Tuesday, June 29, 2004

3rd day 

June 31 Mon

3 days gone by so fast.. It certainly was a busy day but a fun day :) I couldn't sleep after taking a nap for 4 hrs last night, so I stayed up, watched the sunrise, and I was so bored that I woke out to the beach, stopped by at ABC mart for some spam musubi and drinks and stuff, chilling on the bench..checked out Hyatt Regency and Studio Rim..Studio Rim is so tiny.. I can't believe that they do a show out of that tiny little space. like.. where is the line hooked up to send shows from that tiny place? Geez. I came back out and went to the bank and opened a bank account, this lady named Fumiko assisted me but like wow everything is assisted in nihongo, and to me, that was just amazing. Everyone is bilingual here so I feel really comfortable.

Now, I went to drop the omiyage stuff off at Hawaiian Joy, our realtors weren't in the office so I just handed it to the lady to give it to them, and we went to a place called You Hungry? A little local joint for plate lunch. I had poke lunch plate, that comes with rice and mac tuna salad. it was a bit greasy but very good. Kev had garlic steak lunch plate. Geez feels like we have been eating meat like non-stop and I need to stay away from meat for a while once I get back to Tokyo.

I went to see this guy from a free paper publisher, they were like casual and kinda gave me a job on a freelance basis right away and told me to just contact them again when I come back. but the fee for the article, which includes pictures you take with the digital camera, interview, the actual script, is... low compared to Japan price,. that's understandable.. and I guess I can't compain what I do for a living..gotta do whatever it takes to get through the day.

We went to HMSA next, which is a private health insurance company, the bigest one here. The guy was sooooooooooo nice. and as a result, the best thing for us to do is to get a job! LOL because it is required in the state of Hawaii that company should be responsible for giving the healthcare system to the employees who work more than 20 or 24 hrs a week or something like that. so yeah.. we just need to find a job before the move.. on the way back from HMSA, we stopped by at Kua'ina for an avocado burger, and went to alamoana to go to waldenbooks and etc..

I took an hr or 2 hrs nap, and it was time for us to go meet Ritsuko-san and her husband Robert. We walked out to Waikiki Hana Hotel and She found me no problem, Ritsuko is such a cute little woman and her husband Robert is hilarious and they are both full of aloha spirits :) Whether that they notice it on their own! We waited for a good while in line to get into the Cheesecake Factory which opened recently. Had lots of food.. will upload the pictures when I get back. but the food was yummy! Robert is hapa ..and Kev is hapa but Robert looks like a caucasian at first, Kev looks like nihonjin at first, so weird! and Ritsuko and I ... had so much common like.. bizarre conincidence and could not just believe it. Same hometown, even the district! how we met our husbands is the same LOL .. our current residence is close to where she lived.. I mean wow. It was too bizarre!! We had a great time and they are such a nice couple. I can't wait to come back and hang out with them more often!!! It was soooooooo nice meeting them!!!!!!

Now my blog obligation is over.. I need to pack! Tomorrow we have to leave 3 hrs in advance of our flight time...early!!!!!!!!

I wish I could just stay.. and already start rebuilding my life around from zero.. maybe I'll come back before the final move once again in a few months.. just to check it out. I might be stuck once I get a greencard though so I am not sure..

Monday, June 28, 2004

Just Chilax 

June 30 Sunday
You can only do so much in such short limited days of stay. but since I have a lot to finish on Monday, Today was kind of a chill day. Though we did run around and did stuff on tokyo time. We woke up at noon. I woke up in the middle of the night due to jetlag, (just like now, I fell sleep at 10pm and woke up at 1:30am.. bummer) killing time looking at the sunset from the balcony.. eventually fell asleep. and when we woke up, it just happened to be noon, We didn't plan it that way. Anyway, We went to rainbows for a big lunch, I had mahimahi plate and Kev had like steak, perfect lil place for budget limited trip. We started driving toward Hawaikai once again, this time, to film the sceneric road on video, so I can show my parents when we get back. It was nice day again, so the drive was nice. We stopped by at Ross dress for less at Hawaiikai towne shopping center, and I picked up a few things there. This place will be such a heaven for me once I move out here, hehe. It's like Marshalls in Virginia. You CAN find good stuff from here.

We headed back to Waikiki, and went straight to Ward 16 theatre, Kev wanted to catch 3:55pm Fahrenheit 9/11 so we did. It was the super front row and my neck hurt but the movie was definately worth it. The theatre was packed, and people were cheering and clapping hands whenever they saw something cool during the film, the old man front of us, was doing that most out of everyone in the theatre, it was not annoying or nothing, but I suppose he must really hate Bush and US goverment. and Michael Moore definately gives you a reason to wonder. I don't want to spoil it for people who haven't seen it, but he does this thing in the movie.. to scout kids of Senators, to join the military so they could go to Iraq to serve the country, That was hilarious. You will have to watch the whole movie to really enjoy why he did it though.
I wonder if this film will receive that many hands clapping or standing ovation and cheer that Hawaii gave for the film when it comes to Japan. I hope it does.

Popcorn and drink at this theatre was ...expencive though. I didn't have enough money to pay for both when Kev gave me some petty cash to go get it, Well he only gave me 6 bucks thinking that will be enough, but not enough.. now that was embarassing,..to come back with more money to get the food. After the movie, we made this picture engraving thing on the medal. It was 5 bucks but it was neat so we had to do it.. The guy at the gamecenter started talking to us thinking we were both Japanese and the dude was like " You speak really good English" to Kevin, LOL Hawaii is such a multi ethnic place that it must be hard for a lot of hakujins to figure out what we are. but it doesn't really matter here. Be who you are, and that's okay.

The film was like 2 hr 30 minutes long, so after the movie it was already 6:30-ish, and on sundays a lot of stores close early, we wanted to check out some shops at Ward Warehouse but they were all closihng... Kev had to return something at Mac store at Ala Moana and we made it on time... Hawaii's Mac store is nice, people are friendly and not really snobbish, Mac store in Ginza, Tokyo is kind of like a high end gigantic club, and not such an easy place to step in, Mac store in Ginza is like 4 story building and definately nicer but we like Hawaii one better :)

For dinner, since we have been eating Plate lunch and junk food non-stop, we went to chart house. It was like 7pm so figured it might be a long wait but the place was not so packed, so we got in without reservation fine. We asked if Taeko was there working but apparently she was taking a vacation... oh well. We had local beer, ahi poke, oyster rockafeller, soup and salad, (our waitor really hooked us up!) and Mahimahi.. and Chocolate Macademian Nuts cake.. SOOOOOOOO DELISH!

