad, because with so much illegal downloading, music fans will find a way to get a hold of the music they want to hear anyway. That's where they have been losing money for all their CD sales. Now, how I see this whole thing is that they are trying to reach a bigger market, including US and Europe. I know that some of the major Japanese record companies have been finally noticing that there is a market out there in US for J-pop, but in order to really turn in into a decent business, I can see that they needed to control the backfire of foreign pressed CDs coming into Japan. US made CDs will be sold at the average US price. That's much cheaper than Japan price. So they are not talking about just the CDs that's pressed in Asia like Taiwan or China which you see at Don kihote and such. I see oen of their purpose for changing this law is to probably to release CDs in US and take advantage of US market (which basically mean worldwide market) . It's a much much bigger market, that's why they keep repeatedly saying
" This has to be done, because this is for the growth of Japanese music." .

I told RIAJ managing director off the air that I have been going to anime conventions in US and so that I have been seeing how there is a need for J-pop and if this is what it had to be done to bring J-pop in US then it totally makes sense to me on some standard, he immediately lightened up and said "Exactly.. 65% of J-pop being sold have a tie-in or somehow related to anime."

There is a saying in Japanese "Nagai mononiwa makarete oke". Which means "when there is something that stretches out long, just let yourself wrapped around with it." Meaning... hmm, in my own interpretation, that it's better to follow the thing or people with power/authority that's much biggger than you can control, that way you will be safe and surivive everyday living and not have to fight it. and I think it's one of those thing that it's just uncontrollable by us. This revision of copyright law will be confirmed at the end of this month. We'll see what happens, but I bet it will pass. and we have to live with it.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Pet Lovers Meeting 

Ms Hazuki Kajiwara from a volunteer group called Pet Lovers Meeting was the guest on the show today. About 8 people from this group are operating the free hotline for people who are experiencing the loss of pets. They have been doing the regular meeting for 4 yrs or so but they started doing this hotline thing 6 months ago because they noticed that there were many people who would call up saying they really would like to attend the group counseling meeting, but that they live too far. This hotline is only available on every saturday from 1-4pm though, but still that's a big contribution. She said she has had about 100 people calling them as of now. Majority of them are women, but men do call up sometime. Ms Kajiwara and all the other ladies who answer the phone also have gone through the major pet loss. For Ms.Kajiwara, it was a cat who was diagnosed with cancer at 5 yr old of its age, and died a year and half after.

Japanese people are strange when it comes to mental weaknesses, they try to hide it so bad, but I gues that's because the society makes them feel like they have to hide it. It's okay to cry, it's okay to have a nervous breakdown, it's okay to be depressed, to have a mental disorder.. I mean what's wrong with that? I've got one! But apparently, some people call up this number for the hotline and say " I have a pet, and I do not want to have this "pet loss", so what should I do?" . Ms. Kajiwara was saying that is partly due to some media's fault because of how they portayed people with pet loss, They added like "Pet Loss Syndrome", and aired it like it was something to be embarrased about. She thanked me for how we covered it tonight and that'a how she exactly wanted it, she said that she listens to the show in her car, so that she recognized my voice. I do not get that a lot. so it was nice to hear that. People don't recognize my voice that much, and think it's the same person. Some people were laughing and saying that ain't you! when I said that's my voice on the air (it was some kind of jingle narration that they heard. ) . I can't sound like me on the air, never really was allowed to.. but when I used to do FM Yokohama or Fuji, I was more of myself, and I had better feedback, so ..oh well. I do not know what's good and what's not, although I wish I could just laugh my head off on the air, and not considered "unladylike". (I miss CBF because looud laughter was allowed....!!)

Anyway, here is the hotline number if you and your friend in Japan needs it, (only in Japanese but..) 0424-53-1000. Getting out of chest, while your privacy is respected is something that we all need once in a while. and this is the number to call for dealing with your emotions and symptoms when you are going through the loss of Pets.

Fahrenheit 9/11 

Despite its US release being blocked by Disney, we will get a chance to see Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore this summer! I got the email of announcement today from its distributor in Japan called Gaga, saying the film will start showing at Ebisu Garden Cinema and some other places. The same theatre where people made a looong line to watch Bowling for Columbine which ended up extending its showing period due to its extreme popularity. I can't wait to see it. In Cannes, I heard the film was a success and got good reviews. Not that I believe what the critiques say.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


I am in a funk, but I am not depressed then again I am really tired and I need some retreat. I want to go to onsen. Maybe Kev and I could go to Izu... My parents got me these free tickets to stay and eat dinner/breakfast at a place called Izutaka. Just take a train to Atami which is only like.. an hour away from us.. yeah that WILL be nice. I canceled two convention appearance due to work when they invited me out as a guest. Fanime in SF and A-kon in Texas. I really wanted to go to both of those conventions, but with the rating week coming up right after these events. So I must stay here in Tokyo and work .. do much as I can to contribute. Oh well :( At least the trip to Okinawa to attend the wedding is awaiting us, plus maybe we can squeeze in this little overnight trip to Izu.. ..


