Monday, July 19, 2004

moving to typepad.  

Since I basically post the same thing on my other blog, I figure why continue this one? Blogger.com has been super good to me from the beginning, made so simple and easy for me to figure things out, and I totally fell in love with the concept of blogging through blogger.com. *kiss kiss* But since I pay for the other blog service provider, and it has become sort of hard for me to keep both of them running, plus I have a nihongo blog now on exblog too, so I decided to just keep typepad's blog and end this one here.

This has longer record of my blah blah blah than typepad.com's archive, so I will just leave this one here floating around in the cyberworld. Thanks for reading my notes on blogger.com. but from today, please check "http://kesavinchi.typepad.com" Thanks!!


Went to the grocery shopping for Atkins Diet which.. Kevin is like so gung-ho about ... I was groggy and tired and just to think that .. for 2 weeks I won't be able to eat no fruits, no regular tea or coffee, no bread or pasta or rice.. started to piss me off. I was walking home a bit pissed off and saw this housewife with the baby in the baby trolly. She looked like an ordinary housewife, floral themed skirt and a bit goody goody, and she was wearing this black t-shirt that didn't go well with her skirt and it caught my attention because on the back of her t-shirt it said " I'll never forget fucking shit".

I used to collect all these bizzare Engrish when I was in College. I don't know what happened to the notebook that I scribbled down all of those words or phrases back in those days. There were more of those in 80's. but 80's is back so is that why we are seeing more Engrish" again? Dah.

atkins diet 

Kev wants to start Atkins Diet with me. We were supposed to start today but with so much carb in our fridge, we decided to get rid of them today, and start tomorrow. I would always need instant energy boost so I used to heavily rely on carb, like pasta for lunch, energy drink, smoothie... I love carbo... can't use no caffeine either... I'd rather just eat less and exercise.. but oh well... we'll see.
In US, everything is low carb, like when I saw Low Carb show in Hawaii, I was like damn this really is popular out here. Atkins seems compatiable with american eating habit and lifestyle but for Japanese, it's kinda hard...

It has been so hot and you need so much energy now. Do we really need to do this right now?! 15 consecutive manatsu-bi(days that are too hot that the temperature is at least more than 30 centigrade degree) so far, and tomorrow is supposed to go over 35 centigarde degree.. and 28 degree to start off in the morning already.... *sigh*

I do want to get in shape. but atkins? hmmm. We'll see how patient(or impatient) we really are....

another free meal tonight 

We had some things to do at my parents' so we went to visit them, and shortly after we got there, my bro and his wife, kids came and we did a mini b-day thing for Go-chan. The yongest one of my bro's kids. He just turned 5 today.


For Yuji(10 yr old), I gave him some cash because I didn't have any gift to give to him except for a card, and Go remembered it and he came up to me and goes, " Hey Sacchan, do you remember what you did for Yuji? Where is mine?" *good grief* They were having yakitori and steak and stuff for dinner but we had coupons that Dad gave us for free to eat at the hotel restaurant so we went to dine out .. (Honestly Yakitori looked good ....) Here are some of the stuff we had. It was a course deal at this nice Japanese restaurant.


Here... as you can tell, we were stuffed....it was nice, but we still prefer my mom's home cooking :)


As it's too hot, I will let the photos do the blogging tonight ... hehe lazy.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Did we just eat for free....???? 

This unbelievable thing happened to us tonight, but I will get to that later..so hold on to your pants... Today we went to see WWE Smackdown at Nippon Budokan. We had really good seats for a free ticket, it was probably the media section but it was a really good spot to view everything of what was going on. So many scalpers outside though! and the place was packed full of people. I was astonished to see how all of those WWE fans cared to remember all those English lines from WWE. Fans really do make that show together. We got to see like Rey Mysterio,(my favorite) Torrie Wilson, JBL, John Cena(my favorite :)) Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Paul London, Funaki, Dudley Boys, Billy Gunn, and a bunch of more, oh yeah and how can we forget, the deadman, Undertaker!!! Woo hoo!!! Undertaker won!! RAW match which was yesterday would have been fun to watch too, but I couldn't have gone anyway with the on-air duty, but I am glad that we got to see these guys in action!! There are some seriously hot men and women in WWE! I want to look like one of those hot chick! LOL (More picture on my photobook)