On the way back, we stopped by at Daiei since I figured we will be using a lot of Daiei for food supply especially while my parents are staying with us. Daiei was a relief because they had everything .. just like in Japan. Nice. Being that it is opened 24 hrs, didn't think it was a nice place to shop when it is late, that neighborhood didn't look exactly safe. Lots of homeless. ..police siren going off all the time.

We finally came back to the hotel, and after I called Puko-san about meeting up for dinner with her husband tomorrow, I drifted off to sleep...and I am up again now after taking a ..4 hr nap. Argh! Kev is hooked on Chappelle's show, which he bought on DVD, he popped that in to the puter but we both fell asleep, I guess. It's a funny show. We live in Tokyo so we don't have much access to american TV shows so Kev misses it. I have a horrible feeling that when we move out here, he is going to dominate the TV for a good long while to catch up on american TV shows... oh well :(

Tomorrow we have TONS to do... I have to figure out where everything is, and time out everything nicely and accordingly.. and move around on Tokyo time. I wish I could just "Chil-lax"( radio dj was saying this word, chill&relax=chilax..we like it :) ) ...

Sunday, June 27, 2004

First day 

6/26 Saturday

With a collar on my neck, 7 hr was a long time to bear on the plane. Plane food sucked as usual, and it stayed in the stomach which was so awful. Watched a movie called ...something bounce, (forgot the correct name) because it was shot in Hawaii, it was pretty boring, I kept listening to Alanis Morisette and maverick label radio channel on the plane, and she has a song called Ironic to which part of the lyric says, Mr Play it safe decides to fly after years of avoiding it and dies in a plane accident. That part was intentionally skipped. I listrened to it over and over again to check it and sure enough it WAS intentionally skipped, I swear!!

Anyhow.. with getting no sleep, we arrived at Honolulu airport, NICE WEATHER! It is cloudy to local people, but to us who are used to Japan's humidity and muggy summer weather, this is like heavenly weather. We caught a shuttle and rented a car from thrifty. White decent car. For only 45 dollars a day? That's a deal. So Kev started driving... it's nice, to have your man in control for s change lol. (jk)

We hadn't had anything decent to eat so I was kind of hungry but somehow the plane food stayed with us... so we just drove straight to the house to see how long it would take from the airport, I would say at least like 20 minutes we were already there. as there was no traffic. SWEET! It's just one big hwy and keep on going and we are like THERE. So neat, and the road we took was so sceneric, passing by Kahala and blowhole .. hanauma bay. sunset beach..mountains and beaches.. amazing view. Hawaiikai looked better than ever. I wish my parents could have seen this.

So we went to check out the house and like taking a sneak look.. and it was like a whole big chinese family living there with kids, AND a DOG inside the house running around and making lots of noise.. and plants were all outside the entrance and they were MESSY. Yikes!! Its great that at least we have a tenant so while its empty for 6 months my parents will have some income coming in from the empty house but holy.
So after that we went to check out Koko Marina shopping center, and had chili and rice at Zippy's. Our stomachs were like shut down from the airplane food but it started to "wake up" with yummy chili from Zippys. and we went to check out Hawaiikai Towne shopping center, gosh I wish we weren't on a budget challenged trip! I would have gone nuts at Ross for less dress, Costco. I think my dad and mom would dig the city mill place. They love that home dept type of place even in Japan so..

We left hawaiikai for Alamoana, went to shirokiya to buy books and things that I needed, information-wise. After that, Kev went straight to Mac store and buying stuff, so I went to Martin and Macarthur and bought little goodies for myself, just so I stay happy and awake. and we checked in. It was a 4200 yen a night deal we found on the net that was recommended by our friend, and turned out to be a shithole. LOL But hey, we are on a tight budget this time, so we can't complain.. as long as the tenant moves out in 6 months, we are good to go :) Meanwhile. we can't keep spending like kings and queen. I called the realtor lady to ask if I can come visit, and so we went after we checked in. Short walk from the hotel we are staying at so it was cool. Tsuyako-san was there and we chatted for a while ..and kev was like so out of it and so ...not there! but I needed to ask some info to a local resident of several decades.. so .. we ladies babbled... we were there for a good while and said that I will come back on monday to drop her off some stuff. So weird.. like except for talking to my husband,. I haven't used hardly any English here since we arrived, Feels reaally strange somehow..

After the visit to the realtor, we went to Rainbow's and Kev got a mix platter and I got loco moco. YUMMY. and then tried to go to ward center and catch Fahrenheit 9.11 but we had to wait for another 3 hrs to the next showing which we could not do, we were tired and sleepy, so we headed back to the hotel.. on the way back, we stopped by at blockbuster video and got some DVDs. and I bought a flipflops from payless shoe store, my other sandals were killing my feet. I came back and called this guy who is looking for a writer for his new magazine in Hawaii, and decided to meet up on monday. I am not suer how it will work out but hey,. it's better than nothing.. we took 5 hrs of .... nap? and went to ABC mart to get necessity stuff because the hotel doesn't have any decent stuff in, and Kev got some Burger King for late late dinner.

Whew long day. Monday is going to be the busiest, taking care of bunch of shiz day, so we will take it slow tomorrow. Videotape the way to Hawaiikai and whats around there for my parents... in a good weather. and catch a movie and hit the beach or something. Can't complain.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Rainy day 

It's friday and for majority of people here, it's their payday! Woohoo! Must be nice..

Yurioka cho tokkyu is always a pleasure to have as a guest. He's just someone who is born to make people laugh, because he does it constantly whether he's on or off camera/air. He's so awesome!!

Today we received the pictures from Michelle, my sister in law. Matt(Kev's younger bro..out of 5 bros total including himself) and Michelle have one lovely 4 yr old girl Isabella, and a year old Maxmillion. They both have 1/4 Japanese and.. man they are so cute! Bella is totally a model material :)

I am not ready for my trip from tomorrow yet. Will be out of town for a while and I am not even packed yet ..well I should. so I'd better get to packing.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Eat horsemeat raw???? 

I am truly sorry all you horse lovers. This is Horse sashimi. and it was better than fatty tuna...

After work...  