A flower that grows in the desert? Isn't that nice? She's gotta be strong...! That's moonflower. Perhaps no other flower does more for the nighttime garden than the Moonflower. Blooming during the night, it's large white blooms seem to illuminate the garden... beckoning you to come closer. Planted near a deck or porch, its heavenly fragrance permeates the air, adding to it's appealing beauty. Relatively easy to grow depending on location, Moonflowers make a lovely addition to any garden.

Common Name: Moon Vine, Moonflower
Botanical Name: Ipomoea (eye-po-MEE-a) Alba, also known as Calonyction acurleatum
Type: Vine
Size/Height: 10-20 feet in a season
Bloom Size: Up to six inches across
Hardiness: Perennial in zones 9-10; annual elsewhere
Growth Rate: Fast in warmer climates; moderate elsewhere
Origin: Southern Florida and American tropics

The moonflower is related to the more common morning glory but unlike the morning glory which blooms during all but the hottest daylight hours, the moonflower blooms in the late afternoon and continues throughout the night and until the following morning. Moonflower blooms may also stay open until noon on cool, cloudy days. As beautiful as the moonflower is, care should be taken if small children or pets are near it. Although it is not poisonous if touched, it is if eaten. For your reference check out the Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System which lists all poisonous plants in their system by both botanical and common names.

Okay, enough info. I am temporarily in love with the smell of this perfume called Moonflower from The bodyshop.

I was an avid collector of perfumes/colognes.. pretty much any kind of fragrance that was out there. Some of the longest ones I wore, somehow tended to be from Dior. I haven't found much of fragrance that I thought mmmmm for a long while, but now I am temporarily in love with this stuff. Floral, with a definate jasmine smell that just makes you feel like you are in a tropical island. Although my favorite scent of tropical flower is definately pikake.

Ahhh I cannot wait to grow some plants and flowers in a tropical island... :)

a day w/mom 

Spent time with my mom today. I went over her way, had lunch together, did some shopping, we both got foot massages using the coupon from Queesway that I gave her for her b-day .. and headed for parents' house and worked on the translation for their warranty of the title for the house they bought in Hawaii. My mom was flipping through the photobook I made for them from the house hunting trip we all took together to Hawaii a few months back, that was one hell of an exhausting trip for everyone but now that the job is completed, mom was looking at those pictures like flipping pages of really fond memories, telling me stories about each picture. She is really looking forward to spending time there, my dad is still stuck here. Concerened about his health,too. He has to get another test done tomorrow with the doctor for his prostate problem, he was on the medicine for a whole entire month and that didn't work so the dr changed his meds, and he's been on the different one now for a month, and I guess the dr is trying to see how much of a difference it made. I am sure a lot of sun, and beautiful air that smells like flower, beautiful ocean will help ease their mind and body. I just can't leave til my time is up, and it's not now, so maybe Kev can take off first and make usage of the empty house by trying to start establishing the life there, who knows.

It almost feels like rainy season here in Tokyo, been muggy and I am starting to get mosquitto bites,too *yuck* !! Just to think that this is when Hawaii is like... puuuurrrrrfect weather... we could just drop everything off from our shoulders and say sayofuckinnara ...Nice. We should.

Monday, May 17, 2004

On Kurt Cobain's death 

Whether it was a murder or suicide, it doesn't change the fact that Kurt Cobain is gone, but if you haven't seen this film Kurt and Cobain by Nick Broomfield, check out this site called Justice for Kurt Cobain, which is up and running by the private investigator named Tom Grant..who was hired by Courtney Love prior to the discovery of Cobain's body. It makes you wonder.

Brad Pitt 

I don't know if it is a problem with my computer, but recently I write a post and just when I am about to hit publish post, my computer freezes up. I hate it. Since it erased what I wrote just now, I am going to make it short..

So I could not sleep til 6 or 7am. I just can't sleep at night. So I meant to go to the press conference, and woke up when my alarm went off, but I was thinking.. hmm sleep or Brad Pitt.. and I chose sleep! But turns out he was 2 hrs late for the press conference because he got sick. so even if I went, I wouldn't have been able to stay to see the press conference because I had a plan to meet my friend Natsuki at 12:30am for lunch, and there was no way I was going to cancel that for Brad Pitt. The press conference was supposed to start from 11am, the invitation strictly stated that there was no way we can get in after the conference starts ... but it barely got started when I was already having lunch with Natsuki. No big deal, though. Brad is hot but he's taken! :P

Natsuki and I had looooong talk at Brown rice cafe in Omotesando, it was nice, although we talked for like 6 hrs non-stop so by the time we were leaving the cafe, we were both dizzy... and in need of massive oxygen! Natsuki is 6 months pregnant (in Japan terms so it's 7 months) so I felt bad that because she looked exhausted after that loooong chat, but when I looked myself in the mirror in a little shop on the way back home, I looked pale and had major bags under my eyes. I looked awful! I need serious naturally induced sleep!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Fine dinner 

Yumi's friend Tomo-chan is a chef who has studied in Italy for many years and just got back to Japan like a year ago, she mostly does corporate parties or commercial shoot doing catering. She does a cooking event every once a month at this Spanish bar called Venencia in Nakameguro. She has been doing this for a half a year already, and it happened to be today so we went, Kana-sensei came out too and it was nice to see her there. The food was amazing. I took pictures of the dishes, except for the two appetizers because I was so busy eating and appreciating the dishes! Anyway, it was real nice :)