So after the show, we took off to Shinjuku to check out Tower books. I needed some magazines for ideas. and since we had enough points to get 3000 yen worth of something at Tower, we bought this Nirvana DVD called Nirvana A rock portrait document, including never before seen show footage, interviews and stuff. Pretty cool. It's apparently No1 selling Music DVD at Tower Records Tokyo right now. We walked around all over the place so we were tired and had a sudden hunger for "yakitori". 2 places we tried to go were closed down, so since we had Yakitori on our mind real bad, we went to this izakaya, one of those cheap place that college kids get all drunk for 999 yen all you can drink deal, as all the other decent places were finished with their last order and all. I used to go to one of these exact same Izakaya branch in our school district when I was in College with my friends. So I kinda felt natsukashi. What's wrong with college kids hangout huh? I am not going to mention the name of this Izakaya. just for the sake of it. but anyway. we started ordering drinks left and right, and a bunch of yakitori, 100 yen per stick but actually they were ... all good! All the dishes were really ... good too. Even the desserts were actually good. Kev was like " This place totally rocks!" and took pictures of me doing "The Rock" with my hand, (I can't do that eyebrow thing) and I took a pic of him all happy and yopparai eating a cheap dessert.

So Yeah, we had a good time and now it was time to leave and pay the bill. We went up to the counter, but they are like desperately looking for our order sheet, actually we didn't see it either when we left the table so we were thinking "how weird.. ". The manager keeps asking us "you sure you haven't paid already?" and I was like no I don't think so. and he and his staffs look all over the place, can't find it, and he was like "Well, when you paid already, we keep the stack of the order sheets here and your should be in one of these, you have paid haven't you?" and I am thinking (this dude is thinking that we are drunk that we don't remember that we paid) and I said "no I have not paid". and he INSISTED trying to make us believe that we paid. I couldn't stop laughing. and so I was like "Are you sure you are letting us go? I have not paid. " and he was like "Oh no no of course we are sorry." I was like "YOU ARE SORRY??? WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

Kevin and I walked off. Official "dine and dash" for the first time in my life. but it was not intentional, you know? They insisted that we walk off. LOL How bizzare. This has never happened to me in my life. I am sure they were too preoccupied with taking care of many customers being that this was saturday night, but still.... I feel bad... but I admit it... I feel like... the luckiest gal today!!! but hey we will be happy to pay them if they end up finding the sheet that states what we ate. Without it, there is no way of going back and remembering what we had.. because we had so much...!!! Gochiso-sama deshita... Isn't Tokyo the greatest city??? LOL

Saturday, July 17, 2004


CIMG1124 I totally forgot to blog on thursday, I was tired and needed sleep after being awake for 48 hrs. On thursday I went to see Natsuki's piped organ recital at Ikebukuro's Tokyo geijyutsu gekijo. She's due in September and for her to pull this recital with the big o' belly, that was something. She did a really beautiful performance. The piped organ at Geijyutsu gekijo was nice. It just sounded so warm. I stayed up all night to see this on thursday lunchtime and then went to do a pre-recording for the one off show that is going to air on July 31st, J-wave weekend special "Into the liquid". It's a show featuring the interview with G.Love and playing surf music like Jack Johnson and all that. It's a pretty cool show and you have a chance to win a pair ticket to Hawaii or something. Yay, check it out. I finally got some sleep today before I went to work, so yeah I am starting to remember what I did on thursday LOL Geez getting old!!! I need more genki!!!

WWE Smackdown in Japan 

So we are going to WWE Smackdown at Tokyo Budokan tomorrow night. It's the first time for both Kev and I to see WWE show so that's something right? Thanks to Lumiere for free ticks!!!

Work work work 

It's hot and I am busy. ARGH. We were planning to go to Izu this weekend but with so much stuff piled up.. plus we got free tickets to go see WWE match tomorrow night at Budokan, we decided to cancel the trip to Izu, well.. the ticket to stay at the hotel in Izu was free too.. so we just exchanged to a dinner plan at the hotel in Tokyo. A little escape would have been nice though. It's not a nice feeling when you are so occupied with too much to think about, and you miss the train stop that you meant to get off at ...(that's what happened to me today. and it sucked..)

If I didn't have a live gig on radio last night, then I would have had to go to the Beyonce party of her introducing the new fragrance called True Star from Tommy Hilfiger at Roppongi Virgin Cinema. I was working at Roppongi Hills but just not there. Damn :( I have seen Beyonce at J-wave before though. She's a really HOT woman in person too.

Anyhow... tonight I had to go see Kevin Lyttle at Duo-Music Exchange-, which is a club designed by Jamiroquai. But being that I had to be on air tonight until 10pm, I sent Kevin there to check it out and also to take some pics of chicks who were there to see the event. Apparently it was packed full and he was rocking the place.

I got there around 10:30pm. but the show was already over at around 9:40pm-ish. Being on air til 10pm, and no matter how fast you get out of there, to get to Shibuya.. that's about how long it takes, with the traffic jam and all... and by the time I got there, noone was there except for a few. *sigh* We did happen to see Kevin Lyttle outside the venue after the show though.