Work as usual, but Mizuki invited us to come out to see The Beautiful Losers perform at Super Deluxe in Roppongi so Kev and I met up at Roppongi Hills after I was done with work and went to check them out. Their first set of the show was already finished so we caught the latter half. Here they are!CIMG0947We were drinking Long island iced tea and beer.. and just having a good time. CIMG0946 and they had different kinds of beer there to which I tried this "Soba beer" a beer made out of buck wheat. CIMG0945 It was pretty good. Tipsy and happy :)

After their show, Raj and his friend, Mizuki and we went to a izakaya called Morimori in Roppongi .. neat little place. Rating is almost over. just one more day to go and the beer kicked in real nice.. this is definately the way to wrap up your work day... . Now I need to be on a diet after all the good food and booooze!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Provate investigator's tools 

I am too tired to blog tonight.. but here are some pics.. this is the guest we had on the show today. This man is from Private investigator agency called GAL and we talked about the behind the story about people who take steal shots of women's underwear from underneath the skirt or from the bath window or while you are on the long escalator and such.. following the news about Mr Uekusa, famous Waseda Universaity professor getting caught for the act of looking at the lady's undies using a small mirror. Here are some of the things he brought as an example of what people have been using to do the peeking. These can easily be purchased at Akihabara and stores that sell these aren't responsible so you can't stop them from carrying these. It's like. total mission impossible tools to me.

went to the doc for my neck, and went to see kana sensei and had a great time eating yakiniku together and we had horse sashimi for the first time.... Sorry horse lovers, but I never expected horse sashimi to be this good.. it was better than fatty tuna... I'll put the picture up tomorrow.. My nails on my right hand are all short and messed up now because of bowling yesterday and still wonderng what to do about it, whether to cut them short and get rid of my fake nails or keep them and go to the salon to re-do it all over again.. Life is so costly... :( So tired. but overall I had a great day... so I am going to crash.. and blog more tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Bowling for work? 

CIMG0942 I went to Sunrise studio today, famous for being the anime production company for Gundam. When I got to the station, the shopping street had this sign saying "Animetown" with Gundam logo on it. It's such a small town and didn't exacly look like there were a whole lot going on though as far as anime goes except for the fact that Sunrise is there.

Anyhow, I couldn't sleep much last night with my neck pain .. but I got a call last night from work saying that I have to pinchhit for the reporter girl who is sick as a dog today. I was like sure, but I realized that it includes a day of shuzai at Tokyo Port Bowl in Tamachi with the pro bowler from the 70's named Ritsuko Nakayama. She's 61 but doesn't look her age and very beautiful. I interviewed her and she taught me how to bowl. and you would think hey that's cool for a second. but..... MY NECK!!!!! but hey it's work. So I had to do it. with a collar on my neck....

Honestly it didn't hurt at all when I was playing and doing the interview and all. but on my way home, it started to hurt so bad... like constant sharp pain which I had to breath deep in order to forget about the pain.. so I went straight to the doc. and got the treatment... and I felt maybe ..20% better. The doc was like "No more bowling when you are like this okay?" I will have to go to the doc again tomorrow for my neck, and wear this collar for a while... darn :(

I took off to work again after taking an hour rest.. and the damn subway is delayed and I got stuck at one station. What a day. So I took a taxi to work, which I have been avoiding for a long while now. Today was like 32 centigrade degree and a total summer day and when I left the house it was still HOT so it was nice to chill in the cab and getting to work for a change... and my producer gave me a ride home too so that was nice :) I can just already see this is going to be a loooong week.

Monday, June 21, 2004



Typhoon is hitting hard. Windy and stormy outside.. I feel sorry for all the people who were either flying or taking shinkansen today because majority of them, are canceled or delayed. anyway.. This is my poor collar picture. i am going to be wearing this collar for a few days at least.. and in pain.. and daily visits to the doctor. I have places to go tomorrow and it sucks that I have to wear this.. I would look lovely ..

All I can do today is to look at something straight out, not look down as my neck and back starts to hurt real bad. Kev and I have been watching this magician guy named Ciero on TV. He does crazy stuff and is bilingual. "It's magic" as he keeps saying. then cure my neck!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

father's day 

Went to my parents house today for Father's day, but somehow it was turned into my bro's oldest son's b-day party. When I got there, they were digging a hole in the garden with my dad, picking potatoes and tomatoes, cucumbers that they grow, and the youngest 4 yr old one comes out and say " Hey, I am making a hole to bury you deep!" Not funny... my bro's kids, especially the youngest one is pretty freaky, but it's beyond my control and try not to let that bother me though. My mom made "korokke" with the potatoes from the garden and it was sooo good :) It was the oldest kid, Yuji's 10th birthday so I have him a card and some cash. and when he opened the envelope to find money in there, the other two boys became like ..hyenas... It's scary how when you think you have everything in life at such early age, they still want more. I suppose that's the same thing with the grown-ups. but argh, not so plesant. but like Yuji's 10 yr old already, I still remember when he was born and when he was a little baby who didn't make any sense with his speech. That means I am 10 yrs older, just like that, that fast... scary..

I think my dad liked the gift and said he will wear it like the day after tomorrow when he goes to play again. I wrote a card and I think he was having a little tearful break for a moment. I stayed for a bit after my bro and his family took off. Talked about Hawaii and things my dad wants me to do while I am there. I think they both are looking forward to spending time in Hawaii in the home they purchased. Hopefully my parents will start feeling better physically and mentally too once they go there.

I twisted my neck or something and I have not been able to move my neck all day today. Talk about getting old...*sigh* (but I am still 16 at heart :P)

Father's day gift 

It doesn't even feel like June. Is it really tsuyu? Today was another beautiful day..and its just so nice that it has been like this for a while. I went to get a new pair of glasses and contact lenses made. Glasses are so cheap nowadays. and they don't make you wait like in the old days. Very cool. Same thing with contact lenses, cheap and fast. saw eye doctor first and my eyes have weakened a bit, (that's the whole reason I went to see the eye doc) but turns out that my lenses weren't the right one I should have been using, for astigmatic eyes. See, I used to get my lenses at the place where I didn't have to wait in long lines to see the eye doctor and just keep buying the disposable 2 wks lenses without any wait which is right by Sakuraya Hobby Kan in Shinjuku, the dude there said that what he provided for me was for astigmatic eyes and should be no problem, well it was a problem because wearing the incorrect lenses made my eyes irritated, tired, and worse as far as eyesight goes. It was my fault for being lazy to get ones without prescription though. At least I have the right ones now!

I finally bought the gift for my dad too. I didn't really know anywhere else to go but Victoria Golf... I also sent a basquet of flowers from this flower shop on the way to Victoria Golf. I just bought a set of new gloves, new undershirt and another golf shirt, all of them made strong for summer season that soaks up the sweat and you stay comfy. He is a golf nut and my mom told me he went to play alone today again. Hmm maybe I should take up golf lessons so I can go play with him. There was this new gol clothing line (i forgot the name...) which the concept is Golf&Rock. Punk rock shirts for golf and rock lovers. It was really cute. I would play golf just to wear that! Now I am prepared for Father's day so I am paying them a visit tomorrow. Apparently my bro and his family are coming also. It's also Yuji's b-day so my mom is all freaking out about getting something for him when the kids are spoiled to the bone and don't need nothing. She's raving and saying " Oh because they got otosan a body pillow ..we must return something for them!". So weird. My bro or his wife never ever get any decent gift on time for my parents. My parents should take a hint, but oh well, it's not for me to say. One thing that proves that they haven't given much thought about my dad is, he doesn't really need a body pillow because he sleeps flat on jis back on the bed, he's always been that way all his life, never sleeps on his side.