Now I've got to get some sleep because I plan to go to the press conference for Troy in the early morning, where Brad Pitt and 4 other casts will be there! Brad Pitt will also make an apperance for Japan premiere at Nippon Budokan from 6pm tomorrow but apparently the tickets are all sold out. Can you believe that he is 40,though? What a hot 40 yr old!! and I also look forward to lunch with Natsuki and have a looong chat. She and I have been close friends since high school and we would always have a deep philosophical conversation and it's still the same to this day, we have quite a bit in common, and have a chemistry established where one of us makes sure to stop and listen, and you also have your turn to speak, and goes back and forth. So when we meet, we talk for hours. I'm rather a listener person than chatter, but still when I am having a conversation with someone and if that person goes on and on about himself/herself, I just get a little exhausted. So that works perfectly with Natsuki. I haven't seen her in a long time so I totally look forward to meeting her tomorrow, perhaps more than a little glimpse of Brad Pitt :)

Big Fish 

I haven't had any sleep in 2 days now. But somehow managed to catch a film called Big Fish by Tim Burton which just opened in theatre today in Japan. I was sleep deprived, in a bad mood, exhausted, and thought that I would probably end up falling asleep during the movie. Kevin is a huge Tim Burton fan, but I am not crazy about him like Kev is, so anyway.. we sat down with the bag of junkfood take out from Lotteria.

You know how they show like 20 minutes worth of commercials. and it grossed me out because all the films that they were doing the preview commerical, were all something about murder, tragedy, shocking images, lots of blood, dead and screaming people! Is it because it is almost summertime or the movie industry really has gone nuts? I almost lost appetite watching the long ass commerical.

Big Fish was AWESOME. Totally thumbs up. Heard people sobbig in the theatre toward the end. I cried, too and it's not like I cry watching every sappy movies, as a matter of fact I hadn't cried watching a movie in a loooong time, like msybe years,really. I mean shit! It was a brilliant movie!!! I totally recommend it to everybody. I ended up buying the soundtrack,too.

Came home and had amazon delivery(always a pleasure), Kev ordered Kurt and Courtney, a documentary film in the serach of Courtney conspiracy over Kurt's death. which was so-so ...considering the budget limit and media restriction/control and threat that they must have gotten during the filming. Saw Tenacious D DVD, which was really funny, and now watching Sonic Youth in 1001: The year punk broke. Doing a total film marathon hoping that I would fall asleep during some movies but just haven't had luck yet...

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Winning and losing 

Damn!!! Asashoryu lost today! He has had 35 consecutive wins and didn't make it to 36th... :( OH well... and while there is a loser, there always is a winner!! Hooray! Japanese girls' volleyball team beat Korean team today and made its way to Athen Olympics! Awesome!

I used to belong to vollegball club in junior highschool. I wasn't really tall, but I was a pretty damn good player if I say so myself! Although because I was going to music school, we had to be extra careful about practice because if we damage our fingers, that would interfere us from practicing pr performing the piano which was a big no-no. I mean.. some girls didn't even cook back because they were (or their parents were) afraid that they would cut their fingers while cooking. But I played volleyball anyway. I cooked helping my mom or making sweets om my own, I grew nails and my piano teacher got really mad.. I absolutely hated it when people try to control me. and I am still that way.

Speaking of winning and losing, we had a comedy duo called Untouchable today on the show. They are the grand prize winner of Bakusho Owarai Battle this season. They were so nice :) and they even beat Patrick on the news quiz and made Patrick do the "Pakkun Makkun" comedy skit all by himself on the air, hehe.

Next friday's guest is Tetsu&Tomo known for their song.. "nandedaro".

Currently It's such a 80's comeback culture-wise now. Owarai(comedy) boom was so hot when I was in junior high school, and now that's back. Apparently there is this new gaijin owarai duo called "Shio koshou"(which means Salt &Pepper). "Salt" is this caucasian guy who is in his 50's who has lived in Japan for almost 30 years and fluent in Japanese, "Pepper" is this afro american guy in 30's or something. Untouchable was saying that they are really funny and will probably make it big soon. So many new owarai people keep popping out.. just like in the 80's. Volleyball was soooo hot in the 80's too. That's half of the reason why I was in the volleyball club. Those people are all retired and now doing a sports commentator or instructor but what else of the 80's hit culture will be on our way?? I wonder.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Strawberries and Sushi 

Had a meeting at Kodansha in the afternoon and took off to the studio as usual. Talked about illegal export of seeds to grow special branded vegetables or fruits that Japanese farmers developed spending so many years. Now those fruits and veggies have been imported back to Japan and it's been a huge issue. (such as expencive strawberries, beans etc) The guest on the show, a man from the Ministry of Agriculture, said strongly that when you say "pirate" you think of designers bags or CDs, but that he wants people to be aware that when people steal the seeds of a particular brand of veggies or fruits that was so hard to develop,(which are also registered by a farmer's name) it's a crime, and how he wants people to be aware that these things also apply to intellectual property. He said that it's hard to track down the seeds at the customs because it's just so small. Plus, the problem is that unlike a lot of designer brand's pirate version of bags and such, once you have the seeds, anyone pretty much can apparently make the same exact thing that Japan would produce. It's that easy. (Although I bet I would ruin it though!) He said currently half of the strawberries in Korea are probably made with Japanese seeds which someone just stolen. Wow.