Whew.. I just have so much stuff to do for this new magazine job I took.. hey, anybody know of any media(fashion) coordinator who live in Milano? hmm... work work work...

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Friends forever 

I have friends from junior high school. and I still keep in touch with them on frequent occasion. Some people seem to find this amazing but hey, why not? We still exchange birthday gifts to each other, do girly stuff together. It gives me opportunities to go dine at nice restaurants and chat forever. My circle of friends from junior high school is made of 6 people. Me, Akiko, Yuki, Izumiko, Yoko and another Yoko. We did everything together, including going to J-men's club LOL. Anyway, Izumiko who recently gave birth to her 2nd baby, a boy baby whom she named "Genki" (taken from the vocalist from the metal band that she loved when she was young) and today, she sent me this package of thank you -in return gift for the "Congrats you gave birth! " gift that we gave her, and her belated birthday gift for me. (It's so belated!! LOL My b-day was back in January!) Still it's such a pleasant surprise. It really doesn't matter what they are, you know? It's the thought that counts, and we have never forgotten to do this to each other. She sent me this cool Lush soap that is shaped like cheese, with her baby's name on it. Lemongrass smell.. ah so refreshing. I love Lush products. I really treasure my friends. Because I know they will always be there for me wherever I am as I will be there for them also. They are the friends that I trust most, as they know me too well, like I know them. They are the ones who come to the hospital and bring or send flowers if I get sick. They are the ones that no matter what huge mistake I make,they will be there to lighten me up and bitch and vent together with me and joke about it later on. God I love them.

Natsuki is another one of my bestfriend from school even though she was not exactly in this 6 chicks circle, she and I always understood each other on a spiritual level. Like, she and I help each other a lot (like what she did for me yesterday actually) and also she makes it very clear when she can't help, so it's very easy being around her. and tomorrow is her piped organ recital at geijyutsu gekijo in Ikebukuro! I am sooo going to check that out!

I am so blessed when it comes to friends. Granted that I had a few that I just had to let go, but that's really rare. I just admire each and every one of them. and my friends from junior high school are the friends of the longest term, and I know that we would still be exchanging b-day gifts to each other when we are 60 :) Family and friends are so special to me. They make me feel like somebody, and make my b-day (even though how be-lated!) so much more fun and meaningful, reminding me how lucky I am to be given this life on earth :)

PS. Happy Birthday Tiff :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Tomoko's b-day rally 

My friend Tomoko has signed up to participate in the San Francisco Race for the Cureィ 5K Walk/Race (Sunday, September 26th) as a birthday present to herself and in honor of all the people in her life who have been touched by cancer: survivors, fighters, those who are no longer with us, and their friends and families. here is her website. My family is a cancer family, especially my mother side, there are many who passed away because of cancer, especially breast cancer. I don't even know if there is ever going to be a miracle pill to cancer, I have lost many loved ones due to cancer and hope that one day there will be a cure, so I am thinking of donating even just 10 bucks for this. If I buy a magazine or two. which I do daily, 10 bucks will be easily gone. So what's the difference, you know? Make the money work better for you and for the world, right? Tomoko is one brave women though. I cannot run that long in the race... not right now at least. I need to get in shape!!

Tsuyu is over!!! 

Woohoo! Tsuyu is over! Today's highest temperature in Tokyo is supposed to be 38 degree(Centigrade)... that's just crazy, I want to go to the pool!!!! Poor people in Nigata though, there is a storm and it's flooded everywhere... Sanjo city happens to be near where my mother's family is, so I am a bit concerened.. :( Anyway, Tsuyu is over. Like we had decent amount of rain this year... it's just too hot this year.

Last night I fell asleep on the couch watching the movie called "The Hours". (My body aches all over..)I slept through this morning's bright sunshine shining on my face directly and I was sweating like crazy. but I didn't want to wake up.. I literally slept through in the natural sauna. I try to avoid AC because I fear that it will do damage to my throat, but this year I am making an exception... otherwise I am like so frustrated!! I heard the city was making a public annoucement about smog alert this morning, actually they have been making the annoucement pretty much everyday for the past ... few weeks. "Try not to go outside!" is what they keep saying, but hey we all gotta do what we gotta do.

Like yesterday I pretty much walked all over the place for one of the assignment that I am working on, from Azabujyuban to Roppongi to Nakameguro to Harajuku and .... *whew* at least it was not as hot yesterday...ah I just want to dive into the pool...