Right, I admit that I am tired of all this mindplaying game and a bit disgusted and mad. BUt loving the enemies has been working for me so I continue to love the 4 yr old who would say "Grandpa, when you die, you will give us your house right?" 2 other boys who are all about money, and my sister-in-law who knows what to do to get what she wants, to the point that gives me shivers. but hey that's life. I learn something from them and that's why I am dealing with them people in my life. so I gotta appreciate them.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Father's day's gift 

Father's day is coming up.. I wondered around Omotesando looking for a gift after I went to Keishicho to pick up some paperwork. and I just can't think of anything.. I have given him all I can pretty much think of in the past.. and I know what he really wants from me. He wants me to be happy. He wants me to show him that I am content, stable(mentally,financially)and happy and he wishes my husband the same, to give me all he's got to make me happy. But what my dad really wants from me, unfortunately that's not going to be ready by sunday...*sigh*

It was a really nice day out today, got a little tired after soaking up too much sunshine...work people were raving about how today is the release date for Finding Nemo DVD, it was funny how this little girl went snorkeling in Okinawa and she was telling me that she saw nemo and his dad together. Fishes aren't just fish any more. It's Nemo.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Info from newspapers 

When I go into the studio, I spend a decent amount of time checking at least 10 different newspapers, sports shinbun, just to get a feel for what's happening. As we reported on the show, Toei Video has made an announcement stating that they will postpone the DVD/Video release of Battle Royale 2 eternally (pretty much sounds like "its canceled" to me..) after what happened in Nagasaki. 10 yr old girl was writing a novel which was her version of Battle Royale featuring herself on her website, as she was obsessed with this film. It's too bad when something like this happens and the film/book she was influenced by, get monitored like this, because it is clear that not everyone who sees Battle Royale go out killing their friends. It was supposed to come out in September but perhaps we will never see the light of the day for its DVD/Video release.. All newspapers basically cover the same topics but each slightly different. Yomiuri shinbun made the biggest article about this topic.

We had Kazuo Takahashi as a guest today to talk about what's going on in Saudi Arabia.. Suga Shikao was helping out with our show today.. and
Mr.Kaoru Hasuike was getting the kick out of seeing the celebrity doing the show and.. what a site. what a mix of people..

I went back reading some more newspaper articles and found this information for all you Kurosawa fans... There's an apparently a restaurant called Kurosama around Nagata-cho, Tokyo. ( 03-3580-9638) From the outside, this place is made to look like a scene from the film "Akahige". 1st floor is made to look like a set of "Yojinbo". The owner of this restaurant, Mr. Shinichiro Kondo is a huge Akira Kurosawa fan and they have a real kabuto from "Kagemusha" or storyboard Kurosawa wrote for "Ran" inside the restaurant. The food they serve there is approved by Kurosawa's daughter and other family members, making sure that the meal is something that would be served on the dining table if he was alive today. He loved meat, juicy steak, soba and whiskey. So what they serve there are steak full course menu or shabushabu..it said that it is basically a course menu. I have no idea how much the food cost, but its some place I wouldn't mind checking out one day.

It's late, it's rating week. Oh so funny, My chief scriptwriter emailed last night saying " I know it's the middle of the night but does "Sachi Bennett" ring any bell to you?" I have no idea how he found out, because I doubt that he would go watch Cutie Honey. (name is on the end credits roll) or purchase Kumi's CDs. Weird but flattering muhahaha :)

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Nigari, the soy bittern is the hottest health food right now. Supposed to work for diet, hair growth, hair smoothness, pollen fever, constipation, and sooooo much more. Is Nigari that good to be true? That's what we talked about on the show today. I got nigari that we bought for the show home, not the liquid type that you mix with food or drinks, I got the one that you actually make your homemade tofu, so I'll try that. I know that there is no easy way to dieting, but you can absorb a lot of magnesium and calcium from nigari, so why not try this right?

After work, I met up with Kumi and talked stories til 4am. She was driving a new car which is super cute. Nice!

I need a long computer break if its any possible. This morning my eyes didn't focus quite right from looking at the computer screen for way too long, I need to make a new contact lenses and new glasses. Mo' money to spend, sucks :(

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Taking a test 

Kev's caught a really weird cold. It's not even like a cold and he keeps coughing and the problem is only with his throat. argh, I certinly hope he'll be better but it's rating week for me for the next two weeks... so pleeease don't give it to me!!!!

Well, I am taking a written "test" next week. I am not saying what it is for ..because if I fail, it's pretty embarassing, hehe. but I haven't taken a written test in ages. Last I remember was when I was in college...gosh it's just sooo awkward. I hate the feeling of being forced to sit down at front of the desk in complete silence, with the clock ticking, hand out your paper for their review... eeeeek. I hate the feeling of being a student. I used to have nightmares about not being able to finish playing the piano for a test, or not being able to turn in the paper on time and thus not being able to graduate from school, for a long while even after I graduated from college. But oh well, I will survive.

Sunday is father's day, I am broke with so much to spend lately.. but I need to figure out what to get for my dad. hmm...

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Back from Okinawa 

Just got back from 3 day trip to Okinawa for a wedding. We had soooooooo much fun and the wedding was absolutely beautiful!!! Yuko was the funniest bride ever! We met so many of their friends there and had a great time drinking awamori and orion beer left and right... we were drunk the whole wkend :P Okinawa is such an amazing place. Everytime we go there, some kind of miracle happens, or we end up meeting amazing people. This is our 2nd time there but at least my love for Okinawa is getting stronger :) When we got there, it was cloudy. The wedding day was supposed to be rain but when we woke up, it was a perfect day, sunny with no clouds. Church right by the bay on the same territory of Nikko Alivilla. What an amazing hotel!!! Yuko and her husband Nishimura-san took us out to this okinawan food restaurant near Alivilla called Furukata. which was by the recommendation of a two girl unit called kiroro. Delicious. Food we had for luncheon after the wedding ceremony was amazing, and we went to the okinawan local bar where oji- played sanshin(okinawan shamisen) and we partied like crazy.. ! and they make the great couple :) Everywhere we went, and said they are newlyweds, all the okinawan people (including the priest of course) kept telling them " Love is the patience". Damn right it is. hehe.

Okinawa .. love the people there, so laid back, love the food, so healthy and tasty, love the ocean and the sun. love the songs from Okinawa... it was a great fun wkend. It was nice to take a little blog break too ...(now i need an alcohol break!!) I took dozens of photos which I will upload later when I have time. Yay!

Saturday, June 12, 2004

People like to talk about you.  