I had a sudden urge to eat Akagai after work. So ... took a taxi to Momotaro sushi and had sushi late at night. (I know ..i know..it's so bad to eat late at night... but I work late hours...) Ahh heavenly. I have been craving akagai since last night because we talked about akagai on the show and had a craving ever since. Akagai was on the black plate(560yen per black plate..depending on the color of the little plate, the price is different) but hell, I had two :)

If you have lots of money, then there are a LOT of good sushi restaurants that I can recommend, but I am not one of those lucky gals who get to dine at places that expencive all the time. As far as inexpencive and yummy sushi restaurants go, I recommend Midori-zushi or Momotaro :)

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Trust at workplace 

I had a dream about being bitten by mosquitos and sure enough, I woke up all itchy and found a mosquito bite on my arm. Mosquitos don't seem to like me much lately though, maybe my blood is not yummy any more compared to when I was little when I was always the one with countless mosquito bites when there wer plenty of other people. I have been having strange dreams lately. When I wake up and think of the meaning, (I have been trying to remember what it was about in the morning so at least I can try to figure "me" out.) it usually makes some kind of sense. Weird.

Work has been same ol' same ol'. Well, actually it isn't exactly the same , there are a LOTS going on but I just have to stay sane and strong. I have been reading Dan Renzi's blog and how he is writing his side of story about his arrest opposing to what MTV reported on their news. I think he's cool about how he is handling this whole situation. Thank god for blog huh? A voice of opinion!

People can and will talk shit about anyone all they want. It's their stress relief, it makes them feel powerful. It just makes them feel damn good, I suppose. Kind of like some annoymous people would talk shit about me on like 2 channel, Whatever. I think Dan's attitude about this whole thing is cool. Media will try to get anything out of you to turn it into a dirt, and people who would do that you could just be somebody you know, because she/he wants to get rid of you from the industry. That's unfortunate because that really makes you not want to believe in anybody any more. but we just need to move on and get on with our lives.

I always had a thing about never to get too close to anybody in the industry, including never to date a man in the industry. Because I knew that you couldn't really trust nobody. I would trust my family and friends, though. But I don't know.. I just always had a thing with it. I hated it too because I really wanted to casually hang out and talk stories with co-workers or staffs without having to worry about the possibility that they might turn their back on you and just decide to betray you one day. But there is no empathy or sympathy here.

I wonder if I had a job at regular company all these years then these things would have been different. I wonder how long it will take me to trust someone at work in the future. hmmm..


Blogger.com has done a makeover. I am bored with this template already though, but I've got other blog by typepad up and running, and I like that one there, so I am just keeping this blog just for the sake of it. Blogger.com got me into blogging in the first place anyway. I also moved my Japanese blog over to excite blog. It's free and really neat. The layout is much like the one of movable type. Simple and nice and with comments and trackback and you can upload pictures and all that for free. It even comes with a neat little how-to computer lauguage tips. It is really helpful for someone like me. So I've got 4 blogs now!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Mizuki's birthday 

We celebrated Mizuki's belated birthday at this turkish restaurant called The Marmara in Takadanobaba. Never had turkish food before other than those yummy pita sandwich from the vendors so we were all looking forward to this. On tuesdays and thursdays, they have bellydance performance, and it happened to be tuesday today :)

Mizuki brought her laptop to show us pictures of Egypt and Turkey. Mizuki and her mom sounded like they had a great time there, and the pictures were amazing. Definately one of the places I would like to go visit one day. She got us this souvenir which is this blue glass good luck charm sorta thing from Turkey, it's supposed to protect you from the evil spirits, and at the restaurant, they had a bigger version of it displayed everywhere.

Food was goooood! She was saying that this restaurant was far better than what she had in Turkey LOL. We tried like a course deal that started off with this really yummy soup, turkish salad and a few appetizers, main dish, (we ordered a bunch of different stuff like turkish pizza, swordfish and kabab) and desserts and chai/turkish coffee. I loved everything on the menu! Bellydance was supposed to wait from 8pm but it didn't start til like 8:40pm, this lady showed up from the back kicthen and started dancing at front of everyone and getting all of us to dance. It was fun. She apparently teaches too. and since I don't have Taka to teach me bellydance, maybe I can go take lessons from her!

Man, I wish I could take like a month off at least to travel around the world. Bangkok is cheap place to buy airplane tickets to the world, but Japan is not so bad either compared to many other countries. Gosh that would be so fun. I'd like to go somewhere that would be farther from Hawaii to go, like Europe and stuff. I need a vacation!

Monday, May 10, 2004

Manga/internet cafe 

Went to the US embassy and got the notary thing done, for one of the things I need to bring for I-130.. keep seeing the same guys there, and the one who notorized my document was the same guy who did it for my parents. He didn't even ask me what that document meant(usually he does to all J-people), just asked me if I am going to understand the meaning of this document and swear to use it accordingly, so I said yes sir.