Monday, July 12, 2004


My mind is pretty much occupied about contributing to this new fashion magazine called Glitter, I have a lot of mission already but I realize writing and doing stuff for magazine has always been my thing. I was a chief editor for the yearbook, both junior high school and high school, I worked so hard that I literally got sick after the yearbook came out. (My white blood cells and some other important stuff were less than half with the major fatigue that I was "ordered" to rest.) but it's just so much fun! and I have written for JJ for the longest time, prolly like 15 yrs so far, but it's just that JJ is kind of out of my age rank already, that's why I have a great feeling about Glitter. 25 yr and above, women in 30's. Genki, bright crazy sexy cool. Girls that live like.. let's just put it this way.. like Sex and the city girls! Yay!

This zine is quarterly right now(so the next one comes out in September) but from March next year, it goes monthly, double yay!! Radio DJ is a great fun, but I have always told my friends that writing is fun for me because they stay, where as with radio, it soon dissapears along with the air. Of course you can tape it and keep it. but not many people will have access to it any more, unless that's internet radio and the site remains on the internet. I dunno. I am just trying to figure out what direction I want to go into due to the relocation...

Sunday, July 11, 2004

I cannot sleep......... 

Can't sleep... imsomnia kicking in.. so I played with this site HILARIOUS!!!!!!
1089496528_746jp1089496104_837jp Me and Kev..I did a pretty good job didn't I ? ( Still wide awake at 7am......)

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Cheapie Sushi for lunch... 

My sleep problem is kicking back in again, it's so annoying. Anyway... Kev's having his "man" time alone with his buddy Yoshi tonight, I watched some DVDs and just been bored out of my mind. For lunch, we went to this place in our neighborhood called "otaru zushi".
Take a closer look ..because this place don't have people working inside the shop. When we want specific kind of sushi other than the ones that are already on the ones front of you sitting there for hours already, you push the button, just like you go knock knock on somebody's door and tell them what you want through the speaker. Have we come to hate one -on -one communication to this extreme? So bizarre. Kev loves this place because everything is 100 yen per plate. I get all yucky when I eat one of these sushi, (Kev calls me spoiled but it's true..) I prefer Momotaro :) Oops... Kev's buddy Yoshi and some other friends are coming over! Time to clean the house quick!!!

Sex and the city fashion 

Women my age are starting to wear skimpy bright clothes ..not because it's hot (Well, that, too) but because of the Sex and the city boom finally hitting in Japan. The show is only broadcasted on WowWow so not many people have access to the show, and that's unfortunate. NHK BS2 used to air Beverely Hills 90210 and many other shows, but with a lot of sex scenes, Samantha's nudity, I suppose they can't show that program and have to leave it up to WowWow. It's nice to see women my age (meaning 30's and higher) wearing fun clothes. Especially Japanese women start becoming very conservative after they hit 30's, but I was not going to go that route. Everyone seems to have their own favorite character and they dress as that person. Like today at work, this one lady was telling me that she feels closest to Miranda so that's what she is going for. I am DEFINATELY Carrie!!!! and that's what I am going for :)

Speaking of TV shows, Kev is hooked on Chappelle's show (Comedy Central). He bought DVDs from Hawaii and I gotta admit he is FUNNY! Another show called "The Man show" though, is... hmm I am not so sure. Kev is not so sure either. Apparently this was a really popular show on Comedy Central but .. I ..don't know about this one. We both think Chappelle's definately the man. Any hot TV shows that I should look out for when I move to Stateside??

Sachi Bennett 

I registered another "pen name" with JASRAC. I am glad that I joined JASRAC as a member because they really do look out for you. I wrote this lyric for Kumi Koda's "Theme of Sister Jill", but at that point they weren't even sure if they were going to release this song as a CD. So the deal was that I got this as a shot payment. and I thought I was done with this. The previous work I did for her was as S.Bennett for a song called "Teaser". S.Bennett is registered name but I just used Sachi Bennett for Cutie Honey's Theme of Sister Jill because the director told me that I could use any name I want because it's a shot deal anyway. I recently got a call from JASRAC and they explained to me that members of JASRAC are not supposed to receive a deal like this except that I made an agreement such as that I won't get any money for their use for the movie soundtrack or commercials. So it turns out that this was my case.
So that means I will get some share! Yay! People were asking me who "Sachi Bennett" is because they see that on the movie credit or whatever, ( I still haven't seen the film) and I am like "oh that's me" and they are like "what's this Bennett?". Well, people don't seem to know my husband's name. They know that he's "Kevin-san". but it seems that the Japanese people still have a hard time remembering foreign last name. Anyway I am happy about the royalty contract that I was able to make for the CD. A little surprise bonus for freelance chick like me :)


Yet another hot and humid day. This weather gets so much out of you.. and it's just so suppai again everywhere I went, especially on the train.. and I just wanted to faint..I am so broke right now that I can't afford to take taxi everywhere I go, and it's even worse when you are stuck in a taxi when the taxi driver is suppai! (It has happened to me many times) Kev stopped by at the spa joint on the way home, which is where his student recently opened up, lucky him. It's apparently like mad stone sauna though, you keep sweating and sweating.. get your blood circulation going, and bam .. feels ten times better. Nice.