Rain, rain, rain... I cannot wait for tsuyu to be over. (but it has just started though) More I look at the dress I bought the other day for the wedding, I was starting to wonder..like.. this might not be appropriate for a wedding.. not classy enough. So I went ahead and bought another one today at roppongihills before work. I love it! I think I will finally settle for this... I suppose it may seem crazy being a woman but I can't help it!

Work was usual. The guest was once again, Maggy Shinji, the comedian/magician. .

More exposed to the public, more comments you receive. I receive comments too. Especially doing the news, people can be critical as long as there is "left" and "right". Comments I see or hear are not mostly direct to me(thank god) but through the shows, or some forum and things like that. I had read some posts today saying that there is a "gap" between my appaerance and my voice. and I was like.. what does that mean? What kind of a gap? LOL I honestly don't even know what people would imagine what I look like just by listening to my voice. I read some people writing and saying that "they feel like when I speak, a very traditional woman is pouring a greentea for him and having a greentea talk over kotatsu". Haha. When people see my picture on the web, what do they see in me? Certainly not someone who would pour you a green tea and behave all conservative. More like pouring you a shot of tequila! LOL Oh well... Kev tells me not to let things like that bother me, because that's when I am letting them win by taking an effect over me. I know... but I admit that this is kinda hard. You will only know how bad you would feel when people do write negative posts about you somewhere and you go ..Whoa, people hate me!

My solution is this, that I will stop looking at those from now on. I think there are things in life that it's better not knowing, or not seeing for your sanity sake. and gossip is definately one of these things that we should just ignore, I guess. That way, we win. People like to talk about others all the time. By letting you down, talking shit about you, they can feel powerful and feel secure about themselves. So let them, but we shouldn't have to know them.

Friday, June 11, 2004

10 yr old girl and killing.  

Typical tsuyu's muggy day. Yucky. Today we covered the story about how a 10 yr old girl in Nagasaki prefecture killed her friend Satomi Mitarai by knife. They were really good friends, They were the blog buddies, they shared the passwords to get into the site, they shared a lot. Shortly before this girl killed her friend, her friend Satomi, was writing nasty stuff about this girl's weight and hairstyle on the web which triggered her killing. but not only this, the media reports that she was made to quit the basketball club by her parents, noone knows for sure what went wrong at this point, but it won't change the fact that this girl was stabbed to death, and this girl watched her die, holding a bloody knife in her hands.

We had this clinical psychology professor, Mr.Sachio Kato to anaylize this case. He was there at the crime scene, called up to investigate the case. He was strongly saying how internet should not be blamed for this,(thank you!) and that this girl was not any different from any one of us, she was actually a pretty smart, but overly sensitive human being who didn't know how to control her emotions. He said we start to look inside ourselves especially from around the age of 10, and this is a really important time of lives that need high maintenance, and whether that's family, school, or whatever, adults need to look out for them and support them, which in her case, it was somehow neglected. He said that counseling could be beneficial one way or the other to further investigate this case but at this point, noone knows for sure what's going to happen to this girl in the future.

Some people were writing and saying how she deserves the death penalty, how she is brutally cruel. but who are we to know the truth? I certainly don't know the truth and don't want to make a simple assumption based on what I heard or saw on TV. Media also has reported that she was a huge fan of Battle Royale or horror/violent films. She's a 10 yr old girl. Battle Royale??? Kev brought Battle Royale from US so I watched it for the sake of it, I was never interested in this film but I wanted to know what she liked so I started watching but... didn't watch the whole thing. It just got to a point where it was sickening to me. This could send the wrong message to a 10 yr old. It's an R-rated film but apparently this girl rented this movie using her sister's rental video card. and you know they won't check the ID at the rental videostore..besides they want you to rent it and spend your money. People in retail aren't told to be responsible for kids's mental health, and that's fucked up.

Not that I am saying these movies should be censored but they should make it a little stricter or draw some kind of rules for children so they won't be exposed to something this shocking that might alter their values. but that's just me.

Many filmmakers, artists, musicians are an easy target to be blamed when kids are influenced by their work. A manga artist that we associate with, was once telling us that he was asked to control his drawing by his publisher when similar kids killing occured because he was a fan of horror manga, he draws this manga called "Death boy" (Shitaro-kun) who is a perfectly a cute character, but goes out killing like a madman. so he was asked to draw with less blood. less killing. less brutality. and you know what? When life is full of shocking stuff already anyways, why do we need to see all these people in panic, being murdered and all? Are we that bored with our lives? Do we have to watch these movies to be able to appreciate our friends while we have them? How about watching "Big Fish" instead? but that's just me. What was going through her head? When and why she decided to kill her friend? Couldn't anybody sense something was wrong with her or help her before she committed the crime?

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Honey I am home! 

Crappy weather today, but hey Kev came home! Yay! We got to spend a few hrs before I had to leave for work. Someone owes me an explanation/"I did it" certificate for biting my husband on his neck. ( Hello Jan! You vampire you!) On the show we covered the news about the Japanese royal family and its geneology, and its relationship with the Imperial Household Agency. This website is full of information about what they do or say. Tough topic to comment, so let's just hope that the Imperial Household Agency will make an extra effort to communicate better with the royal family. It's just theirs is a complete different world than what we live in. It's nerve wrecking for me because I have to be careful of the words I use on air, all of those special imperial terms that I never would use in everyday life.. makes me think how ignorant I am.

I am getting sleepy... ever since I went to see the voodoo man, the healer, he performed some magic on me to put me back on the regular schedule. Amazing. zzzzz

Honey I am home! 

Crappy weather today, but hey Kev came home! Yay! We got to spend a few hrs before I had to leave for work. Someone owes me an explanation/"I did it" certificate for biting my husband on his neck. ( Hello Jan! You vampire you!) On the show we covered the news about the Japanese royal family and its geneology, and its relationship with the Imperial Household Agency. This website is full of information about what they do or say. Tough topic to comment, so let's just hope that the Imperial Household Agency will make an extra effort to communicate better with the royal family. It's just theirs is a complete different world than what we live in. It's nerve wrecking for me because I have to be careful of the words I use on air, all of those special imperial terms that I never would use in everyday life.. makes me think how ignorant I am.

I am getting sleepy... ever since I went to see the voodoo man, the healer, he performed some magic on me to put me back on the regular schedule. Amazing. zzzzz

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Clothes for Okinawa wedding 

All of us could use a little time away from bfs/gfs or husbands/wives to pamper yourself for a change once in a while. Today was my day off, (odd day for a day off, but that's how we freelancers live) so I ran around to do some errands, and went to Shinjuku to look for some clothes for a wedding this wkend in Okinawa. Being that the wedding is in Okinawa we shouldn't really overdress ourselves, and I had been wondering what to do because #1 I am broke. #2 Some people have a way of not letting the guests spend as much when you are traveling long distance to attend the wedding, so I was like.. if I am to bring syukuden (congrats money) like a usual wedding, then I can't spend as much for my own clothes or shoes because I already spent lots to travel out there (although that's partly my own benefit too. Who would NOT like to go to Okinawa?!)