Got the haircut, I like it. Got the foot massage,it was decent. So why am I here sitting alone at the manga/internet cafe at the end of a decent day?

Ya' know. We all need the space to ourselves sometime, need to be alone. Time to think. I like going to places alone. No strings attached, I can do whatever I want, without having anybody telling me I shouldn't do/buy this,or that, It's nice. Not to mention many geeks who are reading manga left and right are there on the other side of the room, they don't bother me. This is a decent size flat computer, I can put DVD and watch if I wanted to, and ofcourse, we aren't in Bali or anything so it's broadband. There is no music playing in the back, which is great because I love silence. You know how some people grow up and are used to fall asleep with noize, I can't do that. I like the dead silence. Helps me concentrate, and see and think clearly. Thank god manga/internet cafe is 24 hrs opened. I am on the non-smoking floor too which is great, I don't smoke. I don't mind the smokers as long as that's what makes them happy. But when my b/f or a partner is a smoker, I dread kissing him. It tastes nasty.

Manga/net cafe is somehow a lonely place filled with lonely people. Some middle-aged ladies are sleeping with heads down, college kids tired and nowhere to go are taking a nap with comic books covering their faces. So many people are alone in this world. Why do we do this to ourselves? You try so hard to be a part of something, a part of society, a part of a community, whatever. Yet so many people are out there betraying you,hurting you,telling a lie which they meant as a white lie, whatever the case might have been, these things make you not want to believe and trust anything or anyone ever again. We forgive, and we live. Same thing happens, same old shit. We get so tired of getting up and going again. We all get so tired of trying. This is a place where it's filled with tired,,innocent people who got stepped all over by survivers, that they just want to block everything human and complicated. They read manga and temporarily live in the world created and drawn by manga or the internet who you could be anybody and noone messes with you except for a darn computer virus, all for a short escape. and I like it here.

Sunday, May 09, 2004


We went to my parent's house for a BBQ party today. My dad called me early in the morning telling me to hurry up and come early. So we went in a hurry. My bro's family wasn't there yet, my dad was trying to make us look decent, I suppose. as we are always late, and they are always there before us. My mom was running around the house all excited doing the preps for BBQ, my dad was burning charcoal, getting ready to teach how to make a fire to his grandkids.

They finally arrived about an hour later after we got there, Kev and I hadn't seen them since we all got together for new year's when my bro's wife suddenly decided to leave (saying she suddenly felt sick) because we were talking about finding a house in Hawaii, so I was feeling a bit sick and upset in my stomach about meeting my bro, his family. But it just went ... normal. Kev was workin' hard at the grill, and everyone was full and happy. They didn't ask us any details, instead we just carried on a regular conversation. It was odd because I don't really have any hard feelings any more toward my brother. Since Kana sensei "hypnotized" me about him, making me believe that he was a respecatable man who invented the first train in this world in his past life, I felt perfectly fine around him, as a matter of fact, I was treating him with more respect. Strange, I know. But if hypnotizing was (although hypnotizing is not really what she did! LOL) what it takes for all of us to get along, then why not, right?

Saw Thicker than water by Jack Johnson. I wanna learn to surf!!! My bro was so tanned from two flights he had to do to Hawaii recently. He now surfs. Once scared of water, and now he surfs.. well.. so maybe it's never late for me either. Somehow I don't remember seeing a tanned pilot personally,though. I wonder if that's really okay. My flight attendant girlfriend was saying how if she gets too tanned then her elder crews would make a smart ass comments toward her and so that she had to be careful. But then, I can't imagine co-pilot or crews saying smart ass thing to a pilot anyway. Well, lucky dude.

Thank you Pippi 

Went to the homeparty at Pippi's place today. We got there around 3:30pm, Satoshi and his gf were already there, so we started catching up eating the Hawaii-themed Pippi's homecooking. It was awesome! She had like spam roll/avocado roll, coconut salad, spare rib, (crispy on the outside and juicy inside, I don't know how she did it but it was goooood!) pasta, and soooo much more. (and of course with nice little desert she made!) We had beer and hypnotiq that Kev and I brought, and we were already very drunk around 7pm.

We talked and talked and by the time we looked at the wallclock, it was like 11:30pm. At the party like this, a question thrown at you which I always find hard to answer, is "What's your best favorite movie?". (Kev always says True Romance. ) I always had this feeling that people will judge me depending on the film I like. I mean... I watch so many films ..the frequency of it is pretty crazy partly because what Kev likes and what I like are so different and we are both victims of films & DVD industry.. but I really haven't yet found a ultimate movie that I really love. There are movies that I really like, and there are movies that changed me (like.. The outsiders). but I just can't narrow that down to just one movie. Is it a bad thing?? Is it about commitment?!

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Something that made me think... 

Today's guest on the show was the comedian, Yurioka Cho Tokkyu. A staff just casually asked me how I liked him, and I said I really liked him, because he was reeeeally nice and humble. He said that its unfortunate that he doesn't get the attention that he deserve. and I asked him why he doesn't. and he said "Oh that's because he's a nice person". ............ huh?