Tonight's guest was Yuji Tanaka of Bakusho Mondai(comedian duo). So many owarai people struggle to get ahead but once you are out there, their life seems really good. It's a status to get a regular spot on such as "Waratte iitomo" that noon show on Fuji TV hosted by Tamori for the longest time. so of course Bakusho Mondai has a regular spot, not to mention countless of other things. Yuki(from Judy and Mary) was in the studio next to us (she does a show right after us) and was taking pictures of herself with Patrick,me and Tanaka-san as a background from across the window in the other studio. Tanaka-san was funny and smart but everyone was somehow nervous because he is just BIG. Anyhow, we had a good time.

I called up this inn in Izu to see if there are any available rooms this weekend as we have a free coupon to stay there one night.(with two meals). The lady said its packed this weekend but on saturday next week they just got one cancellation so that they can book a room. So I went ahead and booked for next saturday. This coupon expires by the end of July and after 2nd week of July, these places will be packed full with family and kids who are out of school for summer vacation. (School ends for summer right around there) so hopefully I look forward to going to Izu next weekend for a change of scenery and a bit of onsen experience. But this weekend, I will just stay inside and finish up some duties..
Have a happy weekend everyone!

Friday, July 09, 2004

It was about time...  

Bandai Entertainment Cracks Down on DVD Piracy and Intellectual Copyright Infringement
anounced on 2004-07-07
I suppose it really was just a matter of time that they would crack down on these dealers.

Bandai Entertainment Cracks Down on DVD Piracy and
Intellectual Property Infringement

Cypress, CA (July 7, 2004) ムBandai Entertainment announced today that it has served lawsuits against several retailers for engaging in the duplication, importation, distribution, and/or sale of unauthorized merchandise infringing upon copyrighted and trademarked properties at this yearユs Anime Expo convention in Anaheim, California. Defendants in Bandaiユs lawsuit include:

Otaku Entertainment, Inc., dba MANGA HOUSE
EJ International, Inc., dba ABCTOY4ME.COM and ANIMECIRCLE.COM
Anime Combo
MTWC Group, Inc., dba Kawaii Anime and Kawaii-Anime.com
John Lo, Inc., dba House of Anime and Houseofanime.com


It was yet another hot and humid day. Today is so far the hottest, 35 degree (centigrade)...whew. On the train to work, I was lucky to find a seat, but these two men on both sides stunk like crazy sweat along with bunch of other sweaty "salarymen" in suits.. I truly feel sorry for them but I was starting to get sick... so I got off at one station and moved. For sweaty body odor, we say "suppai"(sour) for sweaty stinky odor, but is that because Japanese eat a lot of rice..? Obviously eating habit has a lot to do with our body odor. I heard that people who are on low-carb diet smells different. I have always thought that there is a distinct difference in smell compared to american sweat smell as it does not come off as really awful at first for some reason, (maybe you don't agree with me if you are american) because it's definately different than Japanese suppai smell, it's more like meat-oriented odor. But after a while. you start to realize.. "yeah.. this stinks". Today was the suppai-est day sp far though, most of the times, radio station is odorless. but maybe because we had TV station crews today filming this drama called "Tokyo wonder hotel" using one of the studios, it was very suppai at work today. Not pleasant, but that's what this awful humidity does it. Not that you wanted to read about it...

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Michael Moore's blog 

Check this out! Michael Moore's personal blog. (You can't leave the comments though)

13 yr old Thai girl got 3 months extension on her passport today..  

Mebisa Yoshida. 13 yr old Thai girl came to the station after school for doing the interview with us. She was escorted by her attorney and her "obaachan", who is married to a Japanese man living in Tokyo who adopted her, (she's a mother of the father of Mebisa. Her dad passed away before she was even born by the traffic accident.). Mebisa was wearing the Japanese school uniform and looked really confused as she just found out yesterday that she could be here for another 3 months.. .like she had no idea what was going on. Before the interview, I tried my best to help her loosen up, but she was nervous throughout the interview. But she was smiling when she was talking about how she has been to Tokyo Tower or Odaiba one time, how she likes games, and doing print club(purikura) with her friends from school, her Japanese ability was really limited, but a 13 yr old will pick up the lauguage real fast.

Her attorney did most of the talking for her, and her "obaachan" helped here and there when she didn't understand what we were asking her. She has been in Japan for a year now and said she never hesitated or was never anxious about living in Japan because she had absolutley noone to rely on in Thai, as she had no remaining family or relatives that could support her, and here her obaachan adopted her and she said she felt comfortable because she was there for her.