So I went to Tower records and was flipping through wedding magazines as a starter just to get some ideas..flipping through instyle.. instyle wedding, and somehow I ended up with purchasing a CD of my friend from junior high school who is a soprano singer who debuted from avex group. Her name is Maki Mori, first asian singer to perform at Washington Opera..her profile is full of achievement.. Listening to the CD, I can't even tell if this is Maki-chan because when we were in school, her voice was still in the learning phase, really beautiful but kinda dry, but now it's like perfect. Hard to think that we used to do karaoke together LOL

Anyhow, I checked so many shops hoping to find something that will be easy to wear, comfortable, I even went to Gap and almost bought a sundress because I was getting tired of finding the clothes I like. Plus it's just the regular Tuesday and yet there were sooooo many people in the city. What's up people? Last time I checked it wasn't a holiday today..

Now considering my budget, I finally walked out to Studio Alta. I found a decent shoes. Well, to be honest I did some shopping in Ginza yesterday too and bought the top, (I almost bought 27000 yen shoes that I totally fell in love with but I kept telling myself no, no nooooooo!) but I didn't really like it too much. I like to wear something that I would be happy in for attending the wedding. so I checked out some other stores inside Studio Alta, and I found the shop called ANAP where it used to be my favorite shop when I was younger. Well, back then my parents never let me use much money on clothes so I had to keep the budget low, and they had cool sexy colorful clothes that I really liked. Looking at the website, though, it says a lot about the person who is wearing the clothes from this shop! LOL but no I wasn't one of those when I was younger... going through one rack to another.. and I found this super colorful dress and the necklace and the scarf that would go perfect with the shoes, something that would be perfect for Okinawa!! CIMG0815 Believe me, It looks good when I put it on!!! and here is the other clothes I bought yesterday that would go with my Gucci skirt, but see, this isn't Okinawa-ish... CIMG0816

although I accept your honest opinion... I also got a massage at wu-lai after the shopping ... I am so broke and I know it but ... but... I needed it :P Kev will be back tomorrow, whew felt like a long week. and we are off to Okinawa from saturday for my former boss Yuko( from avex)'s wedding. I cannot wait!

Monday, June 07, 2004

Visit to Dr Symonds and Keishicho HQ 

Uh-huh, check it out, Ouch.
CIMG0814 This is for 2 vaccinations.. for measles and rubella...expencive..immunisation cost me 14500 yen... (total amount today for the medical exam was 41,475 yen..)


Realisticly, I didn't have to do these vaccinations. I had measles when I was 1 and a half, (almost died from it) and rubella when I was like 4-ish..got it from my bro. It's on the record. Once you do these in your life, supposedly you have developed a immunity to fight against these bad boys but once I got to Tokyo British Clinic, they just gave me a piece of paper stating that there still is a possibilty that you aren't 100% immuned to these deseases, thus if you haven't gotten the vaccination, then US immigration office demands you to get the vaccination and how it's not them( the hospital) forcing you to do so. The lady at the hospital said that I can get the test done to see if I have immunity for these but said it will take a week just to find out. I hate waiting so I just said go ahead, shoot them up. She almost tried to give me 3 vaccinations for mumps when I had a receipt for that in there which my mom kept all these years inserted in her boshitecho booklet. arghhh. Honestly I feel ripped off. I know these are necessary steps that need be taken to get the immigration visa. but I feel like a damn mice.


And this is for HIV and syphilis. Other than that, they did chest X-ray picture. Quick and fast Q&A regarding my health, major sickness or surgery I had in the past, or if I am "mental" or if I ever was, if I am pregnant or not, and when I said I dunno and the lady asked when is the last period and jotted down the date, and told me not to get pregnant. Okay.... Oh they checked my height and weight,too .. blood pressure and checking my pulse and stuff..oh.. lady there is quite blunt and Dr G Symonds and she were having an argument in whispery voice while I was waiting, I think she was supposed to prepare some stuff for him when they get visa people like us, but he had to run around and they were going " I told you.. " and " but you didn't tell me to... but but..blah blah blah " and I give Dr Symonds a red flag because the lady was hmm not the nicest person you could ever meet at the hospital. It was also kinda awkward waiting for Dr. Symonds in pink bra and panties after the lady told me to take everything off except for bra and panties and just wait (she told me like she was talking to a dog) I mean.. I might as well be naked and bra-less instead of keeping my pink bras on... LOL (or is that how its done in US or Europe?) Anyhow, it wasn't such a pleasant experience.. but I am glad it's over, I asked them to send me the files after they complete everything .. and I had to sign once again and for all that I take full responsibility if it gets lost. Yep.


Off to Keishicho(Tokyo Metropolitan Police HQ) after that and arrived at Sakuradamon. (exit 4) I was like damn this place is too cool. Super rigid! Had to get a paperwork proving that I haven't commited any crime and also to be fingerprinted. Once I got there, the man escorts me into the department where they make those forms and also to have people fingerprinted. I filled out the form and the man there digitally fingerprinted me using the cool machine. The thing is though, that I have this glitter nails and he was like "You are the 2nd one today who have interesting and expencive looking nails like yours" LOL. He fingerprints people all day so he was so knowledgeable about nails!!! It was so funny. He was really nice guy, but once that process is done, giving me a receipt to come pick it up after a certan date, no matter how much I smile at him, he doesn't smile back. He tried to maintain his cooliness as a police officer, (no uniform tho). It was an intersting experience, I would have never gotten a chance to go to keishicho unless I fell trapped into a huge crime, as I do not intend to do it on my own. and it was like ..the air of justice and rigidness everywhere..and I felt the sense of my grandpa. He was a cop that was awarded by the emperor or something and I still do not know why he was awarded and he was often at this keishicho HQ. He hardly ever smiled. But if work makes you so uneasy to smile, it's gotta be hard to let your facial muscles loose. Keishocho is cool, I can't wait to go back there again to pick up the document I need. but going back to the hospital in Ebisu to get that paperwork? No thanks.


I was strolling around in Ginza afterwards, and found this restaurant called "Tempura Tenichi" and I just had to take a picture of this place..Kev and I used to get a good laugh out of the commercial for Tempura Tenichi that comes on CNN cable channel. The narrator guy try to give so much soul and passion when saying "Tempura Tenichi". We said that we have to go there one day when we can afford it for special ocassion. We will act all sophiscated like that narrator guy . Now I know where this is... hehe.