Competition in the industry is crazy, and I guess sometimes you just have to be a major bitch/an asshole. And for somebody who can't be, well ...shit out of luck. like..if you can't lie with the straight face, then you have less chance of getting ahead is what I was told. Too nice for the industry=normal nice person. HA??? I mean.... HUH??????? (I wish I have known this when I was much younger....yeah like life lessons are that easy..)

PS and best of luck to Yurioka-san..he'd better be mo' popular and bigger!!

Radio DJ 

On this blog(a bit different from blog, it's called diary site,tho), he/she took time to write out everything we said on the air last night regarding the law that's about to change, which will basically ban all direct imported disks from the music market. We will only be able to buy what's released from the Japanese record companies which is pretty expencive, (but in UK, it's about the same though). but because the record companies will be selecting what to bring to Japan, the whole catalogue that we will be exposed to in the future will be so small. This is a tragedy for pure music fans. Radio station won't be able to play music which isn't "officially" released from Japanese record labels, then I am sure they will try to buy the shows thats already produced in US or UK to play not-yet-discovered music and that means no radio director/mixer/radio djs/scriptwriter won't be needed much any more. Maybe my relocation is a good thing considering that sort of aspects. who knows.

Radio DJs elsewhere and the ones in Japan are so different. maybe it was about time for change anyhow. In US or UK, radio DJs manage everything by themselves as you probably are all aware, you do the voicetracks, download the music and jingles and everything into the datafile on your computer, you play your music, you put listeners on hold and talk to them while the music is on, edit the conversation down to a certain seconds, and match that into the intro of the songs, all done on protools and some other puter tools. They have things to do other than just talking, mixing the songs, playing the songs, put the commercials and all that. But DJs in Japan are nothing like that. You just go into the studio, based on the scripts that are provided to you, you talk, and adlib .. it's more like a narrator's job in a way. That's why they will be paying way extra attention to each and every word you say because there is nothing else to do to "rate" you. When I used to work at canadian run production company, I did stuff more like this, and everyone would pop in and be like "eh? just you two for 6 hrs?" . I guess we were just really spoiled and it's about time for change. I don't know of any radio station that went out of business, (major ones anyway) but more people will be listening to music via the computer, majority of younger kids all do that already.
I was always down with the idea of radio station being all non-stop music, more like US radio stations. You have to have a reeeeally good voice to do narrations for non-stop music voicetracks. I don't think I really do. My thing is doing the interviews. Not my voice.

With so much illegal downloading, and there really isn't no way to completely stop it, maybe this was the last action that the Japanese music industry had to take. This doesn't really sound like something we can stop now, either. Although, I believe that the music fans will always find ways to tune into good music somehow, whatever the cicumstance may be in the future.

Friday, May 07, 2004


Went to the citibank today to do some wire-transfer to US, not crowded at all, but when I went to the regular bank to get some cash, (I was so poor and miserable during the golden week) looooong line. Even when I went to see my doctor, it was hella long wait then usual. This is one thing I really dislike about holidays. Banks closed.

Aljazeera TV apparently officially opened its Tokyo branch a few days ago. I have been asked to get a hold of them so we could go and do the interview at their office, everytime I call Aljazeera, I get runaround, or put on hold and somebody just hangs up on me. I read on someone's blog that they are not anouncing where the office is for the safety reasons. and I bet they don't want to be bombarded with media requests. hmm... anybody knows where it is? *not*

Thursday, May 06, 2004


I want to watch America's Next Top Model Season 2!! Kev and I saw this on the plane going ..somewhere, and I liked it. I was so drawn to super models in the 90's. I got natural high working with elite models doing the translation for them. I also worked with Kate Moss and that photo shoot with UK music blasting off the studio and her wiggling her butt and posing for camera, was just sooo exciting! It is great to work in radio but temporarily help in fashion was such an energy booster for me. We stopped talking about super models not as much, compared to before, but maybe it will come back again. I didn't even know Tyra Banks has released a song... so has Naomi Campbell. Carla Bruni recently released a CD too... no no noooo just stay beautiful... and give us girls something to dream about!!

No more imported music discs?  