Her attorney was raising a question about how Japanese immigration is so closed minded when it comes to refugees, or kids similar to her case, and there is this strange rule set by the immigration bureau that anybody(adopted) older than 6 yrs of age, are not entitled to receive the residential visa which she could keep renewing every 3 yrs. (This is the same one Kev has) as a way to avoid women trafficking. There is no specific reason for this number "6". They just figured that's about right. So this is what's stopping her to stay here as a resident, because she is not less than 6 yr old, she is not qualified for a residential visa.

If you look at the bigger picture, there are thousands of other foreign nationals who are seeking to stay in Japan for the similar purpose, including the refugees, but can't because Japan has a strict rule about banning them out of the country. See, so of they make one exception for Mebisa, then they fear that countless of other foreign nationals would start insisting on their rights as well, and that they start coming into the country.

I was rather surprised to receive so many emails from the listeners saying "Japan shouldn't let this girl stay just because she got the public attention, they are so many other people like her so we need to start working on changing the law first if anything." " She should go home. It's not fair to make one exception just for this little girl." We all knew this was coming. but it really did. Sure, Japan is not an immigrant's country like US, we don't give away permanent resident visa (green card in US for that matter) by lottery system. and.. it's not like she is adopted by nobody she doesn't know.. it's her grandma..

Some see this whole thing as a stunt that Koizumi pulled for the election as it's been reported on the news that he ordered them to let her extend her stay for at least another 3 months just yesterday at such a last minute,(her visa would have otherwise expired at 24:00 last night) and the election is this sunday.. He is also letting Soga-san mete Mr.Jenkins this week. ... what a coincidence.

Should we really just let her go back to Thailand on her own, to a place where she knows noone, or should we wish that she could stay in Japan with her grandma?

Mebisa said, she wants to stay in Japan and practice volleyball with her school friends, and she said her dream is to go pro.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Mebisa Yoshida 

Will be interviewing this 13 yr old Thai girl who is asking the Japanese immigration bureau to let her stay in Japan as she lost both of her parents and she could only depend on her relatives in Japan to keep living... look forward to hearing her story.

Visit to my parents' place 

Went to visit my parents today to bring photos, brochures for a bunch of stuff for Hawaii and DVD that Kev worked really hard on with his iMovie. Actually turned out really neat, with the BGM right on the spot and all. My dad immediately started working on the driver's papertest sample that I brought back for him, and he was asking Kev questions about the road rules while watching the DVD of us driving "home" in Hawaii. My dad and mom both really look forward to spending time in their Hawaii home. I told my mom that she doesn't have to worry about Hawaii being hot all the time because it is nothing like the summer in Japan. Dry and nice and at night it is really nice with cool breathe. My mom grew up in Nigata so she is used to cold, but hates hot with this much humidity (does anybody even like it anyway?!) .. and when I entered the house, she usually comes out and welcomes me but she was sleeping on her back on the wooden floor in the coldest corner of the dining room, exhausted of heat, alone! so I felt really sorry for her. She was like, oh hi.. your dad went to the pool.. so fragile. According to the news, today was the hottest day so far. It's like 1am and still HOT and HUMID outside, This is crazy!!! We still got the AC cracked up all the way!!!

Water crack still needs repair, so after we discussed with my parents, we decided to go to the DIY place tomorrow to see if we can find the same parts that's broken, my mom and I are like, oh just call the plumber, (yes typical women). but Kev insists that he can fix it, and when he explained what it was the problem, then my dad says oh yeah just get the same thing and change it to the new one if you can do it. (Typical male).
So we'll see :)

Monday, July 05, 2004

Hot 'n'Humid 

It's so hot and humid in Tokyo today!! This humidity is killing me.. we have an emergency with our water pipe under the sink, the pipe has a crack and the water shoots out from the crack, so we can't use one of our sink where we brush our teeth, gargle, and wash our hands. We made a trip out to Tokyu hands to see if we can find the same pipe, Kev thought he did, and turns out that it wasn't the right one... damn.. maybe I just need to have a plumber come over. Any sexy plumbers are more than welcome to come to our place to fix it..

I finally finished the translation of the interview with Jamboy, I just couldn't motivate myself enough to do this for the past few days, but now I feel better that's done.. We have so much to do like cleaning, applying for visa, fixing our water system, work.. finding work.. but here is Kevin who is playing with iMovie with the video we took in Hawaii. Putting music and titles in each scene and narrations (pay me, Kev!! LOL) . I gotta admit this is fun, but we don't have time for this now now!!! *Good grief* Humid&Hot&Too much to do, Very irritating...

what did you do on 4th of July? 