Oh yeah,so this is Tokyo British Clinic in Ebisu, I didn't have a nerve to take a picture of an entrance as I didn't want the nurse to come yelling at me.
Tiny place. I guess it's good for gaijins who live in Tokyo who need English assistance though. But I recommend Sanno Hospital in Tameike. They have translators and docs who speaks English at all times too and t's just bigger and better. but of course bigger and better does not necessarily mean always good though. Anyhow... it was a loooong and strange day full of odd experiences for me today!

Sunday, June 06, 2004


Tsuyu(rainy season)has just started. Rain and mosquitos. Yikes! I do not enjoy carrying umbrellas.. humidity, all of that stuff. A month and a half worth of patience begins from today *sigh*. I came out to my parents house today so I could pick up my paperwork for my residency, and I wasn't sure where I belong for various reasons, so a few days ago, I called the city office, and the lady didn't want to tell me because of privacy reasons or something. I was like but that's me!!!! then again it was kind of nice to know that they don't just give it away. but today I went to the office to get the paper and they didn't even check my ID, or hanko and just gave it to me after I filled out the form.. people can mess with that stuff if paperwork like this is so easy to pull out! Confusing.. My mom still had all the records regarding all the vaccination I had, or the major illness that I underwent as a kid on her "boshitecho". (mother&child booklet of record that your city gives it you when you get pregnant)She said she would give it to me for a record. So looks like I don't have to get the vaccination done for visa because I have already done them all. "relief". So tomorrow's medical exam should be chest x-ray,blood test, and.. whatever.. the lady at the hospital said that it takes about 1 hr or 1 and a half hour.. Hopefully it's not so draining. Tomorrow I need to call the keimusho and apply for a record that shows that I am crime-free. *headache*

Oh, I fell asleep at 12 midnight last night. and that's a record! It felt so good to be able to sleep at normal hours. I woke up at 5am tho.. my sleep doesn't last very long these days..weird. I should go home and sleep tonight but I am too tired to take a train now to go home.. so I'll just go back first thing in the morning, so I can pick up passport, document for visa, hanko, boshitecho, passport size picture... etc. Pain in a butt :(

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Voodoo man 

Went to get the massage by whom Kev calls "voodoo man" in Nishi Ogikubo. He performs wonders, he sees souls, he has done extensive training for years and years to get to where he is but greed is prohibited, so he leads a simple life probably stricter than a monk. He doesn't charge much for the massage either compared to some other massage places around. He does not advertise himself, unless it's a word of mouth. So it's been a major struggle for him but he does the BEST healer as far as pain goes. He cures eczema too. Before the actual massage starts, he performs this ritual to get rid of evil stuff that's on you, he spends about 10 minutes average doing that, but some take 30 minutes he says.. like with people who are suffering from cancer. According to him, everything has reasons why people get whatever they are suffering from. The pain I have been suffering for a few wks now, sharp pain on my back, is now GONE. How? I do not know. He speaks to something within me or around me, I can usually hear him mumble, and he was mumbling for awfully long time today. Whatever that was, I appreciate him for getting rid of my pain! Some people in this world are skeptical of these healers, but they do exist. He's not commercial, he is for real.

After that, Yumi and I explored Kichijoji a bit and hit the spot called Ganesha, curry restaurant which is prolly smaller than your own bathroom.. it's in Kichijoji. It was so damn good that I forgot to take a picture of my chicken curry. But check it on the website if interested..

Gosh, I am actually getting sleepy now. This is amazing considering I have suffered from mild-to severe insomnia for so long now and that I don't get sleepy til the sun is up. Tomorrow is a long day too so I should take advantage of this sleepiness and get to bed already!

mayo jar and the coffee 

When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar...and the coffee...

A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.
So the professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with an unanimous "yes." The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively filling the empty space between the sand. The students laughed.
"Now," said the professor, as the laughter subsided, " I want you to
recognize that this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the
important things-your God, family, your children, your health, your friends, and your favorite passions-things that if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full. The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house, and your car. The sand is everything else-the small stuff.

"If you put the sand into the jar first," he continued, "there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important. Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Play with your children. Take time to get medical checkups. Take your wife out to dinner. Maybe even play another 18. There's always time to clean the house and fix the disposal."

Take care of the golf balls first, the things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand."

One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee
represented. The professor smiled. "I'm glad you asked. It just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend."


Yay! so my hubby is at the convention in Texas. He hasn't email me but at least I get to check on the website... Check for more pictures of "cosplayers" and people at the anime convention on Fan's view, For a-kon, click the ongoing one. I liked this cosplayer's picture who was dressed like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Damn I wish I were there... (3 hr sleep today)


Shaka was the guest on the show today. Had fun. It just amazes me how owarai geinin(comedian)boom is making a comeback. You turn on the TV and you see manzai everywhere. When I was in junior high school,(yes in the 80's) me and my friends made a rap song with lyrics just rambling on comedian's names. Because there were just so many back then.. and now the same thing again. god I feel old or what! When I was like 26 or 27, I remember I used to tell my director for FM Yokohama that I eventually want to work with comedians. So I did manage to somehow make it happen. I guess that's a decent accomplishment. I don't know if there will ever be a time that I get to work or interview Matt Dillon. I have been saying that for more than a decade, I have had an opportunity to work with Jodie Foster, Leonard DiCaprio but No Matt Dillon?! but you know how some people say that you shouldn't meet the one that you really admire, because you can never beat the image that you have created in your head when you meet that very person. That may be right..

Speaking of stars and celebrities, The Japan National Tourist Organization in NY has apparently launched the "Get found in Translation" promo.. which is the tour that visit places in scenes from Soffia Coppola's "Lost in Translation". If you want to stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo where Bob and Charlotte met and stayed, The Tokyo/Kyoto luxury package (3 nights in Tokyo, 2 nights in Kyoto), prices start from US$2091. Packages start from US $889 up til $7500 or more. Check right here. I wonder if they are taking them to locations including restaurants or bars that were used in movies. Because someone I know told me the majority of names of the places that she used, or tried to use and was never used in the movie,too. Perhaps I will write a post on that someday :)

Friday, June 04, 2004


Kev took off to Texas today. I don't enjoy coming home to a house where I have to pull out the key out of my bag to get in :( (spoiled) Anyway, with so little sleep (and badly disturbed sleep,too) these past few weeks especially, it is totally killing me, so when I went to the dr today to get my regular dosages, he prescribed me some pills to help me sleep better temporarily. I'd rather not use it, and he said it's up to me to decide if I want to use it or not, it's almost 5am again... eeek. It's just that I have too much to do now. On top of work, pulling out tons of paperwork for immigrant visa, for that I am getting the medical exam done atTokyo British Clinic on monday afternoon too... scary..it "could" cost up to about 60000 yen total if I can't find vaccination records at parents house, and there are sooo much more that need to be done. Got a call from the travel agency about the vacancy for a 3 nights 5 days trip to Hawaii toward the end of this month, so that and the rating week(2 wks in a row) coming up.. taking care of my parents' needs.. I am just exhausted with too much on my to-do list. Blah.