Interviewed Kentaro Takahashi, a music critique/journalist/producer. For copyright control, and for the improvement of Japanese music industry, Something big concerning imported CDs is about to change. If this falls through, we won't be able to buy official J-pop CDs made overseas, (this is like for sure in next January) and it could also affect imported CDs in general. What's going to happen to Tower records, HMV? When the radio station plays music from imported disks and not from officially released western pop/rock CDs or whatever, the radio station is to be blamed for some punishment, or a fine. When we go overseas traveling, and buy tons of CDs and records, and if we have 2 of the same thing, the immigration might say that this is for a business purpose and snatch that away from you. What's going to happen to club DJs who heavily rely on imported vinyl records, we won't be able to buy any CDs from amazon, or any kind of online system as we will be punished for it.. and we will have to only rely on a small catalogue of CDs and records, as the record company will be selecting what will sell. and something that they don't think it will sell in Japan, we will never see the light of day for the rest of the music and musicians that we may like. Sure we will have to pay 3000 yen for CD average instead of 2000 yen if this falls through, but I don't think that's the biggest problem here, the problem is that this law will narrow the wide range of music that we were exposed til now. Apparently this will fall through by 95% at this point. *sigh* It's important to save the striving record companies of Japan, as the market for music is currently the same as fish market in Japan which has gotten so small considering that this is entertainment. Maybe people from US or UK are used to this. as they already control all of this, but in Japan, we had the other system where it controls all the CDs to be sold at the same price everywhere including the small retailers, thus the market was somehow stable. (In Japan, you can't resell CDs til after 6 months of its release date) but because of online downloading, they HAD to take some actions, I guess. I am sure people, the music fans will find one way or the other to listen to music which aren't available from the official route released by the Japanese record companies. but when this is considered illegal, we can't freely discuss about it, the music magazines won't be able to write something about what's not officially released, and music journalists won't be able to talk freely about the CDs that they liked because they will be questioned first as to where they got a hold of that music. That really blows. 5 big major labels in US, (BGM Victor is UK though) will be happy because what they get out of Japanese market will be much bigger due to its price, instead of what they normally get, (which is like 5 dollars per CD when it is imported to Japan and just sold as a import CD as a wholesale) . In a way, they are trying to turn the music market into more like movie market. or DVDs. (See how we have different regions) In Japan, we can't watch all the movies that is released elsewhere, because the distributor selects what to bring to Japan. I can somehow understand about the movies as it will have to have subtitles for Japanese to understand, and watch the foreign movie, but I thought music didn't have a lauguage barrier. Now they are about to make a huge barrier. At the end of the month, this will be discussed and will go to the next step. whether that's a good next step or bad next step. I really wish this didn't have to happen. Chances are very slim but if you are interested, You could check this site for further information. and below is a basic summary of what they have to say.

"Since the beginning of April, 2004, the Japanese government has been discussing a revision to Article 113 of the Japanese Copyright Act. The proposed amendment to the current bill is in direct opposition to the interests of both consumers and artists. The revision would permit recording companies to place メimport entitlementsモ, allowing them to restrict third parties from importing commercially available media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) into Japan.

The proposed revisions are being touted as protecting domestic industries and copyrights; in fact, they would be doing more harm than good, allowing the government and recording industry to enforce price restrictions potentially depriving consumers from proper market forces. Restricting free-market forces inevitably lowers the quality of a market from the perspective of a consumer.

The processes by which the bill's revision is being pushed through is also very problematic. There has been virtually no discussion with respect to the bill's effect on consumer benefits, and public opinion has been so far disregarded by the amendments' proponents.

Another questionable change since the original proposal has been a shift towards broader coverage. The first submission of the revised bill tried to curb only メback-flowed disksモ, that is, domestic titles created by Japanese artists and licensed and manufactured outside Japan for foreign markets which were then imported into Japan and sold for less than domestic-only editions. However, recent reports reveal that the current proposal could restrict commercially imported disks of both domestic and foreign titles once a license for a domestic-edition has been established. This means a general restriction on virtually all imported disks, especially authorized editions made for the Japanese market.

Our efforts directly protest such a blanket revision that is clearly not in the interests of consumers and artists. We hope more individuals, both local and overseas, will recognize the problems this bill will inevitably invoke, and hope you will help us in spreading this cause.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Golden Week 

(Sunday)Took my mom to Roppongi Hills. Had fine lunch at L'atelier de Joel Robuchon, showed her around, it was sunny and really nice day out, had some snacks at Tofu Cafe, and she went home happy. We had a really good time together, and it had been a long time since the last time we really enjoyed ourselves, like just mother and daughter, so it was nice. We were running around and enjoying the stuff like we were both teenagers. I think my mom needed that, and I am glad she enjoyed herself. Shortly after I came home, Kev and I went to see the comedy theatre at the cabaret in Shinjuku. It was interesting, the venue=cabaret, was pretty cool like you could feel the souls of many ojisan's in solitude. Rented some DVDs. and during Ali G the movie, I fell asleep. No offence, because I love Ali G.

(Monday) So tired from walking, and from everything in general. I woke up late, like no point in telling you what time it was as it's awfully too embarassing. Noticed that Yumiko had emailed me inviting both of us for dinner at her place. We got to her house really late but she had prepared dinner for us, we had like spare rib, homemade gyoza, salad, meat&potatos, and like wow. what a feast!! It is so true that when you eat the dish with heart, you can tell and that it gives you so much energy. I think that's why I love my mom's homecooking the best. There is so much love in every dishes that she makes. and she is so happy to entertain you and to see you smile eating good food. Yumi's dinner was the same way, and it was such an energy-boosting, fine dinner! I got her recipe for Spare rib, and I am going to try making it sometime! Just chatting and chilling, and it was already like 1am so we decided to sleep over at her house. Her place was comforting, I have been needing some serious escape for a long while now and even though it is only like 20-30 minutes away from our place, it was really nice :)