I accidentally erased my post... half finished... anyway.. First of all, This morning around 4am, my bestfriend from junior high school, Yuki gave birth to a baby girl! Yay! Congratulations! I can't wait to see the baby! Actually another one from my soulmate friend from highschool, Natsuki, is expecting next month as well, a boy baby. Lots of babies in the air!!

So July 4th is over..Japan time anyway. We didn't do anything.. this morning I had to go meet the chief editor of this new magazine that I will be helping out, we really hit it off, and things we had in mind, things we wanted to write for the magazines, photos we like, articles that we dig, our opinions on other magazines, were the same, and I really look forward to working with her. I already have lots of assignments so I should get my butt off from this chair and start getting ready for the articles... I was there talking with her for like 2 hrs, including personal stuff. It was fun.

Now, Kev went to the wedding for his student friend or something. I never met her, but he took some pictures from the wedding, and it looks like he had fun, with full stomach and all.

The house is a mess, gotta clean.. and need to call the plumber if kev won't fix it as the water is shootint out from one of the sink whenever we use it, and it is so unconvenient... and I need to do translations for the interview with jamboy, but I am too tired to do it tonight.. I hardly got no sleep last night..drinking too much red eye. I am kind of tired from walking around in this heat and humidity too.. It was sooo hot and sunny. Typical summer weather in Tokyo today. Well, it has been like this for a while now and I believe that rainy season never happened this year.... ?? Apparently it is still tsuyu, but it's hard to believe that it is still tsuyu yet.

No fireworks, no special meal today, but I am sure next year will be different. Fireworks in Hawaii, woohoo!!!

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Wedding party 

Tonight was the wedding party for Yuko and Masahiro at Verfarre in Roppongi. We had a party at Kyoka restaurant first, their steak was sooooooo good :) Anyway, 99.9% people there were industry people including some singers, and we had fun! We all had to write haiku with the theme "Verfarre", we also did this wild crazy cash game called janken game. This was a very popular game among salaryman during the bubble economy.. one guy would put on a necktie like hachimaki on their head, and a boss man, (can be several people chipping in money) would put cash down, put the bills inside the necktie on their head, we all do janken game, (rock, scissor, paper)and whomever wins, can go home with the cash, taking it directly from the boss man's head. The boss man bends down like a cow. Tonight, it was a total amount of 12 man and two games were held ...Kev and I almost won... and we both lost by scissor... argh! 6man is just what we needed...

After the party. we all went to Verfarre and Remo-con did a little MC for the happy couple annoucing their marriage .. snowflake falling from the ceiling..it was awesome. I would have stayed longer if I didn't have to work tomorrow morning, but we came home early, (still it was like 1:30am though). Congratulations to the happiest couple on the earth!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Jam Boy 

Today's guest was America Zarigani. Funny guys.

I stayed at the station til late to do a phone interview with Jam boy, Craig Flatman ..15 yr old who has grown up on a diet of jam sandwiches. He was really a good kid. As a baby, he choked on solid food which is believed that it might have caused his eating condition. This "Jamboy"(that's his nickname he got from his friends) wish he could eat burger and chips (hamburger and frenchfries to americans) but whenever he tries to eat something else other than, jam sandwiches, or chocolate cereal that he has for breakfast, or milk, he starts to gag and get sick immedeately.He went to the eating disorder course when he was 7. but that didn't work for him either, so for 15 yrs of his life, he has been eating nothing but jam sandwiches, yet he is in good health. He said he has tried to eat sushi too, but like all other foods, he started to gag, and had to pop in a candy. He said he does wish that one day he can eat normal food. Yes Craig, you are missing out a lot!!!

Geez I have so much to do and so little time and so little energy right now.. Tomorrow night we have a wedding party to go to at Kyoka/Vefarre in Roppongi. Hooray! But I gotta make sure that I won't stay out partying and drinking as I have to wake up reeeeally early for work on sunday. Now I gotta translate the interview that I recorded on tape.. argh, the days never seem to end.

Friday, July 02, 2004


I actually have a jetlag. I suppose I am a human after all. Anyway.. I made a trip to the doctor today and asked him about what to do about my regular prescription when I move to US because US health insurance system is really messed up compared to Japanese system. Now that I think about it, I was able to stay as freelance radio DJ or a translator all these years BECAUSE of the National health insurance system that we have. but being freelance something, in US is a lot harder as you don't have any benefits on your own. and you NEED benefits because if you try to do it on your own, it's crazy expencive!! He gave me some tips about getting off the meds to try it out, but he is aware that as long as I am doing what I do now work-wise, that he thinks that it will be really difficult for me to quit cold turkey. We discussed about alternative plans too and I think I feel a tiny bit better about the situation. Man, US needs national health insurance system...