Today we interviewed Motoko Iwamoto of Inagawa Motoko Jimusho/talent agency. She is 70 this year and her agency is the biggest gaijin only talent agency in Japan, with about more than 4000 people registered, with a lot of friendly gaijin faces you see on TV. She made time to finish up the college without the average sleeping time, 20 minutes or none a day (how the hell she does this at the age of 70?!) and just graduated from keio gijyuku university. What a powerful woman. When I don't get enough sleep, my concentration level goes way down, kind of like right now. She doesn't get any sleep and no bags. She said she ate the whole gingseng one time just to be awake to take/pass the test at college. I can't do that!

I almost wanted to ask her if Kev can be a registered talent,too!! Because her agency covers gajin faces of all different types. Your regular caucasian to asian american, african or north korean.. from over 150 different countries. They apparently take 20% margin, she has founded this agency over 20 years ago and she said she used to do gaijin hunting at front of Almond at Roppongi Crossing back then because the talents she had in her agency were limited back then but gaijin talents were needed everywhere..she made a killing off from it, but she also knows how to do it too. Just looking at the profile booklet that she brought today about herself was convincing enough. When you have true passion, you have sooo much power. .. to the point that no sleep doesn't interfere or seem to bother. BUT I want to sleeeeeep for a change!!!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Long wait 

Took off to American Embassy to be on time for our 9am appointment.. turns out that we ended up waiting in this loooong line for an hour just to get through the gate inside the embassy, and then more to get inside... the wait was driving us crazy. People looked pissed off at the visa section. I was trying to keep my mind sane, they approved our first step but when they gave us the next step which requires TONS of paperwork... I felt like passing out. Although.. it gives me something to do while Kev is in the states next week..

We were just cursed with long lines everywhere we went today, plus I didn't like waiting outside the embassy for that long with all those securities all around you. They also found this leather bag which almost looked skeptical.. securities and inspectors came rushing to check on the bag to make sure it didn't contain any explosives.. it was right beside me and I was freaking out. It turned out to be just a lost item but still I hated all that tension.. argh, I hate waiting in long lines....

At work I did a story on court martial, I didn't realize that Jenkins had done far more than just deserting. Also aired my interview with Blake Ellis, paralegal of Ms.England's attorney. I wanted to write a longer post on this but I am too tired. I haven't gotten any decent sleep for looooong time now. and I went out with work people for a drink at this really good fish place in Azabujyuban, argh I am burnt out.

Kev is leaving tomorrow (today already!) for a-kon, and he's not packed yet but sleeping... well, I won't bother him..I need to rest easy now. zzzz

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I missed Fanime Con on this memorial weekend. I was stuck here, and had to be here for work as always. Oh well. I will be missing A-kon in Dallas TX,too. but hey, the good news is that I might be able to interview sumo wrestler "Asashoryu" so oh well.. I'd stick to work. I don't have much time left here(tokyo) anyway.

Well, Fanime does a thing called gakufest, strictly devoted to J-rock. My friend Mizuki was helping to promote this band called The Beautiful Losers. Raj from the band was asking me if there was anyway that he can participate and play at those anime conventions because he was interested. He has been wondering about that for quite some time now. I wasn't sure how to go about it but then, when he told me that he wrote songs for Cowboy Bebop. I thought, hey then that's okay as long as he empathizes the fact that he worked with Yoko Kanno on their profile and stick to anime stuff for the fans that attend fanime. So I gave him some contact info and looks like he was able to book it and that they played at gakufest. and here is what people had to say about their performance on
Fanime Forum. Kind of harsh, I thought. I wasn't there so I cannot comment, but this was the profile that they used for fanime and maybe that's why. Maybe if they wrote the fact about how they wrote songs for chemistry, (J-pop) instead of Pearl Jam's Matt Cameron, for a crowd like this, it could have worked...

The Beautiful Losers
MusicFest is proud to present The Beautiful Losers.
The artist producer team of Indo-Canadian singer songwriter Raj Ramayya and San Francisco born guitarist Brett Boyd, collectively known as The Beautiful Losers, are making waves with their infectious new CD.
Produced and recorded in San Francisco by John Rewind and The Beautiful Losers, TBL's brand of "electro-acoustic-Indian-alternative-rock" is quickly gaining popularity with an incredibly fresh twist on classic rock songwriting and traditional Indian instrumentation. Both Boyd and Ramayya have been involved in several collaborations with projects and artists as diverse as Soundgarden's Kim Thayil, Pearl Jam's Matt Cameron, renowned Japanimation composer Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell) Canadian songwriting guru Ron Sexsmith, Mott the Hoople's, Morgan Fisher, dj producer and Asian Billboard top five artist Captain Funk, guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert and many others. As a production songwriting team, TBL has penned tunes for game software giants Sega, Konami and Sony Playstation as well as jingles for Mazda, Toyota, Volvic, Ricoh Copiers and many other international clients. The Beautiful Losers' debut release features a host of guest musicians such as Pete Sears (Jefferson Starship, Rod Stewart) on accordion, Bobby Black (Commander Cody, Dolly Parton, Asleep at the Wheel) on pedal steel and Eric Gorfain (Page and Plant, Christina Aguilera) on violin. Formed in Tokyo, Japan in 1998 TBL have been garnering a strong and loyal following in both the U.S and Japan with plans to tour internationally.

But better luck next time guys!

I am hooked on....  

Mister donut's "Pon de ring" donuts!!! Have you guys had this? This comes in so many different taste and I am such a fool for not knowing that this god-sent donuts called "Pon de ring" that feels like you are eating mochi when you put them in your mouth... existed. I am sooo hooked on this stuff!!!!


I joined this social networking service today called Gree. My former co-worker, the producer for Club Beat Freak show, Yuko sent me an invitation. I guess it's more for Japanese people and the number of Japanese people who are registered on gree.jp is more than the number who are signed up with orkut.com. (Just the Japanese users though) I couldn't sign up on my mac for some reason, so I tried it at my parents home where I went today, and they have a windows. It worked. Is that what "alpha" mean? Could anybody tell me what "beta" version and "alpha" version are all about like you teach what they are to a 5 yr old kid? (and I am pretty sure there are lots of 5 yr olds who already have way more knowledge about computer than I do!) Anyway.. gree.jp is fun :) Noticed the same people w/same pictures from orkut.

I have been dealing with filling up paperwork for applying for a visa, today is totally a paperwork day for me. I hate paperwork. I love writing in general, but filling out the paperwork is such a boring process even though it's basically a part of "writing" . I usually don't even have a patience for questionaire...

I need some sleep now. I am trying to get on a better schedule...

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