(Tuesday) Woke up rather early, and she made us breakfast, rice and miso soup with natto beans and all. I love that combo. Sure, I can use banana pancake for a change only sometime, but I sooooo dig rice and miso soup breakfast. Natto makes it perfect. I am glad that Kev can eat Natto and actually really appreciate it. He couldn't eat natto when he first came to Japan but somehow one day, he fell in love with it. and for like a week in straight, he was eating natto.. like everyday when he discovered the beauty of Natto. I don't know what it was, but that moment, he was turning Japanese! Went shopping in her neighborhood after breakkie, and came home for only a bit, and took off to work. So windy outside. I got to interview Hiroshi Yagyu, who became a chairman of Wild Birds Society of Japan 2 wks ago. He was a famous gameshow host in the 80's, also a very talented actor, I grew up watching his gameshow. so it was neat to see him. So obviously we talked about birds, and he was so cute talking about the great nature. He said birds live for posterity, and he's got 6 grandkids, asked me if I am also making effort, lol so I said I'll try harder :P So the interview went well, and I bought mother's day's gift at Agito, and took off to this Nail salon called Art Aki. My index fnger's nail broke yesterday, and I hadn't gone to a salon for over a month, so I needed it. I really like the nail artist there, so I think I will go to this salon from now on. They don't mind doing some crazy stuff with my nails either, as a matter of fact, I love my new ones!!

One more day and the golden week is over. Just passing by like any normal week. Tomorrow, I have to go in early for an interview ... oh and tomorrow is boy's day..so happy boy's day. Party at Pippi is on Saturday.. BBQ at my parents is on Sunday.. and there are lots to do. I have been meaning to post something more interesting about what we did for the past few days with more details but I just haven't had much time for bloggin'. I have been meaning to upload some pictures but haven't really had time. Even when I am working as usual and don't get no golden week holidays, It does feel like a holiday, though. Only because I am so poor, and so little cash in my wallet. Because all the banks don't operate til May 6th, Damn it.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Jake Shimabukuro 

Yumi called this morning and we all managed to go to VenusFort in Odaiba to see Jake Shimabukuro (Yay I got my wish!), Once we got there, it was just too many people.. but hey, what do you expect ..especially during Golden Week? Kev was hungry(which means he was in a really pissy mood) so I only got to see him perform 2 songs in a decent state of mind, because we were moving around so we could see Jake better and hopefully somewhere close to food where Kev can eat something but... time was running out so went back to where we started .. Men are such big babies :( Anyway Jake rocked Odaiba. He is the first ukulele artist who performed at Fuji Rock. (this was last year) and also is an "ambassador" for Hawaii Tourism Japan. He plays ukulele like he is holding a rock guitar, Steve Vai or Yngwie Malmsteen of Ukulele, so to speak. He is so humble... filled full of aloha spirits :) I ended up buying two of his CDs. Awesome. I especially dig his ukulele version of Ozzy's "Mama I am coming home" from his first full length solo album. Very cool.

In Hawaiian, "ukulele" apparently means "jumping flea". Because it is believed that in the days of old Hawai'i, when one would play the instrument, their fingers would move so fast liike they were fleas jumping on the fretboard. and that is exactly like watching Jake play his ukulele, listening to him play makes you think wow, is this really a four-stringed instrument???

They were doing some kind of Hawaii tourism promotional campaign and Miss Hawaii was giving away free leis, so I got a free lei and a picture taken with her. Miss Hawaii can hula,too :) Yumi and I did some shopping afterwards and we all took off to Shibuya, everywhere we tried to go today had a looong line, being that this is golden week, which sucks because I remember at least a decade or two ago, Tokyo was completely empty during golden week because all the Tokyoites would go back to their hometown during this time. Not any more.

My feet are hurting from too much walking on a flat shoes, I need to get some sleep for more walking tomorrow. I need foot massage!

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Golden Week 

Comedian/magicianShinji Maggy was the guest on the show today. He wasn't wearing the magician uniform today so it was rather odd to see him in a casual outfit, but he had brought the magic tools which didn't mean much in radio. but still pretty funny. This guy is just so popular now. Why? You got me.. BBC crews were at the station today filming our 2 hr show, and they seemed a bit clueless as well as to what was so funny about it. (BBC was there for filming Patrick for a "Big in Japan Gaijin celebrities" documentary or a film of sort. Not sure exactly what it is, but anyway I might be in it for a few seconds too) Humour is just hard to translate. He is a magician who learned all his tricks from party goods at Tokyu Hands. But to somebody who has never been to Japan, how do you explain Tokyu Hands, and how do you explain about the party goods they carry? I think BBC crews were having fun,though.

So ..it's golden week. Not much going on.. but I plan to take my mom to Roppongi Hills on Sunday while my dad is out playing golf, and that night Kev and I are invited to some kind of comedy theatre show at Shinjuku, Kabuki-cho's oldest, biggest cabaret called Club Heights. That would be cool to see a cabaret venue. I've been to a strip club in Tokyo but never seen a venue for a cabaret. AND I would like to go see Jake Shimabukuro perform *for free* at Venus Fort in Odaiba tomorrow ..(or tuesday)..but not sure if Kev wants to go because it will be so crowded.. I am trying to convince him to go saying that there will be Miss Hawaii giving away free leis, free hugs...

There really isn't no particular movie I want to see at the moment either.. Although, there is a film called Troy and this will be out on May 22 in theeatres.. and I got the invitation to the press conference on 17th Monday, where I get to see Brat Pitt in person(OH MY GOD), along with 3 other actors and the movie director. I mean... should I go??? to get a glimpse of "real" Brad Pitt"?!

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