On the show today, we talked about "academic harrasment". (which is called "akahara" for short in Japan) That's your professors/teachers doing the power harrasment or sexual harrasment type of thing to their students, or to the other teachers. We got a lot of emails from people who got "academic harrasment" from their teachers after we aired the story so we introduced some on the show. One lady was saying how she was studying something that not many people weren't interested in or whatever, and her male teacher kept telling her that she will get nowhere with what she is choosing to study and she's better off giving birth to at least 2 babies that way she can contribute more to the society rather than the crap subject she is studying. One guy was saying how his teacher kept telling him he's stupid, in so many different acts and ways, that he quit after a year, for the course he really wanted to pursue. One teacher, said that she got preganant leave for a while, and when she came back after she gave birth, her desk at the school was gone. All her belongings were all packed up in boxes and she was told that she was no longer needed here. No warning or no nothing, her desk was gone. They all wrote the name of the professor or the name of college but we of course did not read out the names. But I am sure they were still so upset and still can't forgive them that they wanted us to read the names outloud.

What do people get out of doing something like this? are they that insecure that they have to hurt people this badly? We had this lady from NPO organization that helps victims of academic harrasment, and she was saying that from what she encountered so far, 50% of the people who do it, don't even realize that they are doing this, and other half do know that they are doing this and feel better about themselves that way. That's messed up.

I don't recall getting "akahara" myself, but I guess it's hard to figure out if you are getting "akahara" on your own, like where to draw the line because sometimes you just don't know and blame yourself. but don't. Stand up for yourself.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

4th of July coming up 

Click on this NY Fireworks and by moving your mouse you can make your own fireworks :) Good for people like us in Japan as nobody around us is really celebrating 4th of July.

Back to Japan 

Back to Japan and straight to work. We left at around 7 in the morning to leave for the airport, returned the car, and it wasn't crowded at all. The plane had enough empty seats that Kev used all 4 seats to sleep all the way through, I used 2 to enjoy the window seat and one more to chill. Got on the bus right away after we got back to Narita. It was raining a little when we were flying in, but as we headed toward the city, it started to clear up, we bring sunshine or what!

So I was able to chill for like 2-3 hrs before going to work. But still it sucked to go to work on the day you spent 8 hrs flying, fighting jetlag and all. Today we covered the story about this man from Yamanashi prefecture and his dog named Nana. They went up moutain climbing and while they were walking on this road, the wild bear showed up from middle of nowhere and started attacking them. This man gave the bear a little left punch into his mouth, only to get his finger bitten, the bear did headbang to this man's face and his glasses flew away, nose started bleeding, and pretty much he thought he was going to die. Then his dog Nana, kept barking to get the attention of the bear so his master can escape, and he was able to escape, but the dog Nana kept on missing for a few weeks. The newspaper made a big story out of finding Nana, he went finding her again but to no luck.. finally someone called saying they are keeping Nana. So they met again. There is a lot more stories to be told about this incident of this man and his dog, Nana ..but sometimes the relationship between dog and human is more stronger than humah vs human, you know? My chief scriptwriter is a dog lover so he couldn't let me get away not covering this one. He lost his pet dog when he was in College. He moved from outskirts of Japan to Tokyo to attend university, leaving his dog at his parents' place, and he knew that they wouldn't take good care of him. One day he found that his dog was dead, due to being under the poor condition by poor care. He blamed himsef for his death, and he still tries to cover the topic about dogs in every possible ways on TV or Radio. He goes out of his way to find dogs under tragic care, like he was telling me that he went to steal the dog from this family who he knew that they were torturing up and abusing their pet dog, He sat there for a long while so he would try to come out and trust him even just a bit, This dog was already hurt and had scars all over, and now when he "stole" the dog and released the dog from this crazy household, he said that the dog looked relieved and he put the dog for adoption for a family who would take good care of him as a part of his family and never ever abuse him. See, I like my chief writer's story better :)

I am trying to get a interview done with Jam boy...his name is Craig Flatmanfrom Suffolk England, who is a healthy 15 yr old who has grown up on a diet of only jam sandwiches. So I have an extra mission this week that keeps my schedule a bit more craizer.. Here's the Jam boy.

Came home and the house is a major mess but I try not to let that borther me for now anyway..til I actually have time to clean all this mess.. and we watched 50 first dates, the DVD that I bought in Hawaii. What a cute movie. Kev is not a sucker for this type of movie but I think he liked the fact how a lot of it was the places where we saw, and we like pidgin lauguage!! For special feature, the DVD had a let's talk pidgin section, and that was neat. We miss Hawaii already, and can't wait to go back!!!!